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  • image Oh bike porn.

    Mikasa. I would pay close attention to bike radar and also e-bay you might get the same bike cheaper if your lucky.

    Dawn afraid I got half way home last night and realised I was talking out of my bottom yesterday about mud guards image You can get some that will wrap around your tyer's and might work out ok. I wouldn't bother anyway through as I think I'm right in saying they will be expensive and also you might want to take them off again next year when the weather is better to go faster. If you want some I would talk to alex don't think he sell's them but he will know all the stuff.

  • Mikasa would second getting the bike fitting!  The bike is about 9 kgs and i feel like its light as a feather compared to my beastie hybrid - my engine just needs to get better!! I'm 5'1" image tiny in the height stakes!  

    Thanks LMH I am hoping they will do!

    Dawn I have some mudguards on my hybrid that sit on the cross bar and the other just above the back wheel.

    Like this:

     Does the job image

  • Cake - it's all good mate, I'd sooner be talked out of them than talked into them. image

    Buttercup,  thanks, it's alway good to see what kind of options are out there if I do decide I need to go that way.

    I'm having a day off being sporty today.  I did get those hill sprints tackled yesterday, and while I can't say I giggled much while doing them, I'm sure I'll see the benefit over the coming weeks.

  • Mikasa - both my road bikes are second hand off ebay. I was naughty and went and got fitted in the local bike shop for a specialized and a cannondale and used those approximate sizes for the beasts i was looking at on ebay. I am 5ft 2 and my bike is an XS. Be aware though, that diff bike companies use diff sizing formats!!! 

    I, as advised by a full IM friend, purchased a pair of clip on tri bars. of course, i 100% want a BMC Time Machine. But i am not talented enough to make good use of it!!! 

    if you are going to treat yourself, try bike science in bristol. they arent "flimflamdarling" like some road bike shops. they also give you a very thorough bike fit with your new wheels!!! 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys. And thanks for butting in Little M.iss Happy! Ok, so how you find out where you can get a Retul fitter? I'd definitely like to be fitted so I know that it's the right fit, then I don't have to worry about it. I will need to start to do some core and back work though as I am a bit worried about the position.

    Buttercup - I need to work on my engine too!

  • mikasa - as also mentioned on another thread -100% agree on aiming for 105 groupset for your £1000 smackaroonies.... 

  • I bought a set of mudguards this morning as I seem to spend a lot of time cleaning my bike after my commute and my rear end gets wet and cold in the mornings image

    Anyhoo, I popped into halfrauds and got these little beauts for £12 special offer

    I was going to get these before I spotted the above as they clip on the back of the tyres and are pop on pop off jobby's

    I will attempt to put them on tonight and will report my findings after my maiden voyage in the morning.

  • Sorry about breaking out of my box with the links, but thats how I roll image

  • Dawn Shadow, I used mudguards on my road bike all last winter, it's a requirement for club runs, I got a set of these, bit of a faff to fit but worked great and you can hardly tell they're on the bike. Cheap enough at £20 

  • Thanks guys, all research gratefully received.

  • mikasa - my retul bike fit is this saturday so i will let you know how it goes!!!

    this link is all 50 official Retul bike fitters in the UK. 



  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks oii - they do indeed have on in Southampton. Will await for you opinion on it.

  • I know nothing about bikes, went to a good bike shop to get mine, they set it all up for me and I have had no probs. 

    going to head to swimsmooth tonight, bugger the sore throat, I am going to be getting grumpy from no exercise and I don't feel too bad apart from normal tiredness

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Which bike do you have MC?

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • I had a Retul size before buying my TT bike - that's the cheap bit - then once I had the bike I had a fit - but they took the cost of the size off the cost of the fit. My LBS is really good with road bikes but would be the first to admit that they don't have a clue when it comes to fitting tri bars or TT bikes.

    Buttercup - my thinking too was always that I'd lose the weight, put the hours in and work on the engine before spending money on the bike.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • mikasa - I have a specialized dolce sport, it is a great bike, was expensive, if I had known about planet x in sheffield at the time I might have looked there though as well, but I am happy,with it, and to be honest I need to improve my self in terms of engine and technique 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Mmmm, that looks nice too.

