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  • image Did someone mention fell races? image

    mathschick wrote (see)

    Am going to do the Loughborough half marathon with buttercup in Marchimage

    image Is it a bad sign that after a conversation with buttercup the first thing I did this morning when I logged on to w**k was goggle Loughborough half? I think I might have a race problem. image

    JP and Missus JP where brilliant at the weekend top supporting from Buttercup and Caz and Sarah did excellent as always. Will right up a funny race report if I can work out some jokes. image

    Just in case mentioned swimathon at the weekend and just realised there isn't thread up or anything. Anyone wanting to inprove there swimming or just get a good medal I would take a look it's worth a day out.

  • Afternoon image

     Dodgy left foot turned into a foot operation March 7th of this year. on the back of no running since july 2012, i have entered myself into a massive 70.3 in August 2014. 

    Partly because i dont know when to say no and partly because i feel that if i mess about for too much longer, post operation with regards to the foot making me nervous, i will never compete ever again. 

    So plan is- 

    *consistency in nutrtion AND training

    *intensity NOT distance (to an extent)

    *a course of 10 sessions (minimum) on the alter-g treadmill

    *commitment to strength work

    *NLP for mild water phobia


    anyone else have any monday confessions? 




  • oii wrote (see)

    anyone else have any monday confessions? 





     I had cheese cake for breakfast image



  • Bloody hell JP, jealous much image

  • image I had an entire bar of Galaxy Honeycomb crisp to myself for breakfast.

    Oii with half are you going to do? Mrs JP was talking about doing one at the weekend I think you easy get a crew together if you want to go as a gang.

  • Oii come support at the Outlaw half image as for Monday confessions I am enjoying my day as an unemployed bum - the couch is my friend! 

    JP will lumpty be doing the Wild Boar next year? or was it another one she was thinking about.  Eww and I said to husband you knw there is a supersprint at the tri today and told him what it involved and he was like I could do that image slippery slide begins..... mwhahahahah erm cough image

    Cake there is talk of homemade cake at the end of the Loughborough half image just if you neeeeed a nudge and it'll be GF courtesy of husbands mad baking skills!

  • Swinton 10 miler ran yesterday with Horse, came home in 1'32" a great local race and a good turn out,

    Well done you lot, sounds like you had a great time at Warwick.

    Take it easy Pete it will come back, as they say "time is a great healer"
  • I just had cherry pie for lunch! image

  • Breakfasting well Pirates image

    Buttercup, are you watching daytime tv in your jimjams while eating pot noodle yet?

    yes Lumpty's up for Wild Boar but is also tempted by the Avenger, I'll put her down for both image

    Poor Bruce will be lycra clad and browsing wetsuits before he knows it

    There seems to be a theme developing around events that conclude with feasts of treats, we must develop thisimage

  • Ok, so my OH did his first supersprint 2 weeks ago. Came in the top 20... I may have to ban him! image Buttercup, get the good man going! He'll love it!

    well done to all over the weekend imageimage Top banana work! Wish could have been there to heckle.

    Nice to see you Razor and OiI! image

  • all this mention of interesting racesimage what is the avenger? what is the one in May buttercup is thinking of? oh, don't want buttercup to think I am stalking her and entering everything she does ...

    Mrs D - great to hear from you hope you are ok. well done to digger

    I just started eating the lollipops I bought for the kidsimage after a healthy salad lunch too

    oii - hope you are on the mend now - which one have you entered?

    best get back to work!


  • MC  yes 22nd June, its quite close to us and in nice grounds

    Mrs D, he is way too fast, you'll have to get him a heavy bike or divers shoes image

    Cake, thanks for the swimathon mention, I just signed up for the 5K next year image


  • Oii - nice to have you back! Hope your foot is all sorted now and good luck for your training for the 70.3. Which one are you doing?

    MrsDigger - when I did my first tri I wanted bf to do it as well. He did no training but was fairly active at the time (two years ago now!) and was in the top quarter too. 

    Avenger looks good but I don't like the prices of these events...

    Plan is starting to form but not booking anything yet as don't know where I'm going to be. So 10k Santa Run on 15th Dec, John Austin half mara in New Forest on 9th March, now just have to sort out tri's for next year. Sprint, olympic and Wild Boar I think. image Still need to sort out my swimming though and bike will need work as well.

