Training for a shorter Tri



  • Hi Gang, ive just entered the Snowman sprint on the 6th Oct, looking forward to it except the run up the mountain  image

  • I had to settle for a very very ripe banana! Better buy some yogurt later! OH asked if I was pregnant then asked if I wanted to beimage He must be feeling broody! I did point I am now 45 - a little old for having more, and the two we have drive me round the bend! (I love them dearly they just drive me mad half the time)

    Anyway, off to parkrun in a bit then swimming.

    I have refused to take the eldest son shopping for a coat - just too stressful, so OH is taking him this afternoon and I get an afternoon to myselfimage so will either snooze or take the MTB out for an off road spin in the sunshine 

  • Off to Bodypump to work off the carb loading that went on last night at my farewell dinner - awesome night but ate way too much!! I am now officially unemployed until Tuesday - no long enough to become a layabout tho'!

  • Ok so I tried them out. The left foot seemed wobbly even though everything is tightened to the max. I need to look at that. I did fall off, but not when stopping but when starting. Its a bit hilly round here and I struggled to reclip my shoe and keep momentum going forwards. Infact thats the hardest part, it won't clip back in, usually because the peddle has spun round and I'm trying to clip to the base. More practise is needed, but not this week, I'm concentrating on hill running. 


  • I have my cleats still on the easiest setting to make the in and out easy.

    I have swum, Masters session only 2 of us in the slow lane so it was comfortable with no catching up on people or holding anyone up.

    I managed to get to Parkrun, the course is undulating and needed to do it as run/walk almost last in 43 minutes. Plenty of room for improvement.

    Then when I got home I dropped my bag and have broken my phone.image So much for having it in a case if it is not going to protect it.

  • pete - I would say try to get out and practice this week even if it is just for 10 mins, clipping in is tricky till you get the hang of it, and hard to do going uphill! I still have mine on the easiest setting too

    had a similar Saturday morning to steady! Struggled round parkrun but was pleased that I only had two 90sec walks total time 37 mins, so nowhere near my pb but at least I did it. Then masters swim and had a great session, one of the women could only do half of the session today so she set a really fast pace to get as much done as she could! Hard to keep up but felt great, and actually went faster than one of the others on a 50m sprintimage first time ever! Also managed to go forward for almost half of the pool kicking without fins - first time ever for that tooimage

    can't upload my garmin to fetch though, not sure why not, this rubbish laptop I thinkimage



  • MC, I forgot my fins, so when we had to do 50m fc kicking drill, then 50m on side followed by 50m backstroke all only kicking, it took a very long time, but I find it easier without holding onto a board so my head and upper body are more streamlined. I could see the progress by watching the tiles on the bottom slowly move under me. The backstroke was easier but got told I had my knees out of the water and my hips too low.

    My shoulder is aching now, probably all the swimming it has done this week, 3 sessions and todays was the longest.

  • Buttercup - you can't be unemployed at weekend's so only one day for you. I'm still on annual leave...image
  • I have to say I'm being bit vain at the moment. Don't want to go and do park run as don't want a record of myself being this unfit. Would probably take me about 10mins more atm than my PB. I know it's silly and I'd be better off just doing it. Thinking about joining a running club though.
  • I did not care too much about the time as it was the first time I had been to that Parkrun. The one I did earlier in the year with Dustboy and IronCat was down at Frimley Lodge which is flat, nothing like the undulating lumps at Guildford. But it is much better than the one at Banstead Downs, I was shown one of the hills there it was more like a mountain, I would have been using my hands on the legs to walk up it.

  • I only went to Ashton court once as half of it's uphill. Mind you,the other half is all downhill as it's out-and-back route.
  • mikasa - just do it and see yourself progress, it is really frustrating seeing times that are much slower than you used to be able to run (that is how it is for me at the moment) but I know that I will get better. I can now run for a while, and earlier in the year I couldn't so that is progress...

