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  • cake - do not fear, I entered our team (me buttercup and MrsD) on the day entries opened and also the outlaw half for myself. Not all the above have been entered today, some have been entered before, I was just making myself a list.

    the Yorkshire marathon should be great - I used to be a Yorkshire lass myself and we used to go to York a lot when I was a kid. My plan for that weekend is to leave the kids with the grandparents and for myself and OH to have a little trip and overnight stay. He can have a lie in and enjoy a hotel breakfast while I am running 

    For Llanelli we are having a family holiday to Wales as it is in the middle of the Easter Holsimage The very mean OH has booked an apartment on the third floor (it looks amazing) with no lift so the week away will provide the family with lots of laughs going down the stairsimage

  • Mine looks like this:

    Feb 22nd - Eton Dorney Winter Duathlon

    Mar 23rd - Loughborough Half Marathon

    May 2014 - Tour of the National Forest

    May 2014 Beaver Tri/Stratford 220 Tri

    Outlaw half June 2014

    Outlaw relay July 2014

    Wild boar Sept 2014

    I am sure there something in there for august as well and october but I cant remember image

  • oh, tour of the national forest - might look that up

    when is stratford? might be a bit too far for me

    I am also thinking of the Nottingham mara/half for September 

    and there is also the Great Notts Bike ride...might do the 50 mile option, depends when it is

  • Oh well, if you really want to know this is mine:

    Feb Local 10k

    March Surrey HM

    May Club road race and a sprint Tri

    June Outlaw Half and another local 10k

    July local HM,

    August Ride London if I get in, Concorde Tri

    Sept another local HM

    I am trying not to enter anything else as I don't want to be racing all the time. Oh and I have shown interest in the Challenge Half for Sept but it clashes with the HM, both events sell out.


  • I showed interest in the challenge half too but if it is going to be Weymouth that is just too far for me to go

  • Hmmm might have to think about the notts half for Sept :0

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Wow, some plans you ladies have!!! I'm definitely the beginner amongst you.

    AliBear - fantastic ride despite the punctures!

    Cake - well done on your marathon.

    I did a 3.12 mile run and the middle section quite a bit quicker than usually. This guy over took me but wasn't going extremely fast so thought I'd see if I could keep up with him on the hill. It's funny how everything's so relative. I've been trundling  a very low 12:30 m/m's and when today I hit under 11 and 10:40's I felt like I was flying! image So new pb for my fat self of 36:04 and I think I could've done it quicker but decided to take the last mile steady. I think I'll go to parkrun on Saturday and then maybe next time offer to volunteer as a tail runner.

    I'm seriously thinking about doing Wild Boar with you ladies, the entries haven't open yet though have they?

  • Good going Ali and Cake.image

    I like the look of these lists, may steal a few image

    I've not done much for a few days, feeling a bit run down and a bit of a sore throat coming on so taking it easy, I'll mainly be putting my race list together image

    The cheap mudguards didn't fit so had to go with the race blades, they are much better to take off and on, not been out on the bike yet to test them but they look good which is the main thing.image

  • mikasa - would be great to have you at wild boar. Don't think entries are open yet, and it doesn't normally sell out so you have loads of time to make a decision. Well done on your run

  • Nice work Mikasa

    The Wild Boar isn't open yet, it's towards the end of the season so prob won't open for a bit.

  • I need to learn to type quicker image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys. I thinking about a half marathon at the beginning of March. I need to work out my training plan for it and just enter it.

  • Oops JP we crossed posts there. Hope your throat clears up I am still in my sickbed (well I would be if anyone would let me).

    Mikasa - got a half Mara in mind!

  • Ummmm...... Pirate DIY people! 

  • Congratulations to Ali and Cake! image

    Some great lists there. Very impressive and organised.

    My Ultra is this Sunday. Stort 30. I did a short run along part of the route and it was all pavement, but a friend has just told me that the long middle bit is verymuddy and slippy and needs trail shoes. I do have trail shoes but haven't done anything more than 5 miles in them all year... so am trying to decide what to wear.

    Ran 5 miles this morning.... been eating too many choc chip cookies and pumpkin cake this afternoon.

  • Ok, more time to post now... Hurrah Ali & Cake image Note to self: must do a sportive!

    Take a break Maths - feel better honey. These bugs seem to really linger. Make sure you're right.

    It appears wer're all throwing in a HM in March. Next year we must coordinate more! 

    Good running Mikasa. Would be lovely to have you at The Boar. We do go with the more the merrier approach. 

  • Top quality tapering Chili.... Mmmm cookies! 