  • Temped JP re the avenger I just noseyed at the website - hmmm 3wks after the Outlaw half and a month before Outlaw - as long as I don't wipe myself out on the OH I should be okay - will check with BH before I make any firmish type commitments.

    Bwaahahahah MC image lol 

  • That race look's very useful for training next year if I do the eirman thing planning might be tempted JP depending on what happens with where we are living come next spring.

  • Continuing the quality healthy food vibe, fish finger, fried egg and onion sandwich for tea - get in!! 

  • MrsD that sounds nice, I am making pasta though with loads of veggies

    avernger looks like a beautiful location, but a 2 hour drive for me which makes it difficult, have to think about that one

  • Is that the average price for HIM's, round £100?

    I'm making Italian broccoli and salmon bake; it also has sundried tomatoes and anchovies in it. image

  • Yeah some cheaper some dearer - the Wild Boar was 75, the Outlaw half 125, Ironman 70.3 Wimbleball is 210.  So 100 is not that bad image 

    I had gf sausages and salad and fresh pineapple for afters nom.

  • what is a gf sausage...girl friend sausage?  Is that a euphamism?

    I ran the hard 10K route today and did it in a reasonable time, although my arms hurt more than my legs. I might not run again before sundays hill race.  Perhaps just a wee one tomorrow.


  • am doing the germany 70.3 in august.

    its alllll about GF foods. G is the enemy!!!

  • Gluten free Pete image I am a simple food girl when I have to cook for myself and thank you for the image image


    Is that Berlin Oii?

  • haaaaaaaaaaaaa pmsl i didnt even appreciate the girl friend sausage at first lllooooollllllllllllllllllllll

    Buttercup - Wiesbaden

  • Just popping in to wish Buttercup well on her first day n the new job.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • oii wrote (see)

    haaaaaaaaaaaaa pmsl i didnt even appreciate the girl friend sausage at first lllooooollllllllllllllllllllll


    pirates who laugh last...think slowest...image or perhaps you have an innocent mind, if so, we need to fix that.

    Good Luck Buttercup too.


  • good luck today buttercup

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Good luck Buttercup!

    I'm officially unempoyled today. Annual leave just ran out.

  • image Good luck buttercup.

    Sarah is officially unemployed today as well. I think I might come home one day to find she's made a massive cake out of parsnip's or something. She going to go mad.

    Mikasa, The prices for some half IM's are taking the p*ss a little for what you get £100 isn't that bad for the logistic's invovled but some are rediculas. If your thinking of one can't go wrong with the boar. image

  • Bobbing up and down in the cold, dark water with 60 other Lycra clad athletes waiting for the starter to count down. 5...4...3...2...1...Go! We are off. I hang back as the flailing of arms and legs kicks up the water creating the famous washing machine. This was my first ever Triathlon mass start and only my first ever open water swim, with my first being the week before when we visited the centre to have a trial. 

