Training for a shorter Tri



  • Buttercup, well done on the hybrid, some moments are there to be enjoyed.

    My legs are now reminding me that they did a hard work out last night, not helped by sitting in meetings all day.

    Good luck for your race Pete.

  • well done buttercup - did you manage to get some free goodies from the police?

    Steady - I love spinning, think I need to get back to classes

    had a rest day today, mainly because I was sneezing all night after the swimming

    going to run and swim tomorrow, bike on Sunday

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I was planning a run today and possibly parkrun tomorrow but my back had other ideas today so nothing done at all as walking was painful. image Thankfully it usually only lasts a day or two so hopefully back in action soon. 

  • Ouch Mikasa - hope it does get better soon.

    Well done everyone on the swimming, cycling and spinning.

    Sounds like quite a few have events this weekend image Hope they all go really well, and we look forward to some good reports.

    It's Friday which means my long run with my daughter cycling. 3 1/2hrs. Doing a 22miler next week and then taper. Am really hoping I've done enough for the Ultra.

  • mikasa - hope it gets better soon

    woke up and didn't feel like I could move, so breaki first then I am going to try to get into the spinning class before swimming. I could probably just walk in no-one would mind

    hair cut later but hopefully I'll get chance for a run even if it is just a little one. I promised to make roast dinner so there should be time while the chicken is in the oven!

  • Aarrgh. I feel rough, so rough I am going to go back to bed having just got up a few minutes ago.

    All training today and probably tomorrow is cancelled.


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Oh Steady - feel for you, hope you get better soon.

    Chili - I'm sure you've done enough for the ultra. Can't even imagine running 3.5hrs atm. Good cycling for your daughter too.

    I though we had a problem with our mattress but it might now be the divan underneath instead. Also, been sitting on the sofa quite a lot this week and that seems to be a problem too. Woke up with a better back but half an hour on the sofa and it's getting stiff again. Bit frustrating...

    Good luck for peeps having events this weekend!

  • I hope all the poorlies start to feel better image Lots of bugs about! 

    Hope the haircut is rocking Maths... Not got the OH thinking more babies though image

    Blimey Chili, that's come round quick. Enjoy the taper!

    Pete - think racing in fog is both funky and scary!

    Ay up Buttercup, putting the boys to shame! I'm still pottering trying to keep up with 6 day training. Thats my winter plan, build continuity. Big year next year image

  • steady take care - this is a bad time for bugs

    EP - hope you are feeling better. Work isn't going to change so you need to figure our if and how you can fit training in. Start with half hour runs in the mornings before work, then add in some turbos. Little and often is better than nothing

    Had a great day, spinning was hard as I haven't been for a while, but really enjoyed it, swimming was good - I think I am now quicker than one of the other women in my laneimage - there were only the 2 of us there today in our lane. The swim smooth sessions are paying off alreadyimage then  hair cut, shopping, shoved a chicken in the oven and went for a run. Knowing that OH would be a bit sulky that I had gone out again meant I ran faster than normal - still run walk, but the run bit were quicker than normal and I did the 4 miles in 49 mins, very happy with that

    need to bike tomorrow but as we are off to visit the inlaws it will be an early morning turbo session or I won't get chance. Think it might be a bit warm and sweaty!

  • Woop woop, top work Maths! Good luck with the inlaws! 

  • Good luck with the in laws MC.

    Good luck to all the racers.

    I think my body doesnot like the bugs and the stress at work has worn me out, so definitely a weekend off.

    MC you are right little and often for consistency will be far better than do nothing.

  • Sorry to hear about those who are feeling a bit down image

    MC - sounds like some great training.

    Parkrun this morning with two of my girlies image

  • Good luck to all racing this weekend. 

    Sounds like a plan Steady. Get yourself better! 

    Run done this am. Off to rugby, corporate tickets means free booze and food image Luckily have tomorrow off! 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Nice one MrsDigger, free booze and food, oh yeah and rugbyimage

    EP - You'll find away! You know you will.

    Chili - how was your parkrun yesterday?

    Back bit better today so went for a walk on the common. Just realised I only have a month until I start running as a veteran imageimageimage. Why do women start at 35 and men at 39? So unfair! Better get some (1 or 2) parkruns before I turn older... 

  • Back from London image ran a good race - very warm image literally drenched myself at each water stop.  Will do race report soon.  Love my compression tights!

