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  • Mrs D- it's not quite manflu    (I used that as last months lack of training excuse) image

    I use the treadmill at work during the winter, its so mine numbing, the view out of the window was the roof of the medical centre over the road lit by the carpark floodlights, I have that view ingrained in my memory, however I quite like the treadmill at the gym as there are a load of telly's on the wall and you can watch Emerdale and Corry while happily stumbling along image

  • I meant mind numbing image

  • Yeah I forgot how mind numbingly boring it is at the gym at the uni they dont have tvs image it was all about outlasting the guy next to me image

  • I ran today.  I thought it was slow, but when I uploaded it to Garmin connect, the time was comparible to pre operation times.  And my head was in agreement, no bad thoughts.  In fact, at one point I looked up and wondered how I'd got so far, clearly my feet were on autopilot while my brain was elsewhere.


  • MrsDigger - haven't had time to think about goals/focus yet. Finish work next Friday and can then live at home so will then have a think.

    Buttercup - good work doing 45 mins on treddie. I can do about 3 miles and then I'm done.

    Pete - well done on the run!

  • Thanks for all your kind words everyone.

    Rest well for those who are resting, train well for those who are training image

    6 mile run today.

  • I think my core was discovered at the first pilates class of this term, I may feel it tomorrow.

  • I went for a run this morning, well to be more accurate a run/walk 2:2 and did 2.5 miles. I am beginning to think that I really need to get on with some more training if I am to take part in a 10 miler in October.

    Abs are present only a slight ache.

  • Plan was to go for a run at lunch time but friend's meeting went a lot longer than expected and by the time he was ready, I was hungry and really tired. He ran, I went for a cycle with him. Not sure that can be counted as exercice, average 6.4m/m.

    Still planning to go for a swim after work though it's just started raining and that's the forecast for the evening.

    What have other's been up to today?

  • Not a hell of a lot Mikasa :/ biked to work and home again.  Got myself a cold - been coughing and sniffing all day decided the run in the rain might be a bit much after a bike home in the pouring rain.  Good news is that husbands new raincoat works a treat image

    Going to see if the cough/sniff has retreated enough to go find my running mojo for a bit.  Think the immune system has taken a hammering over the past two weeks image

  • Oh and everyone needs to think good thoughts for Little Miss Happy this weekend who is racing at Challenge Almere.

    Go Pirate Happy!!! 

  • work has been getting in the way of life and catching up on the forum!!

    Anyway, after a good night's sleep last night managed to get up early for a run this morningimage and the gym after workimage feeling a lot more human nowimage

    buttercup - don't do too much with a cold or you'll just make it worse

    thie morning cut the walk segments down from 2 mns to 1:30 and that felt like long enough so will stick with that for this week and next week increase the length of the run segments. Knee not feeling too bad either, I haven't done that challenge thing for a few days - think I won't try to increase the amount of squats I am doing. Physio gave me loads of glute exercises anyway

    Good luck to Little Miss Happyimage


  • Good luck to Little Miss Happy!

    MC - glad you're feeling better. image

    Buttercup - I had to cycle to the pool and back in the rain, not too heavy though so didn't mind. 1300m done with 125 of them being, very bad, front crawl! Not sure it was worth it as my tummy was all gassy on the ride back home cos of the gulping of air and nose is all horrid as well. 

    So, tomorrow's the official Cycle to Work Day and the only day in the last two weeks that I'm actually not going to cycle to work. I think it was all bit too much last week as feeling pretty tired already and only halfway through the week. image Tomorrow is circuits and then that's it for the week.

  • Hello?

    Is anyone there?

    I had to keep scooting down

    and down

    and down

    the page to find our lovely thread...

    3hr run today. It's been 3 week since my marathon and my legs are in pretty good shape. No twinges or sore bits so i'm hoping I can quite quickly build the mileage back up so i can do the ultra.... the scary bit was getting to the end of the 3hrs and realising that on the day that is only half way image

  • Ooh, well done Chilli for the run.

    MC I may go out for a run tomorrow and do 2 min run 90 second walk.

    Today I did the abs thing, abs still ache from Tuesdays pilates and plenty of stretching. I can now feel the hip flexor is stretched out. I failed to do any cycling today and I need to check the forecast for the weekend to work out if I do my long ride Sat or Sun.

    Buttercup, take care of your cold.

    Good luck to Little Miss Happy.