    I have wanted to do a triathlon for a while now, with one of my ultimate goals completing an Iron distance race. I don't know what it is about tri that I am interested in. Whether it is the use of 3 sports I enjoy or the pain and suffering from finishing one and then having to complete another but it is something different and the feeling of success on completion must be huge!   So 2 months ago when I saw an advert for a local tri that had both a novice and a sprint version it seemed like a good excuse to give this new sport ago. After a brief discussion with my girlfriend she declared she would like to do it too. So 5 minutes later I was signed up for the sprint and she had signed up for the novice. We were officially entered..... So no backing out now!   Training went, well it didn't really go too well. A few good sessions but nothing to really write home about. Then before we know it it was the night before. Lying in bed neither of us could sleep as we lay awake listening to the pouring rain and hoping it would end before we had to get up.    To say I was nervous would be a huge under-statement but the way Kylie was feeling was 100 times worse. She look petrified at the thought of the swim and even had a little cry before we left. After a lot of encouragement and reassurance she would be fine we were on our way. Racking was sorted easily and everything went smoothly. Before we knew it we were at the waters edge and I watched Kylie set off 15 mins before me, all I was praying for was she got round the swim safely. I wouldn't know until transition if she got round and out on the bike.   3...2...1...Go! We were off! Hanging back to allow the washing machine to settle before I got going was a good decision as people were everywhere. Trying to get on someone's heel was out of the question as nobody seemed to be able to swim in a straight line. So I just settled into my swim and was extremely impressed, if I do say so myself, with my sighting as I didn't appear to wander too much. Around the first buoy and I was pleased to be mid-pack. Onto the back straight and I began to suffer. Arms began to feel heavy and the wetsuit was chaffing in all sorts of in-declarable places. This second leg dragged and I was having to give myself a stern talking to, telling myself I was over half way and I only had to go to the big yellow buoy, even if every time I looked up if didn't seem to be getting any closer.    After an agonising 22 minutes I was done, the first part of my virgin triathlon journey was complete and it was time for the incredibly steep run, who was I kidding it was a gentle walk, up to transition. A quick change on shoes, helmet on, number belt on and grab my bike. This was now my event. The bike is my strangest discipline and this course had a lot of downhill. There was one hill but it was killer with 2 sections that really ramp up. I had 2 laps to complete but to start with I was struggling to get my heart rate down. This was proving a huge problem, it was causing me to feel sick and i was failing to take on any of the sports drink I had on my bike. This meant I had nothing to drink until after the bike and I was back in transition, luckily this didnt prove to be too much of a problem it, its something I will never do again and I will always have water on the bike. It was until the start of the second lap that I started to feel better and could push it a little.  &nb
  • The Hill! This hill was one we had done before and it had 2 nasty little ramps. I wanted to cycle the whole thing as I knew I could but I was having huge problems getting my heart rate down. So when I hit the first ramp it rocketed and I was near to throwing up. This made me get off and walk for the first section, I felt disappointed to walk but after another quick stern talking to I realised it wasn't just about the bike and I had to save something for the bike. Pulling out was not an option, I was getting to the end no matter what. Half way up the second steep ramp I met kylie who was doing really well. She had had a little panic attack at the start but soon talked herself round and had a decent swim and was almost finished with the bike, she only had one lap, so jealous of her at that point! At the top of the hill was the glorious long downhill section and this is where I began to over take those mountain goats who had glided past me previously. 

      The second lap went by with no real hitches and I even managed to climb The Hill with only a little walking, less this lap which I'm putting down to getting my heart rate down and settling into things. The descent was glorious, long swooping downhills on good roads. But why do other people take such risks when there is no real gain. One guy didn't like being overtaken by me so, peddling like a man possessed overtook me and the guy in front on the other side of the road Round a blind corner. Luckily he made round fine, but why take such a risk?!?   Into transition and I was in and out within 51 seconds, the quickest I moved all day. Kylie had finished by now and she warned me "Be careful of the hills... What goes up must come down". Not really what you want to hear. The run consisted of 2 laps of an out and back course. If I'm honest it was an awful run. It was hilly, which although wasn't fun wasn't the big issue. The main problem was it was all on a single narrow track which was vastly overgrown which created a problem when trying to pass, or in my case, people passing me. I seems to be constantly stopping to allow faster people past. There was also a number of kissing gates which broke your rhythm up completely, not something I enjoyed to be honest. Up the slope I walked, I did have to walk the ups but ran the downs which I felt was acceptable, and onto the flat section. I managed to get into a rhythm and was starting to feel good so round the cone and onto the second lap. The first thing I noticed was this lap was a great deal lonelier. There were far less people on running now, what with the novice all finished and the faster people now enjoying a large bacon sarnie. Off I plodded and soon found myself at the top turn around. I began to suffer with cramp in my quads but ignoring them and telling myself I was nearly finished. At this point I knew that baring any major issue I was going to finish. It was just are this fantastic thought that I tripped on a branch and nearly fell down the cliff, why do I say these things out loud as I always tempt fate! Up the last slope and I got to turn towards the big blue finish arch. Managing a little sprint over the line I had finished. My first triathlon was complete and I felt ecstatic!    After grabbing my finishers t shirt and medal it was time for the compulsory finish line photos and to grab something to eat. I felt amazing, proud to have completed  our first tri and doing something so far out of our comfort zone and coming out the other side as winners!    Would I do another one...well I'll wait until the aching muscles die down but I can't wait to find another event to sign up to. It was a great event and I hope it runs again next year as I now have a time to beat! 
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