  • well done buttercup

    off swimming soon

  • How have all the racers got on? Buttercup  - good to hear it was a good race. Am looking forward to all the reports.

    Just a little bike ride today with my No.3 girl to get a hot choc and some time alone together.

  • ok, here's my bennachie hill race report.  Why am I putting a hill race in the triathlon were three peaks in this race, it's nearly triathlon.

    So, this time I didn't bother with running top, I put my most sweary t-shirt on.  I wanted folk to know I wasn't a hill runner.  As per usual, I get there and everyone is in club colours, doing all sorts of exotic stretches and warm up.  I get my number and stand around in my hooded top watcing with amusement.

    Eventually, the mannie calls us all together and we set off.  In my usual deferential way I start near the back...this turns out to be a mistake.  The first section is a gentle climb up a wide forest road and then we turn on to a tiny steep track with no over taking space and all the slow coaches are now walking...and I'm stuck behind them.  D'oh! (note to self, I'm not that slow, start in the middle of the pack).  It takes me nearly to the top of the first peak to find space and start over taking.  I think walking the first section actually helped as I had lots of energy once the tracks opened up.  There is slight down before going back up again, but the tracks are wide and I can pick folk off although it is a bit annoying to get stuck behind two folk chatting and plodding along.  Once the second peak is done I decide to try out the down hill technique I've been reading about, I just go for it.  Woo-hooo!  I'm really flying and over taking loads of folk and then I see the final peak.  Ooops, this is steep and short and running is out of the question...I clamber up it and I start to feel sick.  This is exactly the feeling I get with the bike to run transition so I know to ignore it.  As I reach the top of the third peak, someone has fallen badly and his ankle is already swollen and black...we mill around not sure what to do, me and another guy decide to run for a marshall further on the track.  The marshall is already on his way and tells us to keep going and he'll deal with it.  Now I'm on the long down hill and I just go for it, it's ace, I'm really flying.  As I near the base, everything is hurting and I've run out of puff...10K is my usual distance and this is 3k longer and I'm struggling.  I slow down and then trip on a tree root and dive to the floor. quite spectacular...luckily other than cut knees I'm fine but my confidence is shot and I potter down the rest of the way.  Once on the wide forest tracks, I'm happy to stretch my legs except there is nothing there.  I'm on empty.  Folk are starting to over take me.  Just when I think that I'll have to stop and walk, the final turn appears and I jog down to the finish.  13.11km, 550m ascent, 1 hour 28 minutes.  I'd hoped for under 1hr 30 so I'm pleased.

    Now at home and my legs really hurt and knees really really

  • Mikasa - you don't feel any different honest! image

    Hurrah Buttercup & Pete image Top report Pete. Hope the kegs recover quickly!

    Food & booze tops, rugby pants! Ah well, can't have it all.

  • Well done racers. Great report Pete.

    I have watched a cycle race DVD, made soup and cooked some apples from the garden. I am worn out.


  • well done pete - sounds tough and a great report

    I have been swimming, did too much breaststroke and now my knee hurts (did the breaststroke because at masters we often have to do breast/back/fly - can't do fly). Getting ice on it and going to turbo tomorrow instead of run

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Not bothered about getting older, but why do I have to be called a veteran in my 30s, surely that's ridiculous?

    Pete - great report and well done! I think if I had to do a hill race it'd all be walking...

  • argh, so tired today

    didn't  sleep well but still got up early to turbo and am now shattered so going to skip swimming and have an early night

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Maths, at least you got the turbo done!

    Nothing more than walking today for me but planning a bike for tomorrow.

  • yeah, and I have been neglecting the bike so good that I got it done

  • Well after not the best nights sleep, I dug into my pot of yoghurt and muesli (not GF but beggars cant be choosers) and a banana.  All washed down with a spanking cup of tea we left the hotel and headed towards Kings Cross St Pancras following the peeps in lycra making their way to the tube.  We literally squished ourselves on to the train to Knightsbridge – soooo many peoples going to Hyde Park.  After peeling ourselves out of the train and finding the main stage and the loos I lined up and was duely scarred by the grotty nature of the non flushing loos.  I gave husband a kiss and my hoodie and sent him on his way.  I may have participated in the group warm up, cannot guarantee my level of coordination!


    I headed towards the green ramp, which matched my race number.  Got in line and waited to be told to go – ignored all the men jumping the barriers to pee on the and tried to avoid sweaty armpits – not that I could see anything anyway I was surrounded by rather large men.  At which point I looked down and looked at other peeps numbers and realised that my shade of green was not the same as theirs, it was yellow (but looked like green to me) and I was in the wrong place – Eeeek! Too late to move now was stuck surrounded by large and fast wildebeesties and had to go with the flow. 