  • Hey chili, sounds like you are doing well.

    Mikasa, your cycling is sounding good and 1300m in the pool is farther than I can go so I'm impressed.

    I ran again today, 8.8km in 52 minutes. It was a stupid route, too many crossings which break up the flow. Im going back to my old routes from next week.

  • Top running Chili, putting us all to shame! You'll rock the Ultra!

    Spent the day at doctors, opticians and then the hospital. Bloods taken, more waiting. Weekend almost here - whoop woop! image

  • MrsD sounds like a horrible day, hope you are ok. 

    steady - well doneimage I will only be able to fit my bike in on sunday and the weather forecast is awfulimage

    chili - welll done


  • You got out there Pete, thats what matters. I know what you mean about having your flow interrupted though. 

    Mikasa, the swimming will come. I couldn't do 50m front crawl. 

    Hopefully the weather won't ruin the weekend trips out!

    Look after yourself Buttercup... Probably quite run down.

    Not a bad day, lots of running around and needles really!

  • Chili, well done on your run! I think you will rock the ultra as well.

    MrsDigger, your day doesn't sound so great but hopefully you'll get sorted soon.

    I tried to use that float you put between your legs (can't remember what it's called) but couldn't use it properly as never used one so I was just drowning with it, I think it was too small for me. Mine wasn't the worst fc I saw in the pool though, only the second worst. image And what is it with people doing back stroke but with both arms at the same time? Is that some kind of new thing I'm not aware of?

    No biking today either for me, actually no exercise as work outing tonight. Weekend is taking as well so I'll wish good training to everyone else!

  • Thank you ButterCup for mentioning me - and everyone else for the good wishes - looking at the weather forecast I'm going to need them!

    mikasa - any size pull buoy should be fine, I think there are only two and not a huge difference between them - the trick is to have it as far up into your crotch as you can and keep your legs together and still to hold it there. You may have to adjust it on the turns at first until you get used to it. Do you think that your legs are sinking and affecting your stroke? If so try to keep your head lower in the water to counteract this, suck your abs in and clench your butt cheeks - all round workout as a side effect image

    Hope Mrs D gets good results from all the tests and that those on the injury bench or hovering nearby make their way off it soon.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Mikasa, the stroke you describe is called old English backstroke. It is a valid stroke in masters swim competitions and is great at the end of a session as part of the cool down as it reverses the arms from all the fc. The leg kick for it is either dolphin style ie butterfly kick but on your back or normal backstroke kick. I find it great as a way of unwinding the shoulders.

  • I think I might sink if I tried to do backstroke with both arms at onceimage mind you, my backstroke has been improving and I can almost keep up with other people when we do it now at the masters swim sessions

    anyway, I am trying to quickly prepare today's lessons so I better carry on with that

  • Oo forgot to say Good Luck to HIM - woop woop! image


  • I know nothing about swimming - sorry!

  • Steady - thanks for correcting me, I was not aware of that stroke. The problem was, the guy that was doing it was as good at it as at fc and I was better than him at the fc...

    LMH - Thanks for the information. I did not have the float that far up, sort of mid to high thigh. To be honest, I'm not really sure exactly what I'm doing wrong. I don't think I've ever been taught fc. When I get down to Southampton for good, I'm going to get some lessons as want to learn it this winter. I have the Total Immersion book but have not read all of it yet.

    Also, what is Master's swim sessions? How good do you have to be to participate?

    I think learning fc will be my main focus for the winter period. When does winterswim start?

  • mikasa - it may be worth looking at the swimsmooth website as they demonstrate things very well which I find easier than trying to match a written description to what I'm doing.

    I didn't know that Steady - thank you.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Well this week has been a bit of a blow out in terms of training - however Im feeling better still coughie but hardly sniffy at all and more energy!  Apparently I perked up today - yesterday was a particularly energyless day.  So other than bodypump tomorrow I will be doing not a thing until Monday when I start running properly again image

  • buttercup - I haven't been doing much at all either, and today haven't done anything but work, I have just been shattered and today my knee felt a bit niggly so decided better not do anything

  • I will join you guys in the energyless stakes. Just went running, managed 15mins and stopped because almost passed out a couple of times. This sucks! Hopefully a 'phase'. 

    Glad your not so 'coughie' Buttercup. Keep looking after the knee Maths! We got stuff to do next year image


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