Training for a shorter Tri



  • Oooo, good news Mikasa! Enjoy your weekend.

    E Pixie - that is not nice image

    Ouch Alibear image

    Pete - well done on the commute

    MC - sounds like you are doing really well with your swimming.

    It's friday which means long run in the Chilibean household. Haven't slept well all week. Only 5 or 6 restless hours each night. So this afternoon I was feeling rough with a headache and itchy throat. But the weather was lovely so I set off with No.2 on her bike. Had planned to do 3hrs 30mins. But got the route mixed up in my head and ended up doing 4hrs/20 miles! Ran out of water and food. But it was lovely coming home together in the dark. Must remember to take a torch next time cos under the trees it was very difficult to see the path.

    Had a very hungry child by the time we arrrived home. I'm hungry too but my tum doesn't seem to want to eat. Strange thing is my legs felt okay and I didn't struggle with the run even though I'm so tired. Pretty amazing what the body can do.

  • Well done on extended run Chili and mini chili on bike. I know what you mean about it getting dark earlier now.

    Pirate kit sorted ready for Sunday but bike is not. So it will be a very early start as I want to get going at 8.00am which is the earliest you can start. I have just looked at the route and know about half of it as I did the short route last year. My body may be rebelling by Sunday afternoon after 110km.

  • Sounds a great event Steady. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Go hard Steady! Fuel, Fuel, Fuel! image

    It is getting dark quite early at the moment image long slide into winter.  Will break out the bike lights next week.

  • wow, well done chili and your girl

    mikasaimage what are you moving on to?

    steady - just take it steady, fuel well and you will do it

    swimming again for me this morning, need to give the bike a spin to check it is ok for tomorrow - not sure what I will do if it isn'timage - look around for a friendly person to ask in the morning I guess!

  • Hi guys, just popping back to say hi *waves*

    September has been a bit meh and I've not had anything to come and post about.  I just seemed to have been hit by one thing or another, the another being a back injury that's forced me to pull out of my event tomorrow.  Stuff happens so not moaning, as long as I can finally get back out training next month I can live with that. 

    I hope you all have a great weekend and if you're taking part in events, have fun and good luck reaching targets for those that have set them.

  • I have been thinking I need to have goals to focus myself over the winter too!  I have something on on the 16th image so cant come run with your EP.  There is a local 10k on November 3rd (Shepshed 7 mile - if any of you are keen!! JP, MC + Pixie you guys are close enough!!)

    Bodypump this morning - I almost died in the lunges on the step thought my calves were going to explode! 

  • EP -well done on entering! I was thinking about a November half but just didn't think I had time enough to train for it, longest run recently 4miles and not very regularly.

    Chili - well done on your run and well done on your girl!

    I did crack open that bottle of red last night but only had two glasses, not a big drinker...

    Not really moving onto anything yet. We just re-evaluated our position with OH and decided that it would make most financial sense to relocate and live together full-time again even if I'd be out of a job for awhile. And I'd really had enough of my old job and all the changes. On 'holiday' for the rest of the month and only officially unemployed from first of next month though I might already have something lined up for short term.

  • arghh, just managed to lose my whole post - off to sulk until I find time to type it again - alone with the kids tonightimage

  • right, manic day, dropped kids off this morning, went swimming, picked kids up, lunch, shopping to buy eldest new trunks as he told us on the way to his swimming lesson on Weds that his are too small (not surprising, he has had them for ages and has grown a lot), back from shopping, took other to guitar lesson, back from guitar lesson, fetch washing in, OH then had to go out to a wedding reception, so home alone with kids and no chance to have a spin on the bike to check it out for tomorrow. Oh well, just a long walk in the morning if it conks out during the tri!

    Just had a minor panic because I couldn't find my race belt - but has been located, phew. I'll get most stuff ready in the morning - don't need to leave till 7ish so as long as I get up at 6 I have loads of time. 

  • All the best for tomorrow MC and Steady. Hope you both have great events (and your bike works MC image)

    Parkrun this morning. Big Girl decided she was too tired, No.3 wimped out of the second lap. But my No.3 who cycled 20 miles last night completed all 5k with me image

    The rest of the day has been spent cleaning carpets/sofas. Am rather tired now but need to finish all the prep for tomorrow.

  • Maths, I lost my first post as well, so frustrating isn't it!

    ANd good luck for your tri!!!

  • MC good luck.

  • Good luck MC and Steady for your races.

    I went to the pool with the brat. While she had her lesson, we did sauna and steam room, then in the pool for public swim, it just quietened down as we left. I still haven't got FC breathing sorted. 

  • Good luck MC and Steady for today - it's a bit grey here, hope the weather gods are kind to you both.

    DS hope the injuries and problems ease off next month, Pete keep up the commute - it can be a good training session.  I do the morning drop off so I can't do it yet - only another year or so image.

    Saw the lycra flying machines - twice - they went the long way round Devon, I took the short cut - but still only just got there before they did image

    Still not managed to get to the swimming sessions, I will make it to a swiiming lesson before the end of the decade image just need to build up more brownie points.  Well confused by Mrs WS, just before I was due to go out to swimming with local tri club - was told off for spending too much time training.  So dropped the training session and stayed home, following morning she said I should start running with a friend once or twice a week image

  • thanks for the good lucksimage

    can't believe how lovely the weather is - think it is the first time I have done a tri and not needed to put something extra on for the bike. My lack of biking lately showed and the hills were tough, my legs were shattered and really didn't want to run, so walked up the hill and run most of the rest, not sure of the splits yet as the timer was a big dodgy - they'll be up on the website later apparently. Just happy to finish really, not bothered about the times. A lot more biking before next year and it will be interesting to see a difference in times when I do it again (they do the same course twice a year)

  • Well done you chickie! It is a lovely day outside - although yesterday in the morning I wasn't sure if it was going to be!  When is the next one?

