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  • Well beanpole since you are in notts you now have to come out with us on our winter rides - get thee a bicycle!! Or alternatively head out towards Tollerton and Plumtree (so pretty) and Bunny!!!  Seriously easy to get out of your neck of the woods to the wildes of the countryside head towards beeston and long eaton and keep on going - there be country out there!!

  • or head out towards Holme Pierrepoint and the outlaw routeimage - or North Notts or into Derbyshire....

  • That's good to know, I planned to run around Plumtree way at some stage after driving through it one day. Deal. I pretty much always have my car at Uni, would my bike fit in a reasonably small car or would it be worth buying a car bike rack if I planned on going further afield?

    For someone who knows absolutely nothing about bikes, any first time purchase advice? I'm 6 foot 4 as well (hence the name) so after a quick google it says opt for a frame size of approx 23.5", 24", 24.5", 25". Sound about right?

  • Wow everyone's been so busy lately. I did my tri-club swim session last night and improvement is slowly happening 2000 meters in the hour.  I know that's not much to some but for me it's great image

  • Ali - that is brill, well done

    beanpole - I fold down the back seats and get my bike in my car, I have a fabia but it is an estate. If you take the wheels off (the bike not the car) then I bet you could fit a bike inside the car fine. Only worth having a bike rack if you wanted to fit other people in the car too I would think!

    I can't really advise on buying bikes, but I know that you need to get the fit right or it will be very uncomfortable. There is an Evans in Nottingham that could advise on fit - or there is a tri shop in Beeston (TFN). But it isn't very good form to go and get loads of advice but not buy a bike from the shop..... but then all the 2013 models are on sale at the moment. Use your conscience..

  • Haha, I was going to say I'd nip in to Evans on Maid Marian Way and ask for advice and then run! Looks like it could be wise to maybe buy from Evans then if they do something affordable so I can get the right fit etc.

    That's encouraged me a bit more, if I can take it out in my car it'd make life a lot easier with my confidence not being great on places like Alfreton Road etc.

    Thanks for the help, I'll stop pestering now, attempted swim and then a spin bike for me tonight image

  • Beanpole depending on stuff and if you can afford it you might want to consider getting a posh bike fitting at one of the shop's in nottingham and them once your sure about the size getting a second hand one of e-bay. Those size's look right to me but I wouldn't take my word for it. I only know what I need to know for myself for bikes.

  • image Oh and well done chilli!!!!! image

  • oh and beanpole - if you look carefully round Nottingham specially round Beeston etc there are lots of cycle lanes so cycling in the city might not be as bad as you think

  • beanpole, also remember that each manufacturer measures frames a different way, so one might be a 51cm another 17" but still fit, well that's my sizes yours will be bigger. My neighbour who did Outlaw this year is about 6' 3 and nephew similar and they got bikes to fit OK.

    Spin class tonight, will probably go too enthusiastic as I need to stress bust.


  • I have been sensible and taken it steady today - a walk in the forest with the kids. Off to swimsmooth tonight and hopefully a run tomorrow

  • Maths - you have mail image

  • Just catching up before gym. see ya in a bit image

  • Grrr beastie bike got hit by a twat not paying enough attention tonight - i was wearing a hi viz top, hi viz bag with christmas sparkly lights from aldi on it, rear lights flashing, front lights flashing and the guy stared at me and kept on going. He had pulled out of Sainsburies into the flow of traffic and that was okay I saw him slowed down a bit - then the fkr pulled in front of me and indicated when he hit the driveway - I had no where to go except into him fkr - took out his side mirror and scratched up his passenger door.  I swore a blue streak at him - may have also hit his window with my hand - apparently me screaming at him drew a lot of attention very quickly and I think I scared him a bit image twat.

    Home now have had nice shower and now have soup - husband is in Amsterdam image eh I was having a good biking day as well!

  • That's a bit rubbish Buttercup, are you and beastie bike mostly unscathed?

  • Yeah my hand and thigh took the brunt of it - so glad I was riding my hybrid and not my road bike - I was just really angry at the guy he stared straight at me and pulled in front of me.  I suspect he just thought he was faster than me and I would slow down except there was nowhere I could go - I couldnt slow down there was no room.  My hybrid is very sturdily built so it came off better than his car - will have to replace the handle bars but I could still ride it home.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Grrr, stupid car drivers!! Glad you ok Buttercup.