    But yeah, I need to lose weight and get more bike miles in as well, I know it's not all about what you buy but you gotta love your bike!! image

  • Mikasa planet x have some very good bikes but they arn't cheap just cheap for what you get. Whatever you go for just make sure you name your bike it's most inportant. image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    So what's so special about Planet x bikes?

  • Cake are you doing the canoe triathlon?

  • Mikasa they are just decent bikes and for what you get for a TT bike or a road bike normally cheaper than something the same spec from someone else. I can say this now as they don't work for them anymore but my mate Jip used to be the returns manager for them so know if you click on there website if a bikes been returned because the person didn't like the bike or there was a chip off paint off it ect.. they sell it on cheap through there.

    The company is run by a bit of a oddball in a good way and they don't sell bikes through other people which keeps there prices down and also means they have high customer satifation policies else would go out of business very quick. They are baised on the border of sheffield and rotherham between all the steel works if you ever come up this way worth a look in there showroom. I've had my eye on one of there stealth modal's for ages but not had the money to get it yet.

    Razor playing at the canue tri thing havn't entered yet waiting for pay day but I very much doublt it will sell out.

  • MC, you have a similar bike to me, mine is the base model, we just need to improve the engine that powers them.

    After yesterdays attempt at run 1 minute walk 1 minute, I am looking forward to repeating it tomorrow, just to ensure it was not a one off achievement.

  • Love all this talk of bikes, we sound like we're proper triaferletes! I have a wee Boardman, first year when the spec was much better for less money. I do love my bike! 

    Woop woop on the run/walk Steady. 

    A canoe tri - not supporting the race junkie theory at all image

    Buttercup - hope the knee ok. That goes for Maths too! Mikasa are you managing to stay injury free?

    Still plugging on with my 6 day a week training thing. All well at present. Have entered a 10k in Nov in Bath. Keep putting a goal in there. Weekend is almost here! image

  • No training for the last 10 days due to a chesty cough, but on the mend so if I feel ok I will try and do parkrun.  image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    More bike porn, I LOVE the colours on this one! Reminds me off home.

    Steady - well done on the run.

    MrsD - have small niggles and back is bit achy (found out it's mostly from too much sitting on the sofa! image) so didn't go for a run today but tomorrow it is then.

    Razor - damn lurgeys, good luck with getting to parkrun!

  • Cake, not done any canoing for years, are they easy to get used to if so we might come and play  image

  • mikasa - I like the look of that bike! I would be in big trouble if I got another though, I already have road bike, MTB, hybrid, plus an old commuter style bike in the shed that I bought when I lived in Spain and brought it back with me! It is probably no good at all now....

    buttercup - the lady from Sheffield said that we miss you at swimsmooth

    right, must be bed time

  • I like this one: image 

    Mrs D had to run for the other end of the train last night and knee feels fine - wondered if i had just overdone my itb a bit? 

    Nawww like that lady image MC it must be cause I make everyone else look awesome when they swim image

  • Razor51 wrote (see)

    Cake, not done any canoing for years, are they easy to get used to if so we might come and play  image

    image Yippee the quote thing is back.

    Never done one myself ever just got a tip off through wakefield tri so fancy it for a laugh. It's about 10 miles away from our's so if you fancy it anyway come on down mate and we can pamper you after with tea and busciuts if you want. Or a big bacon sandwich before hand. You would need a mountain bike for the bike route but think you might get away with a hydrid if you have one. Hopefully Tom who sometimes post on here is coming to.

    Hope the plague is getting better.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    3.2 mile run today. Tried run/walk 9/1. It was good after the hill and maybe a way to go for  now as feeling I'm struggling a bit, maybe especially for longer runs when I start doing them. Really need to do 3 runs a week but I guess 2 is a start. And need to go back in a pool even if it's just breast stroke, not sorted out lessons yet.

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