Training for a shorter Tri



  • Mrs JP is ok with my card fenzy today, I'm encouraging her to do a half next year, maybe Wild Boar, she is a lot fitter than me and a lot more disciplined in training.

    Were doing Stratford tri in late September, it will be her 1st tri image

  • Cake wrote (see)

    JP my mate Viv has a 1 year old up for sale soon if you want to use your card? image





    Does it come with tribars?  image

  • No but does sort your garden out with by product. Mate doing stratford to It's were asked sarah to marry me so a special race should be a few people down from some of the threads. image

  • Brilliant!

    Thats very romantic, at what point did you pop the question? T1,T2 or at the end?

  • In the youth hostel just before was a long question as my mum phoned before she answered. I was bricking it but didn't want to not answer my mum as assumed it was inportant only to have a 10 minute conversation about if we wanted to come over for sunday lunch. image

  • Thats 2 very important questions image

  • Last year at the Stratfort sprint mrs JP asked if I'd want a pub lunch after the race, of course my answer was yes, she said she'd ring the pub to ask what time they stopped serving! I wouldn't have minded but my start time was about 9am

  • Naw listen to you two image nice pic JP!

  • MrsD - I have PMd you my phone number so we can find each other on Sunday - hope you are still going up to support. 

    Cake - be great if you bring supercaz along I would love to meet her!

    Spent 90 mins in the gym - 30 mins on the spin bike and 60 doing weights etc, think I might be sore tomorrow!

  • Have pm'd back!

  • right, I am a very bad girl, I keep putting the road wheel back on my back then not bloody going out on it! This morning I woke up and decided I am going to parkrun before my swim session, so no time for the bike this morning. Hopefully I will have time this afternoon, but that is unsure.

    Anyway, next two weeks are going to be bike focused as I have a tri in 3 weeks so need to sort myself out! I will write myself out a plan and stick to it! I have got too used to staying in bed for a bit longer, back to early mornings, really I should have had time to bike and parkrun - might have made the swim a bit hard though!

  • I've already been out on my bike [looks smug].  A gentle, although hilly 40 minutes and I bottled it on the corners again!

    and if anyone wants to see our horse/ponies this link will take you to the bothy we rent out and there are some pictures of some of the animals and on the location page an idilic picture of our driveway in winter....



  • You are providing a visual feast today Pete. Looks lovely, plus cats image Well done getting out on the bike!

    Im on a bike focus too, generally cause Im pants. What tri you doing Maths? 

  • Had a great PT sessns last night, ache a little today though. Going for my first ever OW swim later, a little nervous! 

  • Well done Pete, good that you got some pedalling done.

    I have you have a good swim Rocco, I'm in the same boat as it were this afternoon

  • Have a fab swim Rocco - OW swimming is really enjoyable - like it a lot.

  • Good luck to those racing this weekend!

  • Well tomorrow will be the first anniversary of my triathlon debut so off to the same race to see if I've improved at all over the last 12 months! Things have not been going well on the speed front since outlaw so I'm hoping for an end of year morale boost. 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi, back from my hols and having a start of a cold..image Did a 'track' session whilst on holiday, bit of high jump, 3x 100m and 2x 400m. Not made for speed. Also attended a water fight and some swimming and walking.

    Have read back, lots going on. I have decided I wan to do a HIM next year but bit late to the game so won't be Outlaw..would like something ealier than wild Boar. Have to be so organised to get to the bigger races don't you?

    Good luck for everyone for Boar tomorrow!


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    41.5 miles cycled this morning. One emergency stop on the way back at Betchworth Post Office and village store for a Mars bar. Average speed 12.5mph.image
    This makes up for not being able to do the sportive tomorrow, I would have dropped down to the 40km rather than the 100k originally intended so my distance today is good preparation for 110km on 22nd Sept. 

    Good luck to all the racers tomorrow.

  • Speedy Gonzalez there Steady image good work!

    Mikasa - the Vitruvian is a day sooner than the boar image and you get good kit! Am thinking about doing it next year.  Or the Belvoir castle middle distance tri I have heard good things about.  

  • Good luck to those racing tomorrow.

    25 mile cycle today, another longer ride planned for tomorrow.  Each time I go out my average speed increases, up to 22.5 kph hoping this trend will continue.


  • well done on all the biking everyone

    well did parkrun and swimming, struggled a bit because everything was aching after yesterday's gym session. 

    mikasa - there are loads of middle distance races that don't sell out. I have heard good things about the Belvoir castle ones, and the vit. 

    better check out google maps and find out how to find Market Bosworth!

  • Oo Rocco, if you ache now wait till tomorrow! OW is wicked, you'll love it!

    Maths - we have to get to Bosworth and find each other! What could possibly go wrong image

    Ark at Steady giving it large! Top banana stuff. You should beast the 110! Eco too feeding my guilt for not being out on bike.   BUT, shiny new bits on bike thanks to lovely man. Have to test drive now! image

    Ali - hope you smash it! 

    Hows the running coming Mr Cat?

    See you tomorrow Buttercup. Hope you're eating and drinking well.... That goes for you too JP and Red Dog and Mr Cake. Woop woop - Go Pirates! 


  • So, wee bike done... like a new bike if honest. Very strange loud vibrating sound occasionally though. Not when hitting rough road. Wondering if chain hitting front derailleur. will make some adjustments and give it another whirl. 

    Good luck to all racing this weekend image

  • Wow you lot have been busy!

    Running's ok Mrs D. Parkran this morning whilst the family marshalled. Stomach told me effort was good but yesterday's hard bike let the legs down! Good to be back at it though!

    Funny noises on the bike can be a bugger to track down!

  • Sounds like a great amount of training going on.

    Cat - good to hear you are feeling better

    Pixie - image about the knee... will you get it looked at?

    All the best to those racing tomorrow! Have a wonderful time. Wish I was there to cheer you on.

    We are home from a wonderful if far too short, holiday. We did manage to fit in caving, climbing, canoeing and river walking. image Took a break from any running, cycling and swimming but am looking forward to getting back to it this week. Am feeling a bit miffed though cos a friend has let me down yet again on a 'booked in the diary' bike ride to Cambridge in a couple of weeks. Haven't got anything to aim for now....

  • Well, Im up and heading off to Bosworth. Come on you PIRATES!!!! Arggghhhhhh! 

  • Good luck to everyone going to events today image

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