Training for a shorter Tri



  • yeah we have, so long as I can swim and bike well I can walk the runs thoughimage

    you look after yourself too - get plenty of rest

  • Gee aren't we just the walking wounded image I have to get better I have the Royal Parks HM on the 6th of Oct! Careful chook you will have to start running in a blow up sumo suit and a bike helmet image

    Dont worry ladies we have 8 months to fill our boots with 'healthy' image

  • only 8 months??? blimey I better get back at it!

  • oddly, I have a reverse injury... my knee hurts all day apart from when I run...I know, it doesn't make any sense, but that's the way of it...

    I am going to get up early tomorrow and cycle before the family awake and then we've got sauna and swim over lunch time... and then sunday is my brat's birthday so lots of cake then fasting after 8pm as on Monday I've got to give blood for my works voluntary health screening...Actually, I think they weight me too...perhaps not too much cake on sunday...

  • Hope everyone feels better soon image

    Steady - that is very interesting about backstroke. Also explains why I have seen some elderly folk swim like that.

    All the best for this weekend Little Miss Happy!

  • morning everyone

    need to find a bit of time today to catch up with the forum - there must be race reports from IM Wales that I haven't read - didn't dare let myself start reading them because I would never have planned any lessons

  • Hahaha - I'm up and have gym shorts on - will be out the door soon! There is a bodypump class with my name on it! Just need to finish my cup of tea image

  • I thought you were doing nothing this weekend???

  • ah, just checked - it was after bodypump that you are doing nothing


  • image I am trying to re-establish muscle memory and the habit of going to the gym to lift heavy things.  Might happen on Wednesdays too image

  • Oo, is that at Hyde Park Buttercup? Mmm.. Not sure lifting heavy things is appropriate for a lady? image

    Who has parkrun today? 

  • out for a quick 11 mile cycle.  average speed 13.8mph which is a bit rubbish, but it is very hilly.

    I'm going to have to have a rant (look away now), if I ever compete in and complete anything over a sprint tri it is going to be despite my family, not because.  Argh!

    and relax.

    have a good day everyone!

  • Pets,sorry to hear you're not getting the support you need. image

    How was body pump Buttercup. I use to live body pump! Might try to get back into it. We usually do trx on Tuesday's,done couple of kettlebells classes but the last two weeks have really enjoyed circuits.
  • Hi all, I have had a week off work and training, just getting over another cold, but enjoyed the week off as I had my Birthday on Weds, I was planning on parkrun this morning but the female triathlon finale is on the BBC red button, bit of drama already, Stanford has a15 sec pen for missing her box with the wetsuit but she's off the bike first, Stimpson has a great chance, the American no1 is out after a fall and the German had a shocking swim and is well out of it,  its all very exciting, and keeping me away from my trainers image  

  • Yeah,I'm watching it JP! Have a friend to meet back from home but she'll have to wait till this us finished! image
  • Awesome work from Non,hope she wins!!
  • And Go Jodie!

  • Non rocked it! image Was hoping Jodie would sneak the podium! image

  • What a great race, well done Non and bad luck Jodie, she pushed really hard, I suppose I better pop my trainers on now and venture out, I'll just check the other channels................

  • oh wish I had watched it!

    had a good swim though, managed to keep up with the others in the lane all the timeimage and actually could have gone faster but didn't want to suggest to the woman in front of me that we should change positions. I might not have been so fast without being right behind her anyway....I feel like I am starting to actually use my lats when I am swimming

  • Im watching it this afternoon so shooosh you guys!! Body pump was good my thighs didnt always love the squats but eh.  I found my ab!!  Need to do more work image 

    Mikasa I like going to bodypump as I dont have to think about what to do or use a machine or worry about testosterone filled dickheads image I just use the weights I want and rock on with my bad self!

  • I have done a walk as my exercise, think my body is fighting off a bug. I kept getting aches in different parts of my body as I walked, feel like I have a cold about to start and now a headache but that could just be dehydration.

  • Not going well here at the moment. It appears that every night some invisible monster beats me up in my sleep!  Standing and walking are hard enough without contemplating exercise ! So I'm resting up and hoping I feel better soon. Off to see physio on Tuesday so law of sod says I should feel fine then! 

  • Ali that sounds bad. Hope you do feel better soon

    buttercup - well done

    steady - hope you are feeling better soon too


  • Little Miss Happy made it out of the water under her own steam!!!! image Freaking awesome work!

  • Just popping in to thank ace supporter ButterCup. I've posted a long report on today's Daily Training Thread if you have some time to kill image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • well done LMHimage I shall pop over and read it in a bit!

    well, had a massive sleep, feel great now but have blown a morning bike ride outside - OH has to go out so I will be on the turbo and supervising homework completion at the same timeimage oh well, better than nothing, and I must have needed the sleep! Didn't even wake up when the kids got up!

  • EP - I am not putting you to shame as I haven't done much at all, and I have a tri next Sunday - only a sprint though and I am not bothered about what time I do it in.Just hope the weather gets a bit better or I will freeze!

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