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    Nice one mate and well done Kylie.

  • Apologies for the huge block of text, it wasn't meant to be like that, but I'm using my iPad at work and it appears to hatof anything I do 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Brilliant race report Rocco! And well done to Kylie too!

    My friend ended up being second lady in the spint (bit jealous but she's trained a lot).

    Can't wait for some tri action next year!



    Well done Rocco and Kylie.

  • Thanks guy image  I have decided to postpone my IM debut and concentrate on some shorted stuff as, If I'm honest, I did very little training for this and it did show at a number of points, especially during the run. So now I have some things to work on during the winter and let's see what I can really do next year! 

  • well done rocco and kylie, great report

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Damn I'm so struggling with my running atm. Plan was to do the parkrun route but the first mile is ever so slightly uphill, you wouldn't notice if you were fit but in my state, I'm really struggling with my breathing. Ended just doing the first loop and a bit, 2.5 miles done. Lot of work to be done.

  • well done rocco and kylie.

    where is that tri? hills sound lovely!!! i want a go!!! 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hills! you maddo oii! I will need to work on hills/inclines/anything that goes up...image

  • mikasa - I am struggling with hills too, and running... I am sticking to my run/walk regime and increasing the running sections slightly each week though - I must be improving although it still feels hard

    went to a new runnning shop in Nottingham today and bought some winter kit - my thermal tights from 2 years ago are too big and fall down now (image) - got some lovely under armour tights and warm top, bring on winter

    decided to have a total rest day as I just feel shattered

  • Snap been looking at winter tights too as I only have my compression tights - 

    First day was good image the walk from Beeston station wasn't too far and it should be around a 15-20min run.  I got the look when I said i would be running/biking to LB station then running from Beeston image only took a year for the last workplace to stop commenting on the amount of biking/running I do.


  • buttercup - I love the under armour ones, really warm and comfy

    just noticed the swimathon is the same weekend as Loughborough half so not sure that it is a good idea! Although by March next year hopefully a 5k swim won't wipe me out as much as it does now. Any thoughts anyone?

    As I was rejected for London (not bothered really, rather do something that involves less hassle getting there and back) I have just entered the Great Welsh marathon - planning a week in Wales as it is the middle of the Easter Hols, just hope OH can book the time off workimage


  • oh, I could do the swimathon on the Friday, rest on Saturday and loughborough half on Sunday - just noticed that a different pool has the 5k on the Friday evening - that sounds like a better plan. Wonder if I could get close to 1:30? But you have to put whether you are medium slow or medium fast? No idea what I will be in March, and what is the differenceimage

  • Where is the Friday one? As I had the same thoughts MC.

  • I'm doing a Friday one at Abbey fields in kenilworth, it starts at 6.30pm, I hop they stay open late image

    Glad your first day went well Buttercup. Great report Roco and well done to Kylie.

    I better go swimming then..............

  • Guys they should say on the entry for the swimathon what the cut off time will be for each session it will vary from pool to pool.

    MC No reason why you can't do both but it might effect your time if you want to pb and your going to get knackered.

  • I know last time there was a cut off of 2 and a half hours, I did it in 2:20 or something like that (maybe it was 2:17 something)

    buttercup - the Friday one near me is at Bingham. Could look for somewhere near you if you fancy doing it together - or in Nottingham if you fancied doing it after in Nottingham after work. 

  • there doesn't seem to be any info about cutoff times, in fact the website is worse than it was last year! Maybe there are different organisers

  • oh - buttercup if you take your bike on Friday cycle past Dunkirk Island (near the university) and get some free kit from the police - bag, hi vis vest and bike lights

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Maths- I know you have a problem with your knee atm as well but how did you decide the run/walk portions and how far are you going atm? Just trying to decide if I should think about that as well.

  • Is that at the Beeston end or the city end of the boulevard?

  • city end - really big roundabout

    mikasa - I think I started with 2 min run 2 min walk, then 3 min run/2 walk then 4 run/2 walk, the 4 run /1:30 walk, then 4:30 run/1:30 walk, and now I am on 5 run/1:30 walk

    you could always follow the C25K which might be better than what I am doing but it is easy to put mine into my garmin to make it beep at me!

  • The closest one to the Uni is at 5pm is that too early for you MC?

  • where is that? I could come straight from school, so long as I have a snack on the way I'll be ok, then home in time for OH to make teaimage

  • Great race report Rocco! image And congratulations to Razor, Cake and everyone else who raced at the weekend. image

    I also like all the breakfast confessions image

    Have just arrived home from a wonderful weekend in Berlin with my brother and his girlfriend who started running 4 weeks ago. I didn't get a place in the Berlin marathon, the three of us did the Breakfast run of 6k and it was sooo much fun. Watched bits of the inline skating marathon and the proper running one. Cheered on the elites as they passed by the end of our road and saw the massive crowds finishing.

    Berlin is a great city to cycle round so was out everyday in the sunshine doing touristy things. And paced my brother to his first sub 30min 5k.

    I also confess to visiting the Ritter Sport chocolate shop twice and eating far too much of it!

  • chili - sounds like a great weekend. I love ritter sport chocolateimage specially the minty one, mmmmmm, haven't had any for years

  • Chilibean - I ran Berlin in 2011! Super nice city, defo want to go back when it doesn't include an event!!!

    No training tonight, had Physio at 5:15pm. Always let my legs rest after.

    Now planning which treat to eat whilst watching the Great British Bakd off at 8pm *smileyfaceofglee
  • Well done Rocco and Kylie on your first Tri, be warned it's addictive.image

    Chilli....sounds like a great weekend, I'll bet the best bit was the chocolate.image

    I am doing the Snowman on Sunday with Horse, the forecast dosnt look to good so better get the wet weather gear out, the rules say we have to carry full wind proof gear in case the weather turns on the mountain, we must be mad image
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Razor - sounds awesome! One day I'll be fit enough to do something like that. 

    I don't think you'll find a totally sane person on these boards, must be something in the water...image

  • image But we are all sane it's everybody else whose mental? image

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