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  • Good luck everyone racing today! Look forward to reading the reports 

  • The Evil Pixie wrote (see)

    Hmm wine is not dulling the pain in knee made worse by shuffling wardrobe between rooms and mowing lawn. It seems that normal attitude of "ignore it and it will go away" isn't working but on the plus side now have a fab new head torch.


    Not good EP. Can I ask what you're taking for it?

    My stomach rejects White and that Rose blah stuff, however I find that a nice cheeky Beajoulais or Fleury is good for taking the edge off. A full bodied Pinotage or Temperanillo is best for completely dulling the senses.

    Take 1 bottle a day and report back in the morning.

    ps. Don't forget the empty bottle makes a good roller substitue. Never do this with a full bottle as it could be a waste of good wine.

  • I had a beef pie with Merlot wine in it last night when out for dinner, yummy, but I do seem to have a slight headache although that could be down to the other liquids consumed.

    Watched part of the Outlaw on tv, but then had to shoot off to Heathrow, will catch up as I recorded it as well.

    Chilli, what date and how far? If free I could come and join you on a bike ride, solo rides feel a bit lonely

    EP, hope you can get the knee fixed soon.

  • can you watch the outlaw on 4od?

  • At home feet on couch.  I no longer smell.  Wins on both counts.  Will report later just wanted to say the support today was seriously the shiz and I really appreciated it.  Cocked up nutrition on bike and had nothing in the tank for the run so was really mental toughness that won the day and Cake's caramello bunnies.  Best bunnies ever.

  • just back from the wild boar, had a great day supporting and meeting people. Buttercup - you were great, hope you are pleased with yourself, even if the run was tough. 

    so, no training today and not going to swimming tonight because I think OH and the kids would be a but fed up if I went out again!! 

    EP - hope you can get sported, shame you didn't make it today. 

    Think a few of us have decided we are going to do it next year (although I seem to remember this from a year ago, but not really my fault I wasn't fit to enter)


  • It was great meeting you guys today and seeing the guys I have already met,

    The support was fantastic and spurred me on, it was a really tough day and everyone was ace.

    got my feet up now while filling my face with choccy image 

  • Enjoy food and feet up time peeps, you deserve it image

  • JP - hope you are ordering some kit because we couldn't spot you very well on the run and bike without kit!

  • I'm on the kit list image

  • 'Goodboy' - see what I did there image

  • Oh I saw him MC - as the blinding blur going past me on the run!! image report will be on the WB thread forthwith.  My legs are bit had it today - god I love my compression gear image will be a slow day today.

  • Morning Buttercup! Enjoy your slow day image

  • image Ay up

    mikasa wrote (see)

    Hi, back from my hols and having a start of a cold..image Did a 'track' session whilst on holiday, bit of high jump, 3x 100m and 2x 400m. Not made for speed. Also attended a water fight and some swimming and walking.

    Have read back, lots going on. I have decided I wan to do a HIM next year but bit late to the game so won't be Outlaw..would like something ealier than wild Boar. Have to be so organised to get to the bigger races don't you?

    Good luck for everyone for Boar tomorrow!


     do you just want to try out the distance or are you wanted some glory? Asking because you might like the set up for the DIY half in mac? If you want a full on half early in the year the enduroman do one same day as the outlaw half. I only really know about halfs up north so sure if you look around your going to find one near you?

    image Pete nice horse's I used to work with them years ago at a city farm. Sometimes I borrow ones from a mate project here I also sometimes get cheap lamb from then. I think I'm the only person who doesn't find it bad that I normally know what my meal was called before it came to my plate. image

  • MrsDigger (aka sicknote) wrote (see)

    'Goodboy' - see what I did there image






    Yes Mrs D, very good!, I am still stuffing my face with my feet up image

  • Hi Guys, I ran yesterday or should I say I flew, ran 5.5 miles, avg pace 8'44", I think I'm peaking a bit late so I've entered a local 10 miler in a couple of weeks to see how I get on, also looking for a Duathlon to do. I think I'm going to enter the Manchester marathon in April so that's the winter training sorted.image

    Well done everyone who raced at the weekend, looking forward to the race reports.image

  • Well done speedy Razor. The Winter Ballbuster down at Box Hill in Surrey is a tough duathlon if you want a challenge.

