Training for a shorter Tri



  • 8.5 hours done this week, only 2 bike sessions, but 3 swims and 3 runs and a gym session. I am happy with that given everything this week

    next Sunday should be good for a long bike ride as we don't have to go and visit the in-laws, so biking time isn't restricted to early morning

  • Hehehehe secret speed freak Steady - fun isn't it image I have successfully done nothing all day except cleaning - I'm not entirely sure how I turned into this person who thinks she should be running everyday like some sort of drug.  Old me would be horrified!

  • EP - love the Sufferfest! Nice biking Steady, not so steady at 41mph! 

    Have had pyjama day today. Off out on bike shortly. Been glued to IM Wales and Henley!

  • MC, part of the ride today had a long road and hill just like Oxton Bank, I rode up it slowly but I did it. I may have to do the route a few more times to make sure it was not a freak occurrence.
    I love going fast downhill, but only when I know the road surface is good and that there are no junctions I need to stop at when I get to the bottom. Even the ride leader said ignore the speed signs and just go for it.

  • So did my bike seated effort session tonight. Have never had any probs on the bike like running, with members of the public. Usually young plump girls with bags of chips heckling me. One even attempting to chase me once. It was when I was quite fit, was embarrassing all round really. Well today I got spat at by a child - looked about 12. Every now and again the world dismays me!


  • 55k sportive done in 2hrs 19 this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed it and very happy bear. I'm taking it easy for a while now as my Achilles are very grumpy every morning At the moment so I think some rest is required before next year. 

  • Nice Mrs D you do wonder what some peeps are teaching their kids that they think that sort of behaviour is acceptable image

    Well done AliBear! A rest sounds like it is well deserved image

  • Yeah, it's a wonder eh Buttercup. How was your REST DAY?

    Top job Ali, don't mess with the Achilles! 

  • Nice rides Steady and Ali! All rest for me this weekend, back to the grind tomorrow.Looking out it's getting pretty dark. Just thinking about peeps who are still finishing their IM's...

  • Busy few days on here, so hopefully I don't miss anyone I meant to mention.

    Rocco well done on the PB, Chili an ultra is way beyond me so huge amount of respect (maybe one day - just not yet image), EP glad the knee is improving - just don't push too hard too soon. Steady great fun on the bike - I keep trying to find big downhills to see what the fastest I can go is. Alibear great ride, feet up and relax now.

    Just done day 1 and day 2 of the crunch challenge, I've got to catch up with you all - 2 a day until I catch up image

  • Sounds like some great training all round! image

    41mph is incredibly impressive... there is no way you would ever find me going that speed.

    8lb is excellent EP! Well done.

    My brother-in-law came back to us this evening. He cycled London to Brussells in just under 13hrs. Averaged 18mph the first day and about 21mph on the other two.

    The Ultra is a very easy one. Website is here

    It's very close to where I live and train so whilst I don't run along that part of the river it is very simmilar to the Lea Valley which it runs into. Only problem is that it's on a Sunday (so i have to get a day off 'work') and the day before I am leading a holiday club for the week.... do I need to be able to walk/get up and down off the floor to lead a holiday club for 70 children? image Anyway, it is pencilled in the diary and training for it has begun, which isn't too difficult since it's only two weeks since my marathon.

    This afternoon my girls and I did a run through Epping Forest. My No.2 girl is 10 next week and I said she can now increase her distance to 5miles and she wanted to do her first woodland trail run. She did brilliantly over a very challenging route.

    Unfortunately, whilst we were running thieves broke into our car and stole a bag containing our water bottles, choc biscuits, my kindle and my pink Nike running shorts that I have worn for 4 years and for all 5 of my marathons. The kindle can be replaced but the shorts can't image.

  • oh Chilibean, that's not good news.  I hope it didn't freak the kids out.  You'll need to find a new set of shorts and make some new memories with them.


    Steady, I'm impressed! 41mph is very fast, I've never gone beyond 35mph and I was flippin' scared at that.


    I just did one bike session over the weekend.  I'm hoping to get back to running tomorrow lunch time.  I've got to kick my current bout of CBA in to touch.

  • HI guys, thanks for the get well wishes - I'm getting there.

    MC -Yay for a good week's training image

    Steady - Woot 41mph!  I've a bit where I've got up to 33pmh so far, I think that'll do for now.

    Chili - that sucks about the car break in, but how lovely to spend time running through Epping Forest with family.

    Mrs D - Pants to having to deal with rubbish like that, luckily I've not had any real problems with peeople while xc running (other than dodging over friendly dogs).

    Wrinkly Smurf - I wouldn't worry about catching me up with the challenge, I'm looking at how the numbers are starting to pile up and have no idea how I'm going to stay on schedule.  I may have to break stuff into sets.

  • Aw Chili, so sorry to hear about the break in. Really puts a downer on what's sounds like a lovely time. 

    Pete - it will all come together don't worry. 

    Glad you're starting to feel better DS.

  • oh chili that is horrible

    MrsD - what a horrible child, I would have used my sternest teacher voice and told it off!

    really tough swim session last night and left me far too wide awake to sleep, at midnight I resigned myself to the fact that running at 5am with not enough sleep would not be a wise choice so no running todayimage don't think I will have time this evening, meeting after work  then need to take one of the kids to the dr then eat something early enough before swimming not to be sick in the pool

  • Lots of good training going on, How many events have you guys got left this season?

