Training for a shorter Tri



  • image Dawn that race isn't till first week in november if that helps?

    oii can you get some ear plugs?

  • Haha - you're a terrible influence, but I still better not.  I need to concentrate on just getting a decent training pattern going again and building back some fitness.  I wasn't really hugging those zombies, I was leaning on them for support. image

  • cake - HAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA i am 100% bringing ear plugs in tmrw!!!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Oii - that's pretty good news though all in all. What are you using your PT for? What is watery fatness though? Interesting description...

    I did it! Freedom parkrun ran today in 36:50.36. I just took it easier at the start so managed the whole distance. That's only 10 mins slower than my PB image... Wasn't exactly sure where the start and finish lines were as not done this parkrun before but should be pretty accurate and garmin says 3.14 miles. 


  • Great stuff Mikasa,

    oii, I am told I make an awfull noise when I eat, I was asked the other day if I was going for some sort of speed eating record with a subway footlong, "no" I answered as I spat a gerkin onto his shirt

  • Well done Mikasa!

    Oii, I wouldn't be able to cope. The first time I met my hubby we had lunch together at a conference. If he hadn't passed the quiet eating/nice table manners test the relationship would have ended before it began!

    Bit of cycling today but am quite tired from the aquathon last night. I was 6 out of 7 ladies but it was my fastest swim time of the series image

  • well done mikasa!

    chili - the aquathlon sounds great, well done

    oii - not bad news

    I hate noisy eaters, some of the teachers at school are really noisy eaters they drive me mad. But I am polite and just keep quiet. Even worse are people that chew gum with their mouths open, arghhhhhhh

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys.

    No more cycling for me this week, just took the hub gears to be serviced, should be back middle of next week. So exercise video, swimming and running it is instead. image

  • buttercup - are you swimming tomorrow?

  • Yup image will be catching ze bus and walking from Quorn.  If you see me slow down so I can jump on your bonnet image

  • I'll stop so you can get inside! 

  • At least drop the window and slow to about 30mph so she can leap inside Starsky and Hutch styleimage

  • image If that happens can you both hum the music so you can get in the mood?

  • How does it go again?, I keep getting the tune from chips in my head

  • Just tried to work out how to type it and ended up with the music for the profetional's in my head. The younger reader's don't know what they missed? image

  • I know it starts with a chiga wa wa type of intro..... oh no I'm doing the profesionals tune now, at least I've got the Chips tune out of my head..........doh

  • If I sing the Wonderwoman tune, maybe that will help......

  • image I now have buck roger's. Cool image

  • I read that lot and thought of the Z cars theme, showing my age.

    Spin class tonight, hope I do not get DOMS so bad afterwards.

  • image Z cars your not that old chuckles?

  • Oh yes I am, I have a massive birthday next year, but I will admit to staying up late to watch it.

  • Spinning was good, the music played is rock, so we had "I want to boogie" T Rex, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen and "Teenage Kicks" by The Undertones amongst the tracks, I wanted to sing along but impossible as I was working hard. Hopefully the legs will ache less this week.

  • OH did 1st spin class yesterday. When asked if he enjoyed it, his response was 'yes when it had finished!' image

  • Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! 

  • Can't feel my fingers and need mudguards image

  • I can remember Dixon of Dockgreen. image for you youngsters ask your parents they will properbly whistle to youimage They will know what I am talking about.
  • Razor, I remember a little bit of that, the copper at the end saying a bit to camera. That was in the black and white days. Can't quite get the tune in my head, luckily, but I know I would recognise it if I heard it.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Not sure if I remember watching starsky and hutch but I really liked Cagney and Lacey...

    Short jog at lunch time, 2.45miles. I really struggle with the first mile at the moment, to get my breathing under control and feel comfortable I need to do 12:30 m/m but then it gets easier and 'faster' and I feel I could go for much longer. I think I'll try to keeep 3miles as my minimum and do try to do that 3 times a week. Do you think that's a good plan? Then start adding to the 'long' run.

  • i have not got a scooby doo what "watery fat" is. but apparently its the better / easier to lose type. he had a damn good prod of my fat bits, cringe. 

    i am with a pt for tri specific strength training twice a week. my core isnt even a core, its just an unused piece of my bod. needs SERIOUS work. my shoulders are hopeless and my ass and hamstrings might as well belong to that neighbour of mine who is obviously competing in the sofa surfing world championships. 

    I AM FINISHING IN THE HEALTHY BIT OF THE FIELD FOR ALL MY RACES NEXT YEAR. i will not be (as previously) finsishing somewhere along the lines of where my neighbour would finish ANYMORE. 

    Mikasa - are you doing dynamic stretches pre run? I do the warm up bits of a jillian micheals dvd pre run and i start out a lot better on the road!!! one of my friends doesnt even consider the first 15 mins of her run as part of the session - she jogs and gently lengthens her stride. then when she is at 15 minutes she starts her training.... i do this with my bike sessions.....




  • I'm supposed to have done 3 x 10 mins "runs" this week but have only managed 1. I really have lost my training mojo.  Was planning on spindrome tonight but that's been cancelled.

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