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  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Since splashing out with my credit card my mojo has disappeared, is there a connection?


  • Maybe JP if you are trying to max the credit card can I have a new bike as well please? I can pay you back in wine gums for the next 40 years if you like? image

  • No probs Cake, what about a wetty too ?, I might max it out then fake my own death in Market Bosworth pool image

  • Can I have the Haribo if you get them from Wiggle? image

    Small swim at Loughborough Uni pool - no lanes image which ment silly peeps out there doing their thing but all good.  Had a great day handed in my notice and all image

  • buttercup - handing your notice in is always a great feelingimage

    feeling pleased cos I managed the 8 mile chasing the kids on MTB along a trail and then an hour on the turbo too doing downward spiralimage

  • I have 2 unopened packets of haribo from Wiggle

    Nice going mathschick.

  • I hate haribo

  • Hurrah and ballyhoo young Buttercup. Am most chuffied for you image 

    Everyone needs to stop encouraging JP! Some nice bikes in the sale at Evans though!

    Top biking all round Maths... Really, you don't like Haribo? Or KFC?

    Have swum and run. Feet have been rolled, muscles stretched and meds taken. Work is awful and I'm eating a load of crap! But, I am excited about what next year will bring. OH and I have agreed Sept 2nd starts a new regime image Bring it on!


  • MC - love Haribo image

    Good job Mrs D!

    Need to look into getting a night light and some new cycle shorts - brought some altura ones a while back but they are too big it was a size 10 but is at least a size larger than that image hoping I get Wiggle vouchers for my leaving gift image

  • Morning all image

    I have had a morning pool swim, first time for about 3 weeks. Last time I'd just begun to commit to front crawl, and today I found it difficult to get everything in sync again - so swallowed a bit more water than is ideal.  I shall improve though.

  • morning

    no, don't like haribo or KFC or any other take away really. I am a bit fussy, I don't like processed food at all really so never buy ready meals etc. So my meals are all pretty healthy, my weight problem must be to do with portion and cake control!

    got up at 5 for a run to start getting me back into the routine of early morning training. Still doing run 3 walk 2 but think I need to make the run portions a bit longer - I am thinking next time maybe run 4 walk 2 but only do half an hour. 

    hoping to get to the tri club swim tonight, but I haven;'t been to their swim sessions for ages because I got fed up last time I went and I have been a bit fed up with the way things are going there! 

  • Buttercup Aldi and Lidl are doing there normal bike sales at the moment depending on what they have left you might like some of the kit. For experiance it's ever slightly naff or brilliant kit.

  • Update on the credit card jolly........................Mrs JP has taken it away, tutted, rolled her eyes then pursed her lips, I think my caper has come to an end, at least I got an Outlaw out of it    image

  • image Does this mean you are sleeping in the shed tonight then?

  • Wait til she sees that IM you booked....

  • Ouch EP image

    JP - lol! well done on getting into the Outlaw. Sounds like all sorts of exciting plans for next year.

    No training for me... spent a superb day rock climbing instead... was sooooo much fun image

  • JP - just get another card and buy the bike image. Cat5, fuelling the credit crunch!

    Buttercup good for you, do you have something good to go on to?

    Recovery run this morning and then a lumpy short ride this evening. Evenings are getting darker image

  • Ironcat I start a new job in October so I hope so!

    No training for me tonight just biking to and from work.  Taper, Taper, Taper.  image

  • EP - will cycling aggravate your knee? Some easy spinning? Or swimming (with a pull-buoy if necessary)?

  • Top quality tapering Buttercup! I hope you're carb loading with large volumes of cake!

    You're certainly right Mr Cat, struggling out of bed in th dark now - boo!

    Sounds like you're having fun Chili, saw nothing wrong with the ensemble in th pic image

    Hope that knee sorts itself EP! You need to cycle to Bosworth Sunday image

    Swimming lesson tonight with OH. Run done last night. Things still painful but tolerable!

  • image I have done no training this week.  I have had a posh lunch every day.  I was going to go swimming last night, but didn't.  And I was going to cycle part of the way to work today...but I didn't.

    So I am going out on my bike tomorrow before the family gets up and I am going to the pool... but only if I get a really good sleep tonight...I am sooo tired.

    Feel free to tell me to STFU and MTFU!

  • Pete - enjoy your ride tomorrow. image

    Re. getting caught out being norty - there's a review for a turbo-trainer on Wiggle where the reviewer helpfully points out that the size of the box makes it very difficult to get past your partner un-noticed. image

    I was back in the pool for an hour this morning, a little better than yesterday.  There are some key timing issues to work out, but I had enough glimpses of 'getting there' to keep me positive.  Tomorrow I get to go and (safely) experience open water swimming for the first time, that will be fun.

  • morning all

    DS - enjoy the OW swim, I haven't been able to go that much this year which is a real shame because with this weather there is nothing better than splashing about in a lake!

    pete - do something even if it is just half an hour, will get you back into in and keep at bay the guilt feelings!

    well, I decided to stay in bed till 8 as it is possibly the last chance I will have for a long a time! I want to get out on the bike tomorrow morning before swimming and Sunday morning I need to be up and out early to try to find Market Bosworth and get there before the swim start!

  • EP, the sleeping isn't the problem, its finding the time to sleep...I'm up at 5am to check the horses and chickens before an hour commute to work... I try to hit the sack at 9pm, but it's been 10.30 most nights this week..

    I get all my purchases delivered to my work...and then sneak them home when she isn't looking....image  Although last week, the wife noticed my red cycling jacket which I've had for three years but she'd never seen before...


  • image Pete you never said you have horse's all this talk of bikes and you have a far better mode of transport what have you got?

    Just in case I don't get a chance later see some of you guys at bosworth sunday morning. Me and Sarah are going to stay at Supercaz's the night before so hopefully we can took her in the passanger seat of the car and take her with us. Sure she won't mind. imageimage

  • Do Wiggle do horses?

  • JP my mate Viv has a 1 year old up for sale soon if you want to use your card? image

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