    Luckily I appeared not to be the only person who was in the wrong place but who was setting a good place so I followed her.  After about a mile she slowed down so I side stepped and continued on my search for someone elses feet to follow.  Enter perky runner number two – very perky and strident with her bun and all matching kit – she was running a bit faster than number 1.  So I picked up my pace and latched on for dear life as I ran past Big ben towards the London Eye then down towards Temple.  Tbh it got a bit hard around here and HOT!! I headed over towards the water station and drenched myself promptly losing Ms Perky *sad face* everyone else was going a bit faster than me at this point (heading back towards Green Park as I looked down at my Garmin to realise I had just done 10km just shy of an hour FTW!!! Beyond what I thought I could do – was well chuffed – it was also about that point I went hmmm that would be great if it was a 10km race Buttercup – but it’s not there’s another 11 km to go!!  


  • Running through Green Park was a bit hard it was hot and I thought I had blown it by going too fast over the first 10.  I then found someone else to run behind except she kept on stopping to walk, so we played a bit of cat and mouse me running ahead while she walked and her catching up after a while.  Heading back into Hyde Park (at which point I was like Yayayay – am not going to be cleared off the course when they reopen the roads!!) and people were screaming support but I found it a bit off putting tbh and it continued to be a bit hard work.  But then I saw the pace maker run past me with his flag saying 2:00hrs bouncing behind him.   2 hrs you say says my tired brain well if I follow him for a while it cant be all that bad so I picked up the pace – apparently my legs were just being lazy.  I followed Mr 2 hrs until about 15k (in my head around 10k I had told myself that I wasn’t allowed to walk until at least 15k and even then maybe not at all) when I was running running running and then all of a sudden I wasn’t I wasn’t I was walking going WTF – freaking subconscious taking me literally!!  I walked for about 100 metres then started running again at which point Lady runner no 1 passed me and I went – err not having that so I caught up to her and followed her feet. 


    Except she would walk every now and again and I tapped her on the small of the back – saying no chickie you cant stop Im following your feet come on!  She picked her pace up for a while and I fell in behind following – but she kept on wanting to walk and I was like we’re only about 5km away now keep going!  If you need to follow me it’s all good!  We continued on in a cat mouse type fashion until she gave up and just walked as she said her knee was hurting too much.  At which point I had to say goodbye saying I have to RUN!!  And I ran!! I saw the 2:10 pace maker go past and tried my best to keep up with him but that wasn’t happening for too long.  By this point I was tired by my legs were turning over and I was doing okay until I realised at somepoint I had dropped my last gel from my belt *very sad face*!

  • Fck it no time to pack a tanty – I pulled up my big girl undies and kept on going eww and my legs were still going until about 20km where it started to get hard not just mentally hard my thighs were starting to burn – I was thinking not far now just get there woman!!  I continued on past pretty trees and very large golden buildings but I tbh paid them very little attention as I was approaching ‘the Blerch’ (google blerch and oatcake) where I started to slow down cause everything hurt.  At 21k (as told by my Garmin) I was like well where’s the finish line then??? Apparently almost another km away - which made my mental toughness cry on the inside just a little bit.  And I started to run walk as I thought I had very little left (I wasn’t the only one as there were quite a few people weaving, and either being helped to sit down or lying down on the ground – it was a bit brutal).  Then I saw the 800m marker and went well TFG for that!! I started running again not fast but I wasn’t walking and when I got to the 400m marker I said fck it who really wants to walk home any ways?? And I ran as hard as I could to the finish line overtaking a few peeps, smiling at the nice camera guy as I went past. 

    I grabbed a banana, a water and my medal and I was done.  As was everyone else including another poor soul who had collapsed half way down the finish shoot.  It was a slow walk to that patch of ground under a nice oak tree where I had a little lie down – just for a bit.  So I did it PB’s all round 5km 27mins, 10km 59.55mins (and I will take that 5 seconds thank you very much) and a much slower rest of the run but I the official time was 2:28:30 but since it was longer than expected Im going by what my garmin said which was about 2:20ish.  Go me!!  

    And as far as I’m concerned Pret your Tuna nicoise salad and Miso soup were the shiz as afters.

  • *That should be Oatmeal and the Blerch image

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