    Am going to do the Loughborough half marathon with buttercup in Marchimage

  • Had a quiet week for various reasons but have my first Tri tomorrow image Absolutely bricking myself image but can't wait to get started and hopefully it is something I love doing and want to do more! 

    It is amazing how quicklynyour times improve with Parkrun when doing them on a regular basis. Look at it this way, if you are slower now then it gives you a nice target to aim for to get back where you were and then you can worry about getting faster from there. 

  • good luck for tomorrow rocco

  • Rocco where is your tri?

  • It's in Chepstow, the dive centre near by. The bike and run I'm fine with but it is the swim I'm nervous about image

  • mikasa wrote (see)
    I have to say I'm being bit vain at the moment. Don't want to go and do park run as don't want a record of myself being this unfit.

    I know where you are coming from.  Before my operation I was at least 10 minutes quicker than I am now over 10K.  I was only out for 6 weeks, I thought I'd be back up to full fitness within a month of the restart, but it hasn't happened.  Even on my new road bike, I'm still slower than I was on my mountain bike at my best on my local 10 mile circuit.  Now I'm targetting christmas to be up to full speed again, nearly 6 months after going in to hospital.  It's very frustrating.

  • Good luck Rocco, we await the report of how it went.

    Pete, I think you are spot on for the timescale to get fully back to where you were. I have heard that 6 months is what it takes to fully get over an operation. Although you are 90% OK it is the last 10% that makes you feel fully back to normal all the time.


  • pete - you are right to be patient

    arghhh, I ache all over, my back/lats ache from the swimming, my legs ache from running and squats and all the other stuff the physio has me doing. Don't want to can the bike ride though, but have changed plans - going to head off road on the MTB with eldest son - get him doing some exercise too. We have to wait till he has played a bit of COD though, which gives me time to surf the net and sort the bikes out

  • Who said anything about being patient! I'm frustrated and resigned to the situation. 

    So I'm targetting the detox 10k on the 2nd jan as the race to get a new pb. Next weeks hill race is just for fun...if you call hill running fun. 

    On an unrelated theme, who knew there were so many races in my area? The wind swept wilds of NE Scotland is alive with hill races, home made endurance events and triathlons. 

  • pete - the wind swept wilds of NE Scotland are just the right place for loads of fell races I would have thought!

    Ride went well with my boy, although he complained a lot about being tired! However, he has asked if we can do it again next time we have a Sunday morning at home

    smelly cub scout back now and in the bath! Good job it is a windy sunny day - just right for drying all his smelly stuff when it has been through the wash!

  • First Tri done! We both survived image Race report coming soon 

  • Yayayaya Rocco good job!  Had a neat day supporting Bookie, Cake, JP, SuperCaz and Lumpty's attempt to take over the world starting at the Warickshire tri image was great fun! Bit tired now tho'

  • well done rocco and buttercup! Supporting is exhausting! Another good swim session for meimage

  • What a brilliant day at the Warwickshire/Stratford Tri, The Pirate support was amazing (thanks Buttercup) and all Pirates performed outstandingly, Lumpty was fantastic on her debut with a time of 01:37:54. Bookie, Cake and SuperCaz smashed it and Buttercup was there from start to finnish in the blazing sun chearing us all on, then we all went and stuffed our faces in Stratford image

  • well done Rocco, Lumpty, Bookie, Cake and SuperCaz and everyone else racing and cheering them on...

    Just need amusing and heartfelt race reports now.

  • That cake thingee was so yummy!! Nom nom nom - husbands muffin lasted like five minutes after I got home image he may have inhaled it!  I may be looking at doing the May version....

  • Well done everyone who raced this weekend! Looking forward to the race reports. 

    Rocco - my friend did the Wye Not Tri as well, did you do the sprint or novice distance?

    I had a lovely weekend in Cambridge visiting friends. Lots of walking but no sports. Now suffering from cold so need to decide what's best for today,

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