Training for a shorter Tri




    Anyone doing this by any chance? Round the corner from my outlaws so feels rude not to really...

  • Afraid that's to far south for me I would burn with the tropical sun light and stuff. macscully looking at where it is I bet there will be a few folks doing it who don't post on this thread Fat Budda and the like. Might be worth settting up a new thread and see who turns up.

    Mikasa two runs and better than no run's chuckles getting back into it better to go slow and increase it after a bit so you don't injury yourself?

  • buttercup - that bike looks lovely, don't think I am ready for tri bars though!

    feel rotten today, thank god it is the weekend, managed to get through work but just fancy going to bed for a week now!

    don't even feel hungry which is amazing for me!

  • cheers Cake, factor 50 down here today image

  • Macscully, I am down south, but do not have a mountain bike and looks like it would be essential.

    MC, take care and look after yourself.

    Mikasa, as Cake says 2 runs are better than none.

    I have been for my 2nd plod of the week, another little run 1, walk 1, did the same route and was 2 minutes quicker as I hurt less. Maybe I did not work very hard at spinning last night or the body has finally learnt that I want to run a bit. Stretching is the next thing to do.

  • Glad run/walk went well Steady. Hopefully, onwards and upwards from here!

    It appears the niggles are ironing themselves out.. Long may it reign. Maths, you feeling better? 

    Did you make parkrun Razor?


  • morning

    no I am feeling rubbish so I am off to buy throat sweets etc and get a bit of fresh air, then I will spend the day doing school work, may as well get it done now while I am not up to doing anything more interesting

  • get well soon MC, do you have half term soon?

    I went to swimming this morning, forgotten how much hard work the Masters and Tri session is, I just about kept up with the others.

    Was going to go for a bike ride but think that I will stick with having done the swim, as that will have been the 5th consecutive day of training and do not want to overdo it and have a set back.

  • it is half term nowimage

    well done on 5 days consecutive training CJ

  • Well done Steady!

    MC - hope you have a nice holiday and feel better soon. It's not half term here until next week.

    Parkrun this morning with my girlies

  • All going ok for everyone then?

    MC - hope the week gives you a chance to feel better image

    Chili - nearly Ultra time. Have you decided to stick with the same kit for race day?

    Good training day today. Still going with the cut back times but keeping consistency.

    For example today's session; 20min bike, 10min run, 45min weights session. I find the longer runs, 55mins longest so far easier due to the cross and strength training. Enjoying again. Plantar seems to be getting easier image


  • MrsD - sounds like you are doing well

    chili - is your ultra next week?

    so frustrating, had so many plans for this week......

  • Happy Sundaying all image

    Bad luck with the virus MC, I hope it's on its way out now.

    Chili - which ultra have you got lined up?

    Mrs D, congrats, that sounds really good all around. image

    I was out on the bike again this morning for the first time since August. It was nice to be out there again, but the lower back is still hanging on to remnants of last month's back injury, hopefully time will take care of that.  I just followed that up with a nice rainy bimble down the trails to keep DW company as she reached her first 3 mile distance.

  • DS - good training

    I am feeling slightly more human now although my throat is still killing and when I speak I sound like an 80 year old that smokes 50 a day

    nothing for it but to rest, but at least I don't feel tempted to eat loads of rubbish! So long as I am well enough for swimsmooth on Thursday I will be happy - really don't want to miss that

  • Just getting over my bad chest and cough so still no training. Went to Alton Towers yesterday and must have walked at least 5 miles so that's my training done, image

    Well done everyone for getting out there

    MC, take it easy.

    Mrs D, nice work keep it up, didn't make Parkrun chest is not right yet, I hope to be running again sometime this week I'm getting fed up nowimage
  • I have helped at a local race,legs tired from standing around, but glad I didn't try to do the race. The weather has been almost 4 seasons in a day.

  • Don't worry Maths, will all come together. Rest first!!!

    Nice work DS. Look after that back though. You only get one! 

    Alton Towers eh Razor. Much more fun than parkrun image Did you scream like a girl?

    Chili's Ultra I believe is next weekend - woop woop! 

  • And I sh!t myselfimage  Its a great day out if you dont mind queing for hours, never got  on the Smiler, 2 hour queues so sacked that.

  • I do sometimes think buying the fast track ticket is worthwhile Razor. Oo, maybe we should organise a trip... I flipping lurrrve Alton Towers! 

