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  • alibear30, where are you based? you can pm me if you like, dont post on this board. if you are near me i will go out with you no worries. my training mojo is ON atm - am happy to kick your ars3 back into mo farah mode. 

    then when my mojo is off to you can reciprocate image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    oii - no, not doing any dynamic stretching beforehand. I do a brisk walk and then start slowly. Do you do the whole warm up with jumping jacks etc? I do have Gillian's dvd's so that might be an idea to add. Hmmm, does she start her garmin after the 15mins?image

    Alibear - you'll get there! We all lose our mojo now and again.

  • after all those tunes buttercup didn't go swimmng so didn't get the chance to do the moving entry into the car

    it was a good session despite there being no coaches there (hence why buttercup decided not to go) I decided to go despite the long drive as it is an hour and a half of having a lane to myself. 

    Having a rest day today as I am tired (and Friday is supposed to be a rest day in my plan)

    as usual I have a busy weekend and am having the flu jab tomorrow morning so hopefully that won't make me feel rough

  • Good luck with the flu jab MC. I cancelled mine and rescheduled it for the end of the month.

    My mojo has gone and left me, taking my energy and good health with it. Fed up feeling lousy. So far this  week I have done one swim and one spin that is all, almost as bad as last week. Think I will take this weekend off as well, the weather looks certain to be horrid. Just need to get well enough to do some training before the real training starts.

  • Your tunes were lovely image I have decided that going to the swimsmooth sessions is a bit much due to my new schedule so I'm going to focus on my running and getting to grips with the new job image I'm going to bodypump and a spin class tomorrow - getting my mojo back after a slow few weeks.

  • ah that's a shame buttercup, but probably a good decison. Hope the job is going well

  • Evening! Am home from my last long run/bike with my daughter. Didn't quite manage to the planned 22miles due to weather and tiredness, but am happy with my training and know I couldn't have manged any more. The Ultra is in two weeks so it is taper time now.

    Am now baking cakes for our community cafe at parkrun tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend everyone

  • morning

    well done chili on the run

    pretty horrible weather here today. I am off for my flu jab, then spinning and swimming - hopefully the sore arm from the jab won't start till after swimmingimage

  • Dragged myself in the drizzly grey grey weather to bodypump and followed up by a spin class.  I have to say the spin class was hard work image I couldnt get up to the 130rpm the instructor wanted so I just gave it my best go which was 115 and sweated gracefully like a lady. Although tbf when I had finished I didn't feel like a lady.  I then hauled myself home - husband had brunch waiting image good start to dragging my mojo to the land of the living.

  • We'll done Buttercup, Math's and Chili, I managed to drag myself to parkrun in the drizzle, then a few of us went for a coffee in our run kit, got a few odd looks but it was warm image

  • I had time for a load of squats and lunges before spinning - oh my legs are going to ache! We don't have cadence meters on our spin bikes

  • Shame about the swimsmooth Buttercup... Good to hear you're still giving it large though.

    chili - legend as always! And baking... Mmmm! 

    Maths - how's the legs?

    JP - I love going for coffee in cycling kit image

    3rd week of plan done. Run with friend tomorrow and all going well. Have a top weekend all! 


  • Oo, meant to say 'amazing' work Razor! Still an inspiration image

  • Great to hear how well you are doing on your training plan image

    Parkrun this morning. I was race director but 3 of my girlies ran. My No.3 finally managed her tenth run to get the junior t-shirt... am not sure she will ever run it again though! Such a shame. She could be a great young runner but simply doesn't have the stickability. However she did quite strangely win a gold medal at an inter-schools commonwealth games competition at carpet bowling of all things! image

    Anyone racing tomorrow that we need to cheer on?

  • I hear some Kona thing is happening! Few of ours there image

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    Right, its time I stuck my oar in officially and put my cap in the ring for a few oly tri's in 2014, could anyone suggest an appropriate training regime to switch from running tok the tri basics?

  • Welcome Dan, not done an Oly yet, but google will bring up some free plans. Mainly think about minimum of doing 2 swims, 2 bike rides and 2 runs, preferably 3 of each and always have one rest day a week.

