Training for a shorter Tri



  • cat - sorry to hear you are still bad

    steady - are you going to go for the half again as well? Would be great for us both to actually start and finish next yearimage 

    well, the physio I saw today was great. Wonder why I didn't see her in the first place seeing as she is just up the road from me??? Anyway, she thinks that my knee is hyperextending and pinching the fat pad as it does so, but she says that this is fixable - need to get my glutes, hamstrings and calves all working together. She has given me some exercises to do which I can barely do, which kind of shows the weakness I guess, so I am going to be working hard on them. image

  • oh, and I went to spinning class today as well as doing a turbo sessionimage

  • Stink bums Ironcat image get better soon!

    Eww JP massacre in the manly garden?? +1 Bepanthen cream

    Well my average speed home (bike home is only 6.75km) was 27.2kph and 17.2mph ave moving speed image have legs will use them!!

    You'll be great Pete!

    And Chili I got my eye on you!! Have a good run and joy yourself on Saturday!

    MC have told hubby to have the CC ready!!

  • I have window people coming on Tuesday at 8:30 - hope they are happily working by 9 so I can log on and do the entries. I have the all important relay team entry to do as well as the half, would be so upset if I didn't get it done on time. Hope their website can cope with all the traffic at 9 on Tuesday morning!

  • All fingers crossed MC!!

  • Ok guys, need your help. Been told I need new cassette and chain on bike. How easy is this to change? Do I exchange like for like? I have discovered I know nothing! No surprise there... image

  • Go to your LBS Mrs D they'll set you right image

  • On a budget bird... Trying to save a few quid. 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    No idea Mrs D on how easy, do you have a bike maintenance book to guide you at all. Plus not sure if you need some special tools to do it. Pop into the thread and ask, you will get some answers.

    MC yep, in for the half and relay on the full, just not sure which part of the relay I will be.

    I have cycled tonight, the plan was to go for a run, but Mr Steady got home before I was ready to run and he wanted to go out for a gentle ride, so I went with him. He stays behind me so its gentle for him but a session for me. 12mph and no punctures.

  • Mrs D you need a special tool to take the cassette off.PM me with the details of your bike and location and I may be able to help.

  • Mrs D - I borrowed a brilliant book from the library that showed step-by-step in colour photos how to do bike maintence. I borrow it each time because I am also clueless.

    Goodness this is a busy thread! And I'm sorry I don't seem to be able to remember everyone's details. But well done on the training.

    Cat - Yikes! Hope it clears up by Friday, sounds awful

    MC - good to hear the new fizz talked sense.

    So today I needed to a run but had my Smidgie Girl. She's a small 6yr old and although she can cycle she can't steer or use her brake and needs to stop every 10-12 mins. So it was a rather slow, intermittent run/bike whilst picking blackberries, but lovely to spend the time with her. We went through Lee Valley Park and watched the white water rafting image

  • Mrs D, you need a bike cassette spanner to remove the locking ring, once thats off its easy, they just slot out and have a cutout on them to replace them in the correct position.

    failing that theres a bodge-it way on youtube

    Thanks for the saddle sore remedy advice, its pretty bad down there, bepanthen was purchased last night and has been applied image

  • Thanks all, hope the ermm... bits get sorted JP. Nice to hear you're getting somewhere Maths. Sounds a good physio!

    Buttercup showing off as usual image top biking MightyMouse. 

    Mr Cat - hope you're starting to feel better! 

    Chili - woop woop for the weekend, give it large! And you Pete, hope the new bike plays its part!

    Thanks Eco, think am a long way from you. Blimey, can hardly keep up! Rocco with the brick. Steady with a delightful cinnamon Danish. So cool.

    I'm gonna have a couple of weeks rest. Plantar fasciitis is rubbish. Physio has given me a frozen bottle to roll under my feet. Off to GP to get referral for X-ray on ankles. Crazy painful at times. Even swimming seems to hurt. Bike needs fixing. But, I remain chipper! Better now than later! 


  • I carry my own pom poms Mrs D image and know how to use em!  PS did you like our tutu idea?

  • Bird you have PM.... Did I miss the tutu idea? I like it though!

  • For the Outlaw image we fancied piratey tutus for the last 100metres! I tagged you on FB...