  • Pants about the handle bars, and the upset - but very glad you're not badly hurt.

  • Glad you're ok Buttercup - did you report it to the police?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • No I shouldve think I was more shook up that i thought all I wanted to do was go home I didnt even get his license.  Nevermind it happens image shouldnt but it does - might be impetus to get a new hybrid bike image  

  • That's a shame Buttercup - but you could still report it, as you were injured there's a legal obligation to do so which means that if they could identify him you should be able to claim on his insurance. I hope that your injuries don't feel any worse in the morning.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • ((Buttercup)) hope you are alright. I think a lot of drivers are unable to judge the speed of people on 2 wheels.

    I went to spin class, but did not get there. The road was closed and the diversion around the town centre still did not allow access to the leisure centre, so I came home very grumpy and went out to the garage, changed the wheel over on the bike and did a 40 minute Chrissie W turbo session.

  • Wow glad everything's ok buttercup, that's an eye opener - think I'll go back to running now guys bye...




    Swam over 1000m breast stroke tonight which makes it all the more painful that I can barely swim 20m front crawl. Followed it with a 20 min spin blast. 

  • I'm glad you're ok butter cup. And that you did more damage that you took. I do wonder if drivers really understand the speed of cyclists. There have been numerous occasions where they've cut in front of me and I've had to break. 

    In my only big crash I dented a jaguar bonnet with my head. I was pleased with that, I was on my mountain bike and so took no damage. I chalked it down as a win. 

  • Ouch buttercup,

    I have a run in with some form of tin box about once a week, the driving up here is terrible 90% of the time is a clip from a wingmirror as they cut into the no car lane early before a junction without looking.

  • buttercup - hope you are ok. You should still report it to the police, he has a legal duty to report any accident, and you never know, one of the onlookers may have reported it and got his number. 

    BeerSwiller - where do you live????

    had a good swim last night, hoping to go for a run later, but the kids want a bike ride if the weather clears up so it might be a bike ride instead...

  • Steadycj - thats funny as on my way to swim last night had exactly the same issue... same leisure centre perhaps? you did well to get on the turbo, I went for the sofa option...   

    Unlucky Buttercup - good your ok!

    My near miss for the week was the 4x4 on a narrow road taking a gap (I was in the gap) on my side of the road... luckily no contact


  • Mathschick, Newcastle, it's the Great North Road, no car lane finishes about 25 yards short of each the junctions but when the traffic is queuing folk tend to dive into it early without looking to get a jump on everyone else, I've got 2 T6 lights on the front, 3 lights on the back, am pretty much decked out head to toe in hi-viz/reflective kit and always ride a strong road position and without fail 2/3 times a day I'll get cut up and once a week or so I'm clipped, usually when I just don't have time to react or theres no where for me to go.

    I'd like to think it's coz I'm travelling faster than they think and just don't judge the time they have but having seen how often it's one car into another I genuinely believe it's just people not looking.

    There just isn't the volume of cyclists on the road so driver awareness is poor, the cycle lanes are terrible and more often than not more dangerous than being on the roads.

  • Buttercup hope your ok and lots of ((((Hugs)))))

    Regarding the cycle bit's in car lanes I have a habit off turing right at traiffic lights even if it's not where I'm going so can embarris car driver's who are in them. imageimage

    Normally I have one mildly scary moment every couple of weeks but thinking part of that would still get that in a car just notice it more on a bike.

    Driver awareness is very poor and don't think a lot of driver's understand how fast a bike can do but it's always that 1 in a 100 driver's with the other 99 being very police and even letting you in a gap and stuff. Been cycling around london through and never again it's like a mad max film. image 

  • Thanks guys - Im a little stiff today specially my arm that took the brunt image it's wierd I have been biking for 2.5 years on country rodes not a skeric of the muntiness this guy displayed.  My only happyness from the whole situation is a - the possiblity of a new bike and b- apparently I scare the snot out of middle aged men when Im angry image Im more annoyed than anything that he broke my workhorse of a bike - fckr.

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