    What is your swimming and cycling like? Work on your weakest, build up distances slowly just as you would when a beginner runner.

    Right, back to keeping up with the action at Kona.

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    My cycling is ok, in so much as gym work allows, the 10,000 dollar question is if I should lose the gym membership and buy a trainer instead?

  • Does the gym membership include use of a swimming pool?
    What is a usual gym session for you? Ability to run/cycle during winter indoors dependant on whereabouts you live (northern Scotland or south coast) is useful.
    Turbo trainer is great for during the winter for short rides in the evenings, but it is good to get outdoors for the long ride or have a very high boredom threshold.

  • Hi Dan.*waves*  Ooh lots of sportiness happening, well done guys. 

    I managed to get out for a pre-dawn trail run in the rain.  The headtorch thing is always kind of weird when it's pitch black and the rain is coming towards you (even weirder when it's those lovely big snowflakes).  Back home now, stretches done, still wet and now back out again to keep DW company while she does her first trail run in the dark. 

    It's good to be out there again. image

  • morning everyone

    having breaskfast before doiing a turbo session - was gong to be a bike ride with eldest son outside but the weather is awful so now I need to stay home with the kids while OH goes to asda

    I can confirm that my legs/glutes are aching after all those squats/lunges and spinning yesterday! Mainly my right leg, which is the strongest anyway which I think just goes to show that the muscles on my left don't like participating which is causing my injury woes

  • That's good going DS, I love trail running in the rain, not sure about doing it in the dark, my eyesight is pretty bad in full daylight, I would be a danger to the wildlife image

    MC, I was planning a long bike this morning but blowing a soggy gale here, I don't want to get my bike dirty image , opting for a morning at the gym, spin class followed by a swim, they don't open till 9 so am forced to have a lay in.

    Hi Dan, I would keep the gym membership, it comes in handy on days like today and during the winter, it gives you a chance to vary your training during the dark winter mornings to keep you interested image

  • That sounds wicked DS! Must take a quality head torch for that!

    Afternoon Maths. Hope turbo didn't distress the legs too much. 

    JP, can cope with a big of rain on the bike but can't bear windy! Both together - unpleasant. I would have opted for gym too! 

    Very soggy run done. now waiting for Sunday roast.

    Welcome Dan. Keep the gym, you'll use it over the winter. Especially if there's a pool. Lots of programmes about, you just need to find one that suits you. As Steady says google it, many will pop up! 

  • Yayayay soggy run Mrs image

    Welcome Dan.

    Hey JP will be biking over to MB on the 27th hopefully with MC image to watch you and Lumpty do the duathlon image 

    I have been doing hard core training of the folding washing variety supplemented with watching the latest version of Captain James T Kirk star trekking across the universe.  It has been tough but I am currently replenishing with hummus and nibblies.


    Nice work Buttercup image

    It be great to see you guys at Bozzy.

    We didn't make it to the gym, decided to make today a rest day and work on the house, Lumpty went for a soggy run and tried to goad me into going but me and a big bar of dairy milk had other plans, she now feels great and I feel sick, just about to drag  Boo the dog out for a walk, he doesn't look to thrilled with the idea as it's still raining and he isn't a fan of the wet or cold. 

  • what is happening on the 27th of which month?

    I opted for a gentle turbo for about 90 mins, haven't run but have had some quality time cuddling youngest son on the sofa, did some lesson planning, need to do some cooking and have swimming tonight anyway. 

    To be honest, my right glute and quad feel so shot from yesterday a run might not have been the best idea anyway, my form goes to pot when I am tired and I would have ended up overloading my dodgy knee. So will probably run tomorrow morning

  • Smart dog image

    27th of this month MC I messaged you on FB it's a Sunday image 

  • oh, sometimes FB doesn't let me know I have a message (and I don't notice!)

    I'll have to sort out with OH what we are doing over half term as that is the last Sunday of Half term. 

  • even the coach at the masters sessions commented this evening that I am getting fasterimageimage

  • Well...I've done nothing for a week.  That hill run killed me. I only started walking normally on wednesday. My knee and hip were painful. I've got a massage on tuesday and then hopefully I can try a gentle run on wednesday or thursday...

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