Training for a shorter Tri



  • EP - since my last tri I have turboed, been on the MTB outside but not my road bike. Not sure why really, logistics and doomestics partly but not fancying it is also true, which given the lovely weather we have had is just downright stupid, and I have got over my not being able to drink on the bike etc. 

    yeah, weather here is pants today. Managed to snooze on the sofa this afternoon as well as getting up late!


  • Gomez deserved that win image I think Johnny lost it on the line you can see the point where he gave up - Gomez didn't and hung on by the skin of his teeth!  Felt bad for the other Brownlee but ups to him for not quitting.

    My glutes have been beaten into submission and rubbed with hot stuff much to husband's amusement.  Apparently I have been neglecting them image

    EP and MC I'm sure we can organise a laydees bike out into the countryside in October image

  • EP - yeah, I am keeping my runs short, but planning on building up to half marathon for the spring - that is one long build up but it is about sorting out my knee and trying to stay injury free. 

    October could be good buttercup, specially if it was something like the beginning of half term then I can enjoy a day away from work thoughts! Weekend of 19/20 Oct is the start of half term. EP - I am guessing you have a weird holiday pattern compared to me! My school just sticks with the Notts County holidays so that we have the same as all the primary schools locally to make things easier for families

  • that is a pain EP

    anyone fancy doing this


  • I would but I will be running in London that day image sounds good tho'

  • Ok ladies, we're all allowed a lull period you know. Sometimes it takes a while to focus and inspire. You'll get there image

    I managed a 25 min run tonight with no problems... Has pepped me up no end! Looking forward to next weekends small jaunt. Then start the winter programme. Determined not to be 'fed up'! 

    Pete - very difficult at times to juggle everything. I hope a compromise can be found between tri and family image


  • Oo... congrats to LMH imageimage

  • is it the Royal Parks buttercup?

    MrsD - brill news on your runimage

    Sunday swim sessions are hard. After nearly seeing the spag bol for a second time I decided not to try to keep with the others and go slightly easier!

  • Creeping back to the thread after a few no computer days,

    Thanks for pointer how to use the float between your legs, I've joined the local tri club. I went for a swim session Thurs - but the pool was closed.  Oh well at least it means another week with some dignity left image.

    This week has been a training washout - Mon rest day (yay I did that one), Tues Abs at the gym (I was there), Weds 26m bike ride (cancelled too wet), Thurs swim (cancelled pool being cleaned), Fri rest day (yay another session succesfully done), Sat 10k run (I can't get out of this I'm the run leader), Sun watch monster play rugby image visit inlaws 

    Just getting ready for tomorrows meetings, so will try to catch up with the news tonight and tomorrow.  But after a quick skim (about 5 pages!) Pete sorry to hear the family problems - I'm in the middle of that one right now, but Miss WS has asked if I can race her in the pool and take her for a bike ride after school one night  - keep plugging away you'll get there.

    That reminds me - sorry rambling again - is there such a thing as a swim-bike race?  Miss WS hates running, loves swimming, and wants to borrow my road bike!

  • One bad things about seeing the men's final live was that you don't get any updates how things are going. We wathced the swim by the end buoys (sp?) then moved to bike course which was also very close to the run turn point (we could see it). It was awesome being so close to the action. On the last bike lap we saw when Alistair tried to get away the same as last time but obviously this time the tactic didn't work. Will watch it on tv today but they obviously caught him up before T2? Then we saw Alistair strugglig, it was such a shame. We're not far from where he stopped to stretch on the last run lap. An what support he received from the crowd! I wonder how he felt at that  point though? Did he finish the run for himself or also for the crowd? Look forward to seeing the whole thing on tv and also the interviews.

  • I imagine most of you will have seen this, but for the benefit of those who haven't.

  • I have done exceedingly well resting on my rest day.

    Tomorrow is swim, work, pilates day.

  • well done steadyimage

    I had a good run this morning and off to masters swim this evening

  • Bike to work and home, a run done tonight 55 mins 7.78k image not too bad for feeling stiff adductors all day - apparently it is a bit like mind over matter!  Yup MC it is the Royal Parks Half - got the tshirt in the mail today too image it's red.

  • Hi Everyone

    WSmurf - I have heard of a swim-bike but can't remember where.. sorry.

    Pete - how things? You seemed pretty down the other day.

    Yesterday afternoon my No.2 girl can with me and some friends and we did a very slow 'nearly 6 miles' along part of the route of my ultra. Was really lovely and her furthest distance. She ran it with no problem, led for part of the way and I'm so proud of her.

    Today is my twins birthday (No.2 & 3) so have been making and eating an awful lot of chocolate fudge cake image

  • Red t-shirts are the best! image

  • Nom chocolate fudge cake sounds awesome!  Well done to No.2! image

  • Hi Chili well done to get no. 2 girl out and running. Miss WS is getting into the bike, so I may be in with a chance soon.....  Do you have any chocolate fudge cake left?

    Tonight I got home from work and a friend that's staying with us wanted a short run of 2-3 miles.  I described it to him, but could see he was going to get lost, so went with him.  He set off like it was a sprint, by the time we'd gone 400yds I could hardly breathe, 2 miles later at 7:30 pace we got home - I needed oxygen by now. His comment was "I don't want to run that fast again - can we do it slower next time" image

    While trying to get enough breath back to say "you were setting the pace" Miss WS comes out and says, "lets go for a bike ride daddy, you said we would at the weekend".  At least her bike is an MTB, so I got my road bike out and took her out on the cyclepaths and had a cool down.

  • So much for my plan of getting early nights, so I can reprogramme my body clock and get up early in the morning.

    My normal bedtime is around 1am, and out of bed by 7.  Plan a week ago was to gradually go to bed a bit earlier each night, and get up a bit earlier each morning.  Eventually I would be up early enough to go for a run or bike ride image. Since I came up with the idea I haven't got to bed before 1, and more often nearer 2.  But at least I'm still getting up by 7 image


  • WS - it's aquabike events you need - not many in the UK yet though possibly more for children - you could start here:

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • brilliant, thanks lmh, will go and check that this evening image

  • WS- I couldn't function without 7-8hrs sleep. I laughed when I read about your run with your mate, I used to run with my brother when I was younger, he was faster but I could go longer, so we had these constant little battles, I'd try and keep up but then suggest an extra little loop now and again, he is still faster 20 years on and probably better going long too image

  • I've not done much so far this week.......well nothing, I missed my morning swim yesterday and today due to CBA, I have a track sesh planned for today with Cov Tri, I must force myself to make the effort image

  • Part one of todays training done, coached swim for 45 minutes,it should be an hour but I have to get out early to get to work.

  • Good effort Steady!

  • thanks for your concerns, I'm just struggling to persuade the OH to take our daughter to roller skiing on a sunday while I run up and down a local hill... life is getting in the way of my obsession...but enough of my whinging.

    To paraphrase some Scottish guy, they can take our weekends, but they'll never take our lunchtimes...

    Lunch time run 8.3km in 46.08 minutes.  I think it's time to start the lunchtime 10k runs again.  Nice.


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