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  • afternoon all

    work seems to be taking my time!

    Anyway, have been back to the physio today and she reckons that it is getting there but I now need to really work on the hamstrings and quads and keep runningimage

    it is interesting because she also said the best exercise for lower limbs is squats, for core is plank and for upper body press ups. 

  • MC, sounds like good advice from the physio, did they check your technique for doing the squats, mine was corrected and told to do in front of a mirror to ensure leg does not turn in.

    Off to Pilates class now.

  • steady - yes she did, I asked her to, and she showed me a really good one to do, squat right down, then raise half way and hold for 7secs, back down, up half way for 7 secs again - really burns! she also suggested looking at the squats here and when building up doing a variety of different squats to work the body differently

  • Active rest day today image good day for it - grubby outdoors.  

    Pete I too am hoping that with my new job I can do at least some of my runs in my lunchtime

    MC are you ready for Thursday? I will either bike or get the bus to Quorn and walk from there depending on the weather.

  • yes, buttercup - not sure how long it will take me to get there though! got a bit of a sore shoulder so not going to do anything that involves arms for a few days!

  • MC - glad to hear your knee is on its way to getting better!

    Not done as much this week as on previous weeks. Bike commute yesterday and TRX, today bike and planning a swim after work.

  • I failed again last night, I decided to get involved in fitting a gas hob rather than the track sesh I was planning on, on the plus point I have finnished the kitchen image

    I think I'll take it easy this week as I can't get motivated and then have a pannic week before the sprint at the end of the month (as usual), Cycling home from work today so at least I have something to put in the diary.

  • Same here JP, I failed to go for a swim this morning before work. Been having a lack of motivate this past couple of weeks, but will go to the gym tonight and try and get some of the spark back. 

    Got my first tri end of the month and haven't done anywhere near what top wanted to have done with training, so it will just be a 'get round and finish' rather than try and get a set time. 

    Can you buy motivation? image

  • You cant buy it but I have found if you start planning home renovation projects you soon realise that training is a more atractive way to spend you few spare hours image

  • Lol! Good idea JP!

    Run already completed this morning image

    Didn't go swimming yesterday though - the pool renovations are still ongoing.

    Out of interest how much is a single swim session at your local pool? We are just north of London and it is £4.90

  • SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)


    Pete I too am hoping that with my new job I can do at least some of my runs in my lunchtime


    Lunch time exercise is pretty good and my bosses are fine with me eating lunch while working so I can get a full 60 minutes for running and shower.  I think it helps with my stress and I tend to be less drowsy in the afternoon...although yesterday I did walk around like an old mannie as I'd pushed it a bit too hard image

  • I have run/walked again. I tried some more of this running lark and managed to do a minute run then walk until HR came down and repeat. My hip started to hurt at just before 2 miles so cut short the route I intended to do, aiming for 3-4 miles.

    Odd thing is that when I downloaded my Garmin it says that the runs were all faster than I normally would run but the HR was in Z2 and did not feel very fast apart from one bit that was under 9 min/mile pace and did register 183bpm. Now I have been an eleven min miler as my slow pace and ten at my fastest over the years.

    So now all I need to do is not to have a hurty hip and the ability to run non stop and I will be super speedy steady. There is hope for me after all.

  • well done steady - is your hip due to the ITB? I find my hip gets sore but I am pretty certain it is the ITB and needs stretching/rollering

    I really enjoyed my run this morning image

    now i have a stack of marking and other work to doimage

    chili - no idea how much my pool charges as I pay a monthly fee to use the pool/gym etc, although to be honest I mainly don't swim there as I just go to the masters sessions, but I think it is similar to what you are paying - and I am in Notts. 

  • I am lucky at the moment it is £3.95 but the pool has been taken over by a new company so the price may go up.

    MC, its ITB along with everything else surrounding it and the lower back, I have done a few stretches and will do a whole load more throughout the evening, I think its the shock of being asked to do something whilst carrying my bodyweight and cycling does not cause so much of a problem. Foam roller will be used.

  • The loughborough Uni one is 3.75 per session.  

    10k tonight 2 mins off a PB which made me happy - am enjoying running on the trail a lot.  My body appears to be bouncing back from the HIM and rejoining the human race.  Over the last km I ran 5.46min/km which is flying for me and I was huffing and puffing a bit - there was also a twinge in my left gluteus maximus that wasn't so pleasing. Overall good run. 

