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  • Hi, had fun at the relays even though the swim was a total panic filled disaster, the bike was great fun and the run was OK.

    i'm putting in a scary amount if weight but the only weight watchers session i can get to clashes with the only track session. Current plan is do track til it finishes for winter the go back to weight watchers but I suspect I'm kidding myself. 

    The relays aren't the place to boost my self image! The photo's are awful . 

  • Just under 5 miles run this morning, felt like shit and really slow, to my surprise it wasn't as slow as I thought , 9'32" min/mile. image

  • MC I'm okay with the name we have image little run tonight, it was quite warm out there!

    Smurf no one would ever notice - go for it I says!

    Alibear - plan your meals, pack your own lunch and dont take any money with you to work for the vending machines! And since you aren't all out training you dont need the processed carbs so cut them out completely image it is what I try to do - and once I finish this season it will be back on the wagon for me!

  • Hi everyone. Thanks for your kind words. Didn't realise hubby had posted the photo on here... and yes I really need to find a different running outfit but those are the most comfortable combination I have image

    On family holiday now. Have decided to have a rest this week. So no running. Am going to take my girlies canoeing, rock climbing and caving instead! image

  • smurf - missed your post earlier, well done on the swim, and well done to your daughter!

    chili - doesn't matter what you wear to run in, being comfy is the most important thing!

    well, despite good intentions I didn't get up to run, last day without kids and I just decided to stay in bed till 7 - will probably be the last time until xmas!

    chili - sounds like an action packed holiday there, have fun

    EP - yeah, mornings are very dark now and the evenings are drawing in too! 

    I am ready and waiting to enter the relay team for the full and myself for the half - that will give me a kick up the bum as I want to be in a strong position for the half - ie not chasing cutoffs

    EP - like you wish I was in a position to be doing the boar but I know I am not, I will be eating ice creams/cheering people on instead

  • I missed my 5.30 am alarm call today for swimming (by launching the alarm clock across the room) so leapt out of bed at 6am for a 5k run before work, it was freeeeezing and foggy and dark but enjoyable after a few days off too tired to do anything.

    Hoping the Outlaw doesn't fill up too quick, I'm waiting for payday, its a bad time as o/h's car has failed MOT and is basically done for, and I need faster trainers too image

  • JP - Same here with my car, although I have already been paid and I think it will fill up before next payday. Hoping there is a reserve list and I can get a place that way 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I am in the half. Money all spent, now for a serious plan for training needs to be worked out.

  • Im in after stressing for an hour or two image now I have to pull my socks up already!!

  • image Nice one Chilli Matt and pete and nice to have Mr Chilli on here we need to brain wash him into doing a IM or something with him being a very nice bloke.

    JP afraid even if the outlaw fill's up there will still be places on the reserve list with people dropping out with illness's, injures, ect.. So I wouldn't worry.

    Wrinkly Smurf wrote (see)

    Would anyone notice if an 11yr old girl swam the first part of a tri for a 50 yr old bald bloke?

    image Sarah swim the outlaw for me this year and she's 5ft while I look like a 50 year old man. image

    Ali this is shameless plug so apologies in advance I know sarah put some food diary stuff on a facebook page the other day called food wisper but can't bring the link up because at work. If you wanted to you might like to nick it of there, she won't mind.

    Chilli where's your holiday? image It sounds like a lot of fun.

  • here is the link for Sarah's facebook group:

    what a tense couple of hours this morning when the emails didn't come to sign up for outlaw/outlaw half!! blimey, messed up my whole day. 

    happy now though, but I must get to grips with the bike route!! Swim I am happy with, and I am doing swimsmooth squad as from 12 Sept which should improve my swim loads anyway, run I am not good at at the moment, but can always walk if I can't run, there is loads of time for that, the main thing is the bike....reckon if I practice that loop round Oxton/Southwell loads I will be fine - the other loop is easier I think

  • Other loop a lot easier. If you do the oxton loop you can stop in oxton for roast pork as well. image 

  • I could set up a feed station at home image

    from my house round the oxton loop is about 18 miles so if I can build up to doing the loop 3 times I am just about there in terms of mileage. There is always the option of toilet and water refilling station at the leisure centre in southwell for me too image

    won't be able to do it this Sunday though as I am coming down to Market Bosworth to heckle you allimage

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Oh, MC, what a great idea, can I come and practice Oxton bank, do a DIY half training weekend, I would be up for that.


  • MC I think you've just volunteered for a training weekend chuckles. image

  • that's ok, I am up for a training weekend!!image So long as you don't all speed away from me on the bike and leave me struggling up that damn hill on my own! 

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    MC, you need Dustboy with you on a ride up a hill, the voice behind you makes sure you get to the top. Plus he is patient and waits for you to get your breath back at the top as well.

    EP, lovely story, my Mum had MS and had a motto for life, "where there is a will, there is a way".


  • EP - you related that story really well. image

    I was out for the first decent headtorch run that I've had for a while.  Whether it's running through tunnels of trees where it's pitch black, or over the fields it's still a thrill.  Note:iIn any decent universe, I'd be immune to nettle stings by now. 

    I used the HR zones for the first time while running, and found that at times when I thought I was going at a decent working pace - it was telling me I needed to be working harder, and at other times I was wanting to work harder, but it was telling me to slow down.  It was only a slow 6 miles, but I finished feeling okay, so happy with that.

  • Wow, EP - lovely story.

    My Dad became ill with a type of motor nurone disease like MS when I was 8. I will never forget those early years when he was so ill and weak he used to crawl around the house on hands and knees pulling things along with his teeth just to manage the simplest of tasks. 30yrs later he is still my hero. Despite his illness our teenage years were spent doing outdoor pursuits. He couldn't manage everything, but could do the 'safety' whilst we did rock climbing, canoeing etc. We are staying with him this week up in Barnard Castle, Teesdale and tomorrow he is going to do the belaying whilst my girlies rock climb for the first time. image

    Well done to those training, especially in the dark morning!

    And well done to those who have registered in the Outlaw Full and Half! Exciting image

  • EP - lovely story and also great to hear about your dad chili. Yes, we should remember that we are lucky to be able to do what we what. 

    And having said that, I didn't manage to get my turbo in this morning because I was woken to kids arguing so thought I better sort them out and be a peacemaker! There is the rest of the day/evening to get the turbo in. 

    I did fit a run in yesterday evening before they came back, 4.5 miles run/walk in an hour which I am happy with. Haven't loaded it up to the computer yet, but my run sections tend to be around 11mm which I am very happy with, just need to build up with that speed. I can always feel it the day after in my knee though so gently does it

    I love running with a headtorch too, had better check the batteries in mine as I will need it next week when I am back to running before work


  • Cake thanks for that have joined her group image

  • have done a bike ride with the kids alreadyimage bike rides with them are no longer the slow relaxed thing they used to be! Even the 9 year old can go pretty fast now! And some cross training in the park on the way back because apparently he still needs pushing on a swing! So 8 miles off road on the MTB but still hoping to fit a turbo in, maybe just a 45 minute job like revolver or wretched

  • EP amazing story chuckles.

  • After checking my current bank ballance and realising with horror that I am very overdrawn and the fact we probably need a new car...............I thought stuff it, I put the card details in while necking a celabratory protein shake and......I'M IN! image

    I wonder how overdrawn I can get before they notice, *looks at carbon bikes on wiggle*

  • JP have seen a Kuota at Bespoke bikes in Derby.... very nice image I have put a picture of it on the fridge...subliminal advertising and all that image

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