    We have the Stratford sprint this month and have just entered the 1485 tri club "no frills duathlon" at Market Bosworth next month. then its cross country and muddy run season yay

    Mrs D - what a little brat, you need to start taking a whacking stick out with you image

    Steady - We loved the Surrey Hills in this years London-Surrey, really nice roads and lovely long descents, I don't like to talk about the climbs image 

    Chili- sorry to hear about the break in, those scumbags don't care about anyone but themselves, Karma will deal with them image

    Maths - your doing great with all the time commitments, don't forget to have some you time image

    Keep at it Pete and DS, the mojo will return

    I'm having a really lazy week, had a few  coughs and sniffles after Bozzy on Thursday so have taken it easy since  

  • chilli, bad news hope the little ones are OK about it.

    I am doing the abs challenge but otherwise a rest day today. Still catching up with housework not done at the weekend.

  • +1 for the abs challenge and biking to work.  Was going to do my long run today but after being rained on three times on the way home and the heavens opening again when I got home decided tomorrow can be my long run (and if rains again then Im going to gym and doing it there!).  My idea for the long run was to get the bus to Quorn and run home down the canal path - liked that idea.

    Really Chili some people image hope they catch the little sods.

    JP I want to do the Equinox 10k at Belvoir Castle but may have to bike out there as hubby has a mandate with his boyfriends.  May have to give it a miss this year as I dont want to do any long bike rides before the Royal Parks Half at the beginning of October image  After that maybe some more runs and long rides image aye MC 

    Speaking of which I want to get some long rides done before the snow sets in and think I need some girls to accompany me! I say the once a month rides should start in November..... What say you all?

  • I am so tired I could go to bed now, so not swimming or running,  - JP, 'me' time tonight will consist of food and early night, lots of sleep

    buttercup  - I think you are right about the once a month rides, might do it on a mountain bike if the roads are bad though I guess. 

    buttercup - I enjoy running in the rain, not cycling though

  • OK, so buttercup has persuaded me (well, didn't take much) that the Loughborough half would be a good warm up half marathon before Outlaw Half - anyone else midlands based fancy joining in? I think Red Dog Chris is up for it. EP? JP and your OH?

  • Evening all. Seems to have been an eventful time.

    Sorry to hear about the shorts Chili image One of Mrs Cat's students saw her out running and was caught demonstrating her technique in school!

    Had a good weekend in Henley supporting and throwing bottles and abuse at competitors.

  • Damn thieves! It's not nice your favourite stuff being nicked. Unfortunately I know from own experience.

    I have no events lined up this year, and have not done any events. image Feeling all sorry for myself but really just haven't felt fit enough.

    Cycle commute plus cycle to pool and back. Went slightly later than normally to pool, less kids but still no lanes and plenty of silly adults instead being in the way. Did a 'proper' 400m time trial today and it's somewhere between 10-11 minutes. No proper clock in the pool. 1300m in total, just wasn't feeling it. By the time I got changed, the pool was almost empty on my way out. Typical! Also, did one lenght back stroke, god that was hard work!

    Took a new way back to my friends house which took longer as I didnt know where I was going. Some new sights to Cardiff as well. Gears are not right so twice had to walk up a short steep hill (might of had to anyway), 6.3 miles for that trip.

    Not done any of the challenge yet as don't have MS office on my computer and what I got up was very small so didn't know what to do. Will try to remember to check at work tomorrow.

  • image Chilli (((hugs))) barstools hope your ok chuck and err that ultra looks interesting.

    Smurth not had much info on your part of the world but know bristol tri in the summer is good fun if any use. Only other race I know around there is the grizzly which is brilliant but already closed for entries for next year.

  • Hi guys, I've just managed the challenge thing today, but I might have to hit it on the head for a while until my stomach stops feeling like somebody's tried to use it to make balloon animals.  So frustratiing, I really just want to get out and run but can't until things settle down.

    JP - I'm supposed to be doing a 35m bimble in a couple of weeks, but don't know if that's on the cards now, apart from that just a fun thing called the Zombie Evacuation Race - then the rest of the year I'm free just to focus on bulding up a better base.

    MC - I'd have been interested in Loughbourough - it would have been nice to meet up with you all, but already have a half booked at Stanford Hall the same day. (Should have run it this year but snow led to cancellation).

    mikasa - Our pool is just the same .It doesn't matter when I get out, it's just as I'm leaving and take one last glance that I realise I can now do all those drills it was too busy to attempt before - were I not dressed and on my way home that is.


  • MC- the Loughborough half is on the same day as the Cov half image 

    Were thinking of doing the Avenger 22 June, its a month before the Outlaw and will be Lumpty's first half, she tried for the Outlaw half but was too late. 

  • JP - that looks like a nice one, bit too soon after the  outlaw half for me though I think!

    blimey lots of HM on the same day!

    I am shattered, didn't swim yesterday in the end, went to bed and still didn't sleep well so tiredness building up! And I need to plan tomorrow's lessons and to be honest I just want to laze around. So think I will call today another rest day and plan to restart training tomorrow!

  • Just bike commuting and TRX today. Was supposed to do aqua aerobics again but friend pulled out. Not too fussed, it would've just been another bit of exercise for today. Tomorrow after work might try the other pool, it's supposed to have a lane/s all the time.

  • JP - it's not man flu is it? Heard that can be devilish! image

    Aw DS, thought you were getting better too... Bummer!

    Maths - take it steady. No harm changing a rest day!

    Mikasa - you got yourself a focus yet?

  • Just bike commute and 45 minute run at the gym - it was so hot it was like running in a sauna and I couldn't manage the pace that I was trying to keep up so ran slower and sweated absolutely buckets it wasn't pretty. 

  • I hate running at the gym - far too hot I find it difficult to spend long on the treadmill because of it, happy to use the gym for weights and a clear floor for doing crunches etc

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