    I went for a little run as I missed out on Sunday and managed less than 1 mile before needing a walk. Tried a run/walk but that hurt the dodgy hip so walked home.image

    Swim in the morning and physio in the evening, hope I have not inflicted any lasting damage.

    I will do plenty of stretching this evening.



  • Steady hope you're OK,

    EP hope the knee improves - you do need to get it looked at

    Cat - I know what you mean at the weekend there was a lot of creaking on the bike - it might have been me though and not the bike image

    Weymouth Sprint Tri report coming up - bear with me if I mess it up - first race report (ever)

  • Weymouth Sprint Tri Race Report – also known as Wrinkly’s Half Century Challenge.

    Registration was between 5:30 and 6:30, and the sprint race started at 8, so I had chance to get up register, amble back to the car, get the kit together, have a coffee and get nervous.  My first ever tri and I didn’t know what I was doing.  Luckily enough there were a few others round me who were on their first and second tri’s as well – so we had a good laugh.  My kids bought me a huge “50 today” badge to wear, I placed it in transition – but didn’t wear it.  For the rest of the morning I was “birthday boy” J.  The weather was perfect, dry and bright with a slight breeze and a sensible temperature – I was feeling good and looking forward to what the morning would bring.


    I was nervous about the swim, it was an out and back route of 750m, about 3 times as far as I’ve swum in open water.  But the sun was out, the water was perfectly flat and crystal clear.  I waded out as deep as my knees to check the temp, and that wasn’t bad either.  Then back onto the beach for the final race instructions.  As long as I could finish the swim I would be happy.

    Finally we were off, I strolled into the water - I didn’t want to slow anyone down who knew how to swim.  I finally started swimming, I couldn’t get any pull with my left arm, so although it was moving like the right arm I might as well have been swimming side stroke.  I swallowed a couple of mouthfuls of seawater when mis-timing my breathing, but finally got out to the halfway point – I’d now swum further than ever before in open water and still felt OK.  We turned at the buoy and headed back to the beach, either I was weaving or the swimmer in front was (I think it was me) and a couple of times I had to stop my stroke and restart.  About 250m out I got cramp in my left calf – so I tried kicking a few times – I never got used to arms and legs at the same time!  That didn’t help, so once I’d got to where I could put my feet down I started to wade in the water instead of swim – it wasn’t any slower than swimming and eased the cramps a bit. 

    Finally I got out of the water and onto the beach and started to run, I glanced back and saw there were still others behind me.  Woop Woop I’m a swimmer J.

    Result 750m swim 23:30, 57th place out of 74, nowhere near last it was looking like it was going to be a good day.

  • Wrinklys challenge – continued

    Into T1, wetsuit off, bike kit on and out of the gate.  I thought I’d done quite well – the results show differently.

    Onto the bike leg, the course profile didn’t look as if it was going to be as hilly as Devon, so I was hoping to get a good time.  Anything under an hour would be good.  The first mountain was immediately as soon as we left transition, but at least it meant the legs woke up and we good blast down the hill on the other side.  Through the town and out into the countryside all was well, a slight breeze but nothing too bad, the sun was out and I was just right.  We hit the first real climb, a couple of times I got out of the saddle – but just couldn’t get into a rhythm while standing up.  I decided to sit and grind up the hill while taking the first gel.  I overtook a couple on the first long climb then hit the long downhill.  I was flying down the hill chasing the next one in front of me, finally got past them.  As I went round the next corner a car nosed carefully out of their drive, I swung round them which put me really wide for the next corner.  Halfway round the corner it tightened up, now my line was perfect – thank you car driver J.  Out of the corner and onto the straight, one of the other competitors hadn’t made the corner.  I stopped and we sorted their bike out, as I got back on the guy I’d overtaken earlier shot past – now I had to overtake them again.

