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  • I'm the 9th - early/mid image

  • Evening everyone

    Was parkrun director today. Am running my Ultra tomorrow.

    Remember back in the spring where I had to pull out of the Outlaw half cos of a gyne hospital procedure? Well, it didn't help. Have 'managed' the problem all summer waiting for next medical step, but today the issue has flaired up the worst it has ever been. Have to admit I'm a bit worried cos if it doesn't calm down I won't be able to run 3 miles let alone 30. But I have back up and if I am too weak to manage I guess I will have my first DNF.

    On a positive note - I don't think the storm will hit until after the race is finished. image

  • Being extremely un-fashion concious and cos I don't like tight cycling leggings, in the winter I wear cycling shorts under tracksuit bottoms with my thickest socks and furry boots image

  • ((hugs)) Chili have my fingers and other digits crossed for you!!

    Mikasa my dad's bday is the 4th as well!!  He will be 66 - spritely in his retiredness!

    Beanpole TFN is in Beeston - Im currently avoiding it as I will spend money if I go in there image

  • Chili - best wishes for today, I hope things go well for you.

    I'm still waiting for the calf to improve enough to run, but at least swimming is back on the menu now and possibly some light turbo work and stretching.

  • MrsDigger (aka sicknote) wrote (see)

    DS - sending you chocolate hugs! Ice, ibuprofen etc too! (Stern voice) "Now behave!"


    Thanks Mrs D

  • Hope you're ok Chilli and have a good run.

    Oh, don't know Roko ElB, does it have a 25m pool? That's a lot of hours to be working, are you post-grad?

    I bought my first pair of bike capri's this year and have used them a couple of times but mostly still in shorts/short bibs. Have long bibs for the winter and also just put everything but jacket under the bib - though I rarely need more than a merino base layer and jacket - and I feel the cold badly. It's keeping hands and feet warm that I find impossible but that's the hypothyroidism.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hope you manage to run Chili - good luck!

    I'm reading Iron War atm, it's a great story but also some interesting scientific reading about running stride etc. Sure everyone else has read it already...

  • I haven't read that yet mikasa!

  • Love that book! Badass men to the bone - really interesting read image

    A slow 6km this morning 49 mins 48 moving - just wanted to check that all my bits were okay since thursdays side swipe - didnt go to strength and spin classes and was crawling the walls a bit yesterday and it was sunny but windy out this morning.

  • I have cycled, OMG it was terrifyingly windy at times in exposed areas, I felt myself and the bike go sideways so much I thought I would fall over and that is not easy given my heavy bike and my sturdy body.

    As recovery fuel in the café I had a cream tea, it was great. Bike has been rinsed down with the hose and will get a bit more attention later.

  • Hardcore Steady, get scared when on the bike in strong winds. Cream tea well deserved!

    Glad all well Buttercup. How's the bike?

    Fingers crossed for you Chili, sure you'll smash it!

    Nasty nights have messed with my mojo image

  • Bike handlebars are still munted husband doesnt get home til Tuesday night so wont even be looked at til then.  Noooo no messing with the mojo!! If I could run today you can force yourself out the door too Mrs!! Something is better than nothing!  (which is what I was telling myself today as I ran slow image)

  • I got myself to the gym for a little run - was going to run outside after getting home from the in-laws but was a bit put off by all the bits of branches flying around. So only a little run, but I tried out some new shoes (lower heel drop than I currently have) so it was good to try them where I could stop if I needed to. Did some lunges and squats while I was there tooimage


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    We went just for short 9 mile walk to a local wood, and when coming back got caught in a short but violent down pour and got totally soaked. image

  • At least you were on your way home Mikasa. Good work on getting out there ladies.

    Buttercup - struggling to get up to go back to work let alone train. Back on it tomorrow. Always allow time off for nights. 


  • Well done everyone on cycling, gym, walks etc.

    I did it! image 30 mile ultra complete, but it was not pretty. Here comes my race report. If you don't like 'I barely made it' accounts please feel free to skip it!

  • I booked and place and trained for the Outlaw Half at the beginning of June but had to pull out due to some gyne problems and a hospital procedure. Was gutted. But managed the problems through the summer, trained really well and ran the Thames Meander Marathon in a PB of 4hrs 38.

    So decided to keep up my training in order to run the Stort 30 today. Unfortunately when I was out doing a last 3mile run on Fri my health issues flared up. Yesterday was horrendous; the worst it has ever been. Usually an episode lasts 24hrs so I was hopefully everything would be under control and although not at my best I would finish the ultra.