    Rest day today. Very grateful as piddling down and off to work soon. 

    Buttercup - you ok?

  • I hate rides and stuff like that - Alton Towers is my idea of hell. 

  • After 2 weeks of sitting around I finally felt the urge go exercise yesterday. I set up the furbo trainer with the plan to watch paranorman while cycling. But I only did 30 minutes before giving up... I'll try for 30 minutes each night. 

  • pete - I find if I am watching normal telly I get bored, but if I have a sufferfest video I work really hard

    right, have decided to enter the swimathon that is nearest me, mainly because it is a sensible time for me to be able to get there after work on the Friday, and I will be rested enough to do the half marathon with buttercup on the Sunday. Just don't think the Nottingham would have worked - I would have struggled to get there after school


  • I've yet to use my turbo/sufferfest in anger, can't be far away now though.

    Thanks Mrs D -  I don't think I have any horrible back problems, just some residual ouchiness (keeps fingers crossed though).

    MC it sounds like you and Buttercup have a nice day planned for Sunday, I hope the weather is kind. I hope I can manage a swimathon next year, I'm looking foward to hearing about yours.

    Steady - it's cool to do the helping thing, Mrs Dawn did her first marshaling early this year, it was a great way for us to both be involved in an event I was running in.

    RIght the sporty things;  today was another pool day.  I'm still all over the place with form and making silly errors that are causing problems, but it's not stressing me out as I know that this is part of the process and I'm going in the right direction.  I may have to get out of the super slow bit and go into a lane proper though, as although I'm rubbish, I keep on catching some lovely gentle lady swimmers up and can't get an uninterrupted length swum.

    The swim was followed by a short (4mile) trail run in the very, very pouring rain - that of the ouchy runner's nipple producing variety.  It didn't seem to keep the squirrels indoors though, I disturbed loads of them foraging while the getting's good.  The ground's starting to get slippier underfoot as the fields get muddier now, which means having to work a little harder, but at least the nettles will hopefully soon be gone (I hate them on the narrow trails). 

  • Yeah Im good Mrs D just lurking image going to try the runmute thing tomorrow crossing fingers it all takes care of itself!  Went to gym on Saturday bodypump and spin - got up to 130rpm for a while! Better than last week.

    DS you are welcome to come and play with us it's the 23rd of March the Loughborough half marathon image

  • 50 mile sportive done in the wind and rain yesterday, the men's group had 4 riders and 12 punctures, our ladies group had 9 riders and 4 punctures. We were not the only ones to suffer, the course mechanics ran out of inner tubes and patches!  Worse still the aid station ran out of everything except water. Wasn't even a charity ride so I thought that was rather bad, £19 to enter too.
    So a  fun way to round off the sportive season. image

    But I did it and feel virtuous for soldiering on and can confirm changing a tub is quicker and easier than changing an inner tube.

  • image Nice one ali. Was abingdon marathon yesterday for me. I didn't win it through everyone else cheated by training and stuff. image

  • well done Ali and cake

    I am still feeling grotty and doing nothing - thinik I need to realistically take the whole week off and get as many naps as I can in (as many as the kids will let me)

    buttercup - I am thinking that the cycling this weekend is not going to be a good idea considering how rubbish I am feeling now and the lack of anything sporty for so long. Such a shame with such mild weather

    DS - I did the swimathon this year too, less than a year after starting to learn front crawl, did the 5k in something like 2:17 (I must have the actual time written down somewhere) - so I am hoping to be speedier next time

  • SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

    DS you are welcome to come and play with us it's the 23rd of March the Loughborough half marathon image

    Thanks Buttercup, I'd love to - unfortunately I've already got a half booked on that day at Stanford Hall in Leicestershire.

    MC, well done with the front crawl progress, that's great going. image

    Ali & Cake - WTG!

  • the thing with being sat at home is I get tempted to enter things!! anyway, things are lining up for next year

    Swimmathon March 2014

    Loughborough Half March 2014

    Llanelli Marathon April 2014

    beaver tri (probably the sprint) May 2014

    outlaw half June 2014

    outlaw relay July 2014

    wild boar Sept 2014

    possibly Yorkshire marathon Oct 2014

  • maths I think outlaw is now full I might be wrong through. I'd be well up for joining you at yorkshire marathon, the boar and beaver for a laugh. image

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