  • MrsD - can't do the DIY half as we are going to be in Wales then

    I like the sound of pumpkin cake

    I am trying to take a break - trouble is with 2 kids at home it is tricky, but they did watch an extended edition of one of the Lord of Rings films yesterday afternoon which gave me a few hoursimage off to buy them trainers/new pe kit and other school stuff today

  • Ok, my list;

    Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb   Bath Skyline 10k

    March   Longleat HM

    April    Pirate DIY

    May   Cotswold Supersprint

    June   Heckling at Bala

    July   Big swim/Outlaw

    August   Lake Logic Standard

    Sept   Wild Boar

    October   Cotswold Sportive

    Thats it at the mo.... By the way, all very rainy at the moment image

  • Wow, some great events happening next year to keep us all busy. image

    This is my list of booked events, also a couple with asterix's are 'maybe's depending on how I feel at the time and how other unconfirmed dates clash.  The Grim Reaper is only 4 days after Outlaw, so it's a huge ask, but I enjoy the venue, and 'The Ox' hasn't had it's date set yet as far as I know.

    March - Stanford Half
    April - Enigma Good Friday Half
    May - Stratford Tri or Dukeries (30/40)*
    June - Giants Head - marathon
    July - Outlaw (relay- marathon)
    July/August - The Ox - (30)
    August - Grim Reaper (70)*
    September - Equinox 24 (as many 10k's in the 24hrs as I need to).

  • Chili - good luck with the Stort 30, looking forward to hearing about that.

    JP - I'm interested to know how you get on with those race blades

    Just a pool session today, horrible start to it, but managed to pull it together a little and make some small improvements.

  • Not had the time to finalise some of this yet and need to make sure I can fit it round seeing bookie as she will be working in birmingham in the week but for the moment I'm looking at.


    Worksop half


    Grim n bare it fell race
    south yorks canue tri
    Rother valley half
    Clowne Half


    Santa run in wakefield
    Stockport ten


    totley series fell race


    Longleat 10k


    Liverpool half
    Probably a checky marathon somewhere


    Manchester marathon


    Eyam half
    Straitford tri
    Sheffield half


    Buxton half


    Outlaw relay



    Sure some of those dates will end up clashing I see something shiny at some point and deside to do that instead. Afraid will miss the DIY but because it's mine and bookie's wedding anersary so hoping to do something special that weekend. image

  • Glad to hear you have remembered the wedding anniversary Cake, most important.

    I am now feeling officially old, collected my new glasses, varifocals. Only good thing is that I can go cycling and will now be able to read what the garmin is telling me.

  • Steady at one point we where thinking of doing rotterdam marathon together because of the date's but with sarah's leg I'm thinking that might be a bad idea. That probably means sarah will still want to do it through. image

    Just realised I hadn't put the most inportant race of the year on that list. Giants head marathon. It's compleately flat honest image if anyone else wants to play. image image

  • SteadyCJ wrote (see)

    I am now feeling officially old, collected my new glasses, varifocals. Only good thing is that I can go cycling and will now be able to read what the garmin is telling me.

    LOL...I know how you feel, I have to hold my garmin out at arms length, or look over my glasses...I'm not doing varifocals...I've heard that if they are not exactly right, then you get a lot of headaches...

    On the plus point...I've turbo'd three nights running...still can't get those stupid road shoes to clip on easily....image

  • Pete have you set the tension on the pedal so it is on the easiest setting, I know mine were set up for the easiest in/out and have stayed that way.

    I am going to try them as much as possible, but for work will probably end up wearing the reading glasses as I look at a PC screen so much.

    I have been swimming and done pilates today, but felt stressed so half a large bar of Lindt 90% dark chocolate was eaten, then I felt a bit piggy sick. Oh and after seeing the SMT he says my right glute is tight and very weak and it doesnot want to work, so have lots of exercises for it.

  • mmmmm, I love 90% lindt chocolate, not sure I could eat half a bar though

    steady - I have the sme glute problems, but it is my left glute that is the problem, the exercises the physio gave me are really hard but must be working

    anyway, starting to feel a bit better now, so rest again today and hopefully get to swimming tomorrowimage

  • I could easily eat half a bar of Lindt chocolate, not eating the other half would be the tricky bit. image

    Today has already been a bit pants. It's hill training Wednesday and I thought I'd see if I was ready to do it in my mimimal shoes - the run there was fine, but on the 4th sprint repeat my calf/ankle sent out major ouchy alarms reducing me to a hop.  No major damage done hopefully, just a lot of tightness and discomfort to work through.  Fingers crossed I'll be able to get out for a run at the weekend.


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