    Heading from the country back into town, I was overtaken by a mountain bike on an uphill, it took me ages to get back in front – at least it wasn’t the full suspension MTB that was in transition, I had to stay in front of that one on my shiny new bike – no matter what it took!  Through there were four of us swapping places, me dropping back on the ups but gaining on the downs – I have to get better at uphills. Finally into the last big downhill into town and I was breaking away from the other three and just taking the next guy in front.  He suddenly swerved and shouted we’ve missed the turning, we both slowed down and one of the group of four shot past us shouting “straight ahead” I’d lost two places L.  At the bottom of that hill we hit the start/finish mountain, I’d gained one of the two places, but just couldn’t get the other back.  Never mind the time was still good, 53:43 under the hour.

  • Wrinklys challenge – continued

    Off the bike and into T2, this was going to be easy, rack bike, helmet off, change shoes.  Nope, hit bike on opposite side from me with my rear wheel and knock it off the pole, catch it before it hits the ground or anyone elses bike. Balance two bikes and look helpless, one of the others comes over and helps me – thanks J , re-rack both bikes.  Then do the rest and out for the run.

    High hopes for the run, easily my strongest area, my only worry is that I still haven’t tried any brick sessions – I’ve heard about jelly legs so expect the worst.  My target now is 5k run around 8:30 miling, I’d usually do a 5k a bit quicker, but I’ve never tried it after a bike ride or a swim before!

    Out onto the bike course and I realise I forgot to have anything to drink, too late now it will have to wait until I get back.  I have a gel in the number belt if I need energy, but if I get thirsty I’m going to struggle.  The course profile looked reasonable, but the bike one did too and they stuck some mountains in while I wasn’t looking so I plan to go steady.  Out onto the road and I can see another runner 200m in front, the chase is on J.

    I gradually close them down, no jelly legs so far – this is looking good.  Through a few twisty bits and they’re right in front of me, quick burst of speed for the next straight bit and I’m past.  Round the corner and slow back down to normal pace.  A few corners later I can see another one in front – perfect I always run better with a target in front.  Gradually build the pace up, into some more twisty bits then a hill L I lose the one in front and struggle.  I haven’t got any energy – then I remember the gel, I take it and keep plugging away.  At the top of the hill there’s a water stop – woohoo I hadn’t expected one – two cups of water later I’m off again (I must learn to run and drink from a cup).

    I can see another runner in front again – a different one from before, and we’re heading downhill my favourite direction J.  Gradually I close down on him, and the next one in front of him as well.  We turn a left hand corner and there’s that mountain again.  I give up and walk up it – I know that if I run up it I won’t be much quicker but will get more tired.  We get to the top, 200m or so to the line and all downhill.  Sprint finish – especially since there will be people watching J, I take two or three on the downhill and with a  few metres to go there’s one more guy in front.  With a final burst I go past him and cross the line.  5k run 24:10 – I’m still a runner!

    Overall I had three main targets for the day, I knew I hadn’t trained well enough and it was my first ever tri.  My first target was to finish (I did), my second target was not to finish last (I didn’t finish last) and my unspoken target was to finish in under 2 hours (I did this one as well 1:47:48).  The only problem with doing so well is that I finished my first ever tri so quickly that Mrs WS wasn’t even at the finish line to see my glorious sprint finish, she was trying to keep both little WSs under control.

    I’m hooked, I‘m a triathlete, I’m ready to start winter training so I can beat my PB next season!  Any recommendations for a flat sprint tri in the Southwest early next year?

  • OK copy/paste from word doesn't work.  Where you can see J imagine image and it might make a bit more sense


  • razor - wow, well done on your running! There will be lots of duathlons - not sure where you are in the country, but most will be listed on the British Triathlon website I think

    WS - wow, well done, great report

  • Great report Wrinkly Smurf. Looks like the tri bug has bitten.

  • Well done Wrinkly Smurf! Excellent reportage and awesome work on the swim image my first one earlier in the year it took me 33 mins to do the 750m!  Wish I could do 5 k in under 25 mins image

  • MrsD - are Digger and Caz signed up for Outlaw yet????

  • Razor - check out the Oulton park duathlon. One every autumn, one every spring.

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