    Last night I did get some sleep, but I woke at 5.45am with no change in my condition. This had now lasted 36hrs. Did I pull out of my run? Or ignore the problem and hope it would go away in the next 3hrs. I decided on the later. Got dressed, woke the family up, had breakfast.

    At 6.30am my hubby drove me and No.2 daughter to our friends who were also running/supporting. It was pouring with rain. However by the time we got to the event the sky was blue and sun was shining. By 9am my condition had improved and I decided to run! image

    Started at the back and soon made friends with a lady who was doing her first ultra hoped to complete in 6hrs. The route was lovely along the River Stort. The wind was horrendous and the first half was slippy horrible mud. By 3 miles having warmed up I could tell I was only running on half power, but I was keeping a good pace and decided that if I got to the half way turn around point by 3hrs I would continue.

  • As I ran into the aid station at 2hrs 56mins my gorgeous daughter came running to meet me. She got me squash and re-filled my water bottle. Was lovely to see her and I took stock. I was weak but still keeping the pace. I hadn’t been eating enough and was struggling to swallow food, but I had been drinking huge amounts of fluid. Worryingly so, so I started eating crisps to up my salt intake.

    I set off back with my new friend but as I reached 20 miles I began to struggle. I hit the 4hr mark, but realised I had very little left to give. My hands were swollen and my insides hurt with the jarring run. The effort was making my head pound and my eyes go funny. I have hit the wall once before and knew it wasn’t that bad, and also knew I didn’t want to run myself into that state.

    So I changed tactics. I can walk quite fast and although the mud was awful (there were several casualties) I decided to mostly walk the last 9 miles. I told my running partner to go ahead and I got into a smooth rhythm. One lady coming up behind me was in tears as she passed – she’d had me in her sights for 45mins but my walk was nearly as fast as her run. It rained, got soaked, got cold, rain stopped.

    As I entered the town I made a huge effort to run the last 400m. My daughter was there and came to hold my hand and run me around the field and into the finish. The 30miles had taken me 6hr 30 mins.

    Yes, i am terribly disappointed in myself for walking so much and taking so long. On the other hand I am quite simply amazed that I finished it. The medal and t-shirt are beautiful. I am starving hungry and need to recover cos tomorrow morning I am leading a holiday club for 70 children.

    Have decided not to book any long distance events until after I have had my operation.

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  • Oh well done Chili!! Well done you!! Dont be disappointed be proud you turned up at the start and finished even tho' you were feeling like crap! Millions of others wouldnt have even bothered - naww Im so proud of you image (((hugs))) next time you'll cane it!

  • Well done Chili. You startedm which was more than most people did. Then you finished, which is even better.

    Hi all, hope you're all well!

  • Well done Chili, now rest and recover.

  • Well done Chili! Completing an ultra must be an amazing feeling, something you can add to the sporting CV image Definitely something I fancy myself in the future too.

    LittleMH - Roko is down Wilford Lane not far from Trent Bridge, it has 20m outdoor and indoor pools, free running clubs and spin classes etc so seems to meet all the needs at the minute. Yeah the hours are hell, I'm going to leave my current job ASAP as being a post-grad 40-50 hours uni work a week and 20-30 hours night shifts is killing me! I lost a stone over the 4 weeks before the one just gone and wasn't particularly training hard. Look at me moaning away....

    Rest day today, a run or bike tomorrow morning with an additional core and strength session if I'm feeling lively

  • chili - massive well done, you are amazing for just getting there and doing it considering how you must have been feeling. It shows amazing determination to finish, be proud that you have done it and look forward to getting your gyne issues sorted and getting back into it all properly

  • Chili - you endured, top stuff - really well done!

  • Tough stuff Chili - but probably not as hard as the 70 kids for holiday club! As has been said many wouldn't have started let alone finish, I think you should be proud of that one - something to draw on in the dark times. Hope you can get fixed as soon as possible.

    ElB - that is some serious schedule, you really can't keep it up and add in consistent training if you want to stay well. Hope you can find a solution.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done Chili! You did amazing! You felt bad but you still started and finished! You are made of the tough stuff!!

  • Chili - bit off topic I know, but how did you go about training for an ultra? Because it was a 30-miler was it similar to a marathon plan? I can't comprehend how people do it when you see some of the distances, serious effort and mental toughness!

    1 hour spin followed by a 5 min jog this morning to loosen hip flexors and hamstrings and then a core workout, no real sign of the storm here, lots of rain though.

  • imageimageimageimage Well done chilli!!!!!!! I saw a medal on sarah's farsebook yesterday and was hopeing it was yours it looked brilliant and less of the worry about walking respect the distance kid. Even the hard core ultra runner's will walk part of a course like that.


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