  • nothing booked now till next year, but hoping to be able to do some 10ks soon

    just compared my time with a year ago - 5 mins slower, but the run was 6 mins slower, so either the bike or swim must have been quicker! I only have the run split so far. A year ago was when I was running at my best before my knee injury so pretty happy considering

    swim was a bit biffy this morning - considering there were only women in my lane they were a bit aggressive. Bike was good apart from feeeling hard, only overtook 1 person and I shouted him some encouragement. 

  • EP it really isn't that bad - I regularly run around that route and if I can do it you can too image it's actually quite a nice little run - and it wont be stinking hot so even better!  We can do the run and then go back to my place and husband will have goodies for us to eat image

  • Can you see it now?

  • EP - this is a tough time of year in terms of school work, it has been full on since I got back. Don't feel like a failure, you aren't. OK outlaw didn't go as planned. I didn't follow the outlaw thread but I am guessing you didn't get as much biking in in training as you needed to? Also, the speed thiing I think is probably something that builds up over the years, it is all very well this mentality of 'anyone can do it in a year' but I think some of us take longer to build up distance and speed!

    Have some smaller goals - a 10k before xmas? Even if you walk a bit of it? Spring 10k after that where you don't walk any of it. 2 bike sessions a week, even if it is on a turbo, things like that...

  • Wow, busy people here today.

    Well I will give you a report on my sportive. imageimageimageimageimageimageimage is the summary in icon format. The full version follows.

    Met another pirate at start, we met up last year at the end, he went off fast on the Jaffa short route. I went with a few from the cycle club but lost sight of them after about 30 mins, so on my own, lots of "Morning" being said as I was passed by other cyclists. First little test of a hill a 17% known as Henfold Lakes as that is signposted near it, short and sharp and done sitting down but puffing like a steam engine.

    On through the Surrey countryside and out to Leith Hill, we did part of the TofB route but luckily not for too long but did have to do the whole hill. I have only done part of it and gone round rather than over. I did have to get off and walk the last 150m to the summit but it makes Oxton Bank look like a pimple. On down hill hit 37mph at one point. The route then went on to a section I had never ridden before and there was a horrible hill at Peaslake, I did some more walking and on the descent used the brakes the whole time as the single track road had gravel in the middle and mud all over.

    Lots of stopping for eating, drank loads and refilled and refuelled at the aid stations. I started to struggle as my legs were hurting, got cramp in my toes, went to a dark place and came out by the last aid station so decided to carry on and not quit there. Big mistake I was slowing down and finding any incline required the granny ring to get up and then had to walk up hills of any size. Tried to refuel more to lift spirits, I was now on the short route heading to the start/finish so knew more or less how far it was to go. I carried on for a further 24 miles. Then the back went, from an ache to pain going down the right leg. by now I had been going for nearly six hours since starting.

    I threw the towel in when I saw the next hill, I hurt too much and knew that at my current slow speed it would be at least another hour or two before I got back and that there were still a few hills to go. I stopped and stopped the garmin and the Broom wagon came and got me. 

    56 miles cycling time 4:50 climb 3,000ft. Glad I got to HIM distance but annoyed that my body let me down, but if I had carried on  the damage may have been worse. I fuelled reasonably well but need more. Compression tights are on and am stretching every hour or so.

  • I love my compression tights image well done you for keeping on going when it got hard and you kept it up for six hours!! That's a lot of climbing image

  • wow, well done steady. That is a mega ride and not easy by the sounds of it

    I have done all my physio  exercises - when I saw her on Tuesday she added in some squats and hamstring exercises, so it is starting to take a while to do them all

    not going to go to swim tonight, think that is enough for one day, and I didn't sleep much last night so need an early night  - and I need to sew loads of cubs and scout badges on uniforms. I hate sewing

  • Blinkin' heckers Steady, that's some cycling!  and a great report.  I particularly like the bit "I carried on for a further 24 miles"... like it was just a wee distance!

    Hope your legs are feeling better this morning.

    Hey MC, good racing, it's nice to get out and race after just doing training all the time.

    EP, your joie de vivre will come again, it just goes in cycles, sure outlaw was a bit of a downer, but you know the forum folk are here to listen, encourage and occasionally poke fun.  If you need a kick up the arse, just post, we're here for youimage.  It's great that you've got  your run mojo back.  I hate painting, especially white on white...

    I watched our local Oly triathlon on sunday.  Next year I won't miss out.  I got very excited to see folk struggling out of transition and wobbling off on their bikes and then a bit intimidated to see how fast they were still running at the end of their 10K! If that was me, I'd be crawling in!

  • EP you will be able to get back in love with the sport give it time.


    I discovered that what I thought was chafing at the bottom of my shorts was in fact mozzy bites. Legs not too bad just seem to ache all over. Pleased to do the distance and it was just chance that the distance was what it was.

  • steady - yeah, I have loads of mozzie bites too, I think they have moved inside now the weather is coolerimage

    off to swimming tonight

  • Lazy bum today - rode my hybrid to work today - that bike is a beast! Heavier and fewer gears and no feet clipped in - reinforces love for the road bike.  Decided tomorrow is a good day for a run!

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