    Was going to go to body pump but decided once a week is good fishing for September or at least until I have done the HM in October.

  • Sounds like allround good training.

    I ended up cycling just over 15miles altogether today with commute to work and pool. Yes, I had my leaving lunch today and had a G&T and a big glass of wine but still managed to go for a swim after work, well pleased with myself! 

    Got to pool 5pm and then they tell me it shuts 5.45, so quick change, well swimming costume was already underneath and went for a steady continiuous swim. Managed 1350m before they kicked me out. There was a girl in my lane I had to overtake every 400 metres. image

    Oh, and in Cardiff pools charge £3.60 though I have a monthly do-everything card for £21.80 as I work for the council,still...

  • buttercup - I'll be driving through quorn (just looked at a map!) assuming I don't get lost I'll keep an eye out for you walking and can always drop you off at a bus stop afterwards! probably won't be on the thread again today though

  • Just cycle into work today and circuits at lunch time. So tired asked a lift back with a friend and she's coming to get me in the morning too. Tomorrow just about 2.5 miles cycling and otherwise nowt! Tomorrow is my last day at work!!! Where's the 'happy dance' emoticon????

  • surely this will do Mikasa  image

    If I'm allowed time off for good behaviour I might see some of the Tour tomorrow, Mrs WS not pleased with me training twice this week already - so dropped tonights session!  Might get enough brownie points to see middle of fly past by the MAMILS image

  • mikasa enjoy your last dayimage

    great swim smooth session last night, not sure what he meant when he said something in terms of 'lots for us to work on'image not many of us there so lots of attention and great to have someone almost watching your every move and ready to tell you what needs correcting. Might get good at this swimming lark one day!

    having a rest day today even though I feel an almost irresistable urge to run. Tri on Sunday though so should have a rest day today, test the bike outside tomorrow after swapping wheels (turbo wheel to road wheel) and normal masters swim session. Swim progress will be measured by whether I continue over the months to be the slowest person at the masters sessionimage

  • ooh... so I ran yesterday lunch time, a short 5.5km in a slow time, but I was saving myself for this morning.

    I cycled in to work today.  Admittedly I drove to the next station in the car and then set off in the morning gloom.  27.5km, 1.02hrs, av 26.4km/hr.  I'm really pleased with myself...the good thing is that I can add this to my training regime wtihout the OH complaining...I just wish I'd started it earlier in the year as the mornings are getting darker but it was the fear of the unknown that had stopped me, but I'd told everyone at work that I was going to cycle in today so I had to do it.

    My legs hurt now...and my arms...


  • well done peteimage

  • Yup - lots for me to work on too there MC! image Maybe one day I will catch up to you in the pool.  Am a little tired today - biked to work suspect a run will occur tomorrow rather than today.

    Way to go Pete image keep it up!

    Mikasa have a celebratory wine for the last day!!

  • I had my fins on for the drills buttercup, not sure I was much quicker than you without them

  • Still got  a pain in the neck so no exercise allowed image  Not enjoying this at all.
    Has physio and acupuncture on Tuesday but no change. Ah well time will pass and it will get better eventually.

  • Wrinkly Smurf hope you get to see the speedy lycra tomorrow, I will not be in the area due to FiL visiting down in the New Forest. I know some of the locals are moaning about more road closures.

    I ran/walked this morning, ached a lot by the end but did cover 5 miles so more or less on target. Carrot Cake sportive on Sunday, not sure how it will go but at least the weather forecast is reasonable.

    Pete, well done on the commute cycling and keeping the OH happy. I need to look at doing that again, but work is so here, there and everywhere at the moment none of my journeys seem suited to cycling.

  • Finished! It's all over, new life starts! image

    Soooo tired though, last day was bit stressful cos I don't like leaving things unfinished. But got away at 3.  OH is cooking dinner and I'm thinking about cracking open a bottle of red. image



  • Yayayay! image whew! Enjoy the red!

  • Woohoo mikasa, get the bottle open, kick yer shoes off and relax. Can I ask what your new job is?

    Steady, 5 miles is a good distance, although if you convert it to km, it seems longer, its nearly a 10k...good luck with your sportive. 

    Ali, neck pain isn't fun. perhaps a bit of wine and a hot bath is in order...?

    Maths, good work on your swimming drills.

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