  • MrsD - what is wrong with your ankles? PLantar fascitis can be a bugger, you need to do lots of foot strengthening stuff - bare feet put a towel on the floor and use your toes to bring it towards you. Rolling the ice under too, and stretch your calves a lot as the problem could be caused there

    I put a new cassette on a wheel - fairly easy, you do need the tool, but that is fairly cheap. Never put a chain on so not sure about that. You should be able to find a video on you tube though? If all else fails, stick it in the car and take it to MB on Wild Boar day and I am sure someone there will be able to help!

    ok, so I didn't sleep last night, so having a rest day, if you can call getting up early and spending most of the day at school for GCSE results. My year 11 bottom set were pretty much as to be expected, but I am pleased with my year 10 results. Spent a lot of time trying to sort out kids that didn't get the grades they needed for the 6th form courses they needed to do. 

  • MrsD I'm sh*t at bike repair but should be able to help if the worst comes to the worst. I'll be packing a tool kit for the boar anyway. Used to be in the cubs and all that. image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I have been for a run. Happy to report that it was a warm up walk, followed by 5 times run 6 minutes/walk 1 minute and a cool down walk for the last 300m. So an improvement in length of time running and total time on feet.image

    The plan for tomorrow is bike commute and call in to collect new tyres on the way home.

  • Well done Steady! image

    I have just taken my townie youth group for a night time walk through a nearby wood. Three of them brought torch apps on their mobile phone image

  • Pete good luck for Sunday

    Cat hope you're feeling better

    Long weekend ahead and my 11 yr old has challenged me to an OW race.  It's not going to be a fair race, what can I do to cheat (and win?) she got her mile badge at 7 yrs old.  In a pool I can beat her by getting a good push off from the side (runners legs), OW I don't stand a chance.

  • Thanks WS.

    My advice would be to tell tales and big fish, then draft behind her until the last big then grab her leg and shout "look out fish" then cruise passed her while she flounders about.

    Alls fair in love and racing...

  • Good morning all image

    mathschick - I'm glad you found a decent physio.

  • morning all

    steady - well done on the running

    smurf - nothing wrong with being beaten by an 11 year old, specially if it is a proper race. 

    pete - good luck for Sunday, although I am sure I'll be on here before then!

    dodgy feeling tummy today (and yesterday) so not eating much and not doing much, but the kids want to go out on the bikes, so we will be out on the bikes in a bit

  • Got a job interview later today image so took day off which ment I could go to the pool 50m and swim in my wettie image - 2.2 k done happy with that.  MC you are in the wars a bit at the moment!

  • Good luck with interview Buttercup.. sounds like a nice swim! 

    Hope you feel better Maths, that the bike trip helps not hinders.

    Like you're thinking Pete, only way forward WS. Blatant cheating! image

    Well done Steady, nice to see things progressing. What tyres did you decide on?

    Ankle wise Maths, a bit of bone maybe floating around in the one. Likely arthritis in the other. But need X-ray. Need GP appointment first to get referral. Struggling to get that with work etc. 


  • buttercup - good luck with the job interview

    MrsD - just get a GP appointment and tell work you need the time to go if it clashes!! I know you have a job where it is difficult and you feel awkward having time off (my job is the same) but sometimes you just have to do it. 

    had a nice bike ride with the kids and feeling a little more normal now. In the wars? maybe, but I am getting far more sleep than I normally get during term time - which maybe is a bad thing as I sometimes lay down for a snooze in the afternoon too! Just building up my sleep for when I am back at work and don't get as much chanceimage Hoping to get out for a run later when OH is back and we have fetched my car from the garage. They couldn't work out where it is losing oil from but it needed new brake pads/discs and some suspension things, so the credit card is really going to suffer! Oh well, it will suffer some more on Tuesday with race entries tooimage

  • smurf can you sow a brick into the lining of your kids swimming cosume and get away with it? Might work? image

  • Hello all, hope everyone is feeling ok, Cat, Mrs D, MC I'm looking at you!

    Lots of cycling this week, did a ten mile ride on Wednesday but did a hilly route and pushed hard up every hill, trying to conquer them all in my big ring, oh my days I couldn't stand up by the end of it but if you don't push yourself you don't get better!

    Will go for a ride this evening and I'm planning some epic cycling over the BH.

  • a nice steady run last night with Horse, it felt really easy and slow, the pace was 9.29" min/ mile so was surprised it was that quick and it was my first run since Salford Olympic Tri. 

    Got my Copy  of 220 mag and read the article that Horse wrote, I came out of it quite good really.   image

    Good luck to everyone racing over the weekend, go Chilli image

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