Training for a shorter Tri



  • So, are we all partaking in an HM in March? How exciting! Well done Mikasa, taking the plunge! 

    Buttercup - you are kicking the runmute's Arse! Go girl! 

    Keep plugging on Steady, little and regular is the way forward. 

    Little bike yesterday, slammed at work, shattered this morning. Gonna try and swim before work.

  • Mikasa excellent. image

  • Mikasa, well done on entering, my HM is on the 9th March. My injury is so long term it just moves around a bit, really a combination of hip/lower back/leg tight muscles, weak ones compensating, muscle spasms, but it is slowly getting better, at least I have got rid of the twisted and tilted pelvis, just need to get the muscles sorted out.


  • mikasa brillimage

    yeah, me and buttercup are doing another half marathon together in JUneimage wonder whose idea that wasimage

    run this morning and swimsmooth tonight

    eating is going well, and I have stayed away from bread most of the week apart from just now when I had scrambled egg on toast

  • image oh oh oh Whats the one in june?

  • Clumber Park HM image more the merrier image

  • Oh dear, I think I got carried away enjoying spin class and now my legs want to fall off. They struggled to get my body upstairs, so I may go for a swim tomorrow not a run.


  • Just thought I'd drop in and give you all a high five.  I lurk on the thread and its great to read about all your training and the excitment about what races/challenges to take part in next year.

    I haven't been posting as all I've been doing is cycling! I'm aiming to start road racing next season so I'm really pushing the cycle training and getting involved in winter closed circuit racing.

    Keep up the good work but don't over do it!


  • Cheers Cake.

    Mikasa - well done, everyone needs something to train for it can only make you work harder image

    Steady - good idea, a non impact session might even loosen the muscles. How many spin classes do you get to? Never been to one myself.

    EcoSeal - hello! what kind of races you looking to do?

    Yesterday I grafted out a 55 min session on the spin bike, 5 min steady then 5 min tough x 5. Then 5 min cool down. Today was just a core session and 1000m swim, breast stroke of course.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ecoseal - it's nice of you to pop in! Doesn't matter if you're not tri'ing atm, I'm not either but I still hang here for motivation and to see how others are doing. Good luck with your racing plans!

    Beanpole - that's why I decided to enter, definitely need a focus and an aim to work towards, especially trying to get back to fitness and this half mara might be a lot harder than the first one so consistent training is needed.

  • image Hey Beanpole

    The aim for the next year is to gain enough points  (10) to get my Cat 3 racing license, this will mainly be through closed circuit racing and some small road races probably towards the end of next season - all about gaining experience!

    The following year I'll look to do more road races and perhaps some grand prix style events, it all depends if I can actually get good enough to not get spat out the back of the group!

    Mikasa - you have time, take it steady and come the 9th you'll be flying.

  • SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

    Clumber Park HM image more the merrier image

    image Interesting never bothered with the 10k they do as it's a bit pricey but might be well up for the half. I have a sneak feeling that date crash's with something but not sure what so will double check with the boss but for now let's say I'm up for it.

  • Oh it's all getting exciting as everyone's entering things! I'm entered for outlaw half and the Vitruvian , the rest will have to wait until Dec when I believe my nice mentor may have some plans ahead for me image 

    But dun, dun, dunnnnnnnnnnn I'm off to pick up my new bike tomorrow, finally at last I shall have my precious! image

  • Talking off entering things if anyone fancy's a laugh this is going to be my A race next year.

    Assuming it's on I think it might be a lot of fun as a IM or half IM if I can temp anyone. image

  • Yayayayay - need to stop looking at stuff to enter - the Dambusters du is looking mighty enticing for march image *puts hands over eyeses*

  • hi ecoseal - great to hear from you

    cake - I did the 10k last year and yes it was expensive but I got so much free stuff it was worth it. There was a bit where you could just help yourself to stuff so I filled my backpackimage got loads of bulldog shaving cream and moisturiser that I gave to OH - he was upset I couldn't do it this yearimage plus goodies...

  • I know we are going 'enter event' mad but does anyone fancy this:

    great notts bike ride - a couple of years ago I did the 25 mile route with my son, this year the whole family was signed up, but then because the weather was bad OH refused to go, so not entering anything with him again! 

  • image maths after last year was going to do that as well and treat it as a training ride. Anyone doing outlaw full/half next year this is on many of the same roads. Quite a few novice rides do it through so not all the rides around you will have road sence. You get a good medal. image

  • Too late for me MC and Cake, I am doing Outlaw Half at the beginning of June.

    I have been for a swim went to the local pool, so endured the too warm water but at least there were only a couple of other swimmers in the fast lane. Did 1600m and concentrated on stroke count as it had gone up according to the coach. Managed to get it down by one stroke per length for a while.

  • yeah, I was thinking it would be good as a training ride for buttercup for outlawimage

    when I did the 25 miler there were so many kids doing it and they were all over the placeimage 

    I would be up for the 50 miler at least - as I am not going longer than half ironman this year not sure if the 100 miler would be too much

  • Okay MC will enter it after Christmas image I think husband might think I have gone entry mad a bit lately image So my new foot pod and winter gloves (xs as I have dainty lady hands - you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find gloves to fit my silly fingers!) and they FIT - yuss!! 

    Good work Steady image and Cake you and bookie feel free to come out and play with me and MC on the notts bike ride.

  • are you all going to do the 100 miler?

  • I will do the 100 miler as it will be a last ditch training run image but Im sure you could ride with me for 50 miles if you wanted to image

  • well, no rush to enter, it doesn't fill up...will see how things are going, hoping I will have enough fitness to maybe stretch to the 100 seeing as I will have done quite a few 50 milers to prepare for outlaw half, but I'll have a good think about it

  • Hmmm...some how I've been dragged in to a plank competition in the office. At the end of the month, we get down and plank and the last to collapse is the winner. Unfortunatley the wellness coordinator is part of it and she's been doing yoga and pilates for years...I need some dirty tricks if I'm going to win this...or at leastnot come last . 

    Turbo'd last night. 


  • Body pump this morning all bits worked okay left arm a little weaker than right - odd.  Made garmin recognise foot pod image so it's all on for the Shepshed 7 tomorrow with SuperCaz and anyone else who wants to come along!  All supporters and partakers welcome!

  • pete - how tall are you? I've always felt as a tall person myself the added weight and length between arms and feet contact points means it's harder to plank for a sustained period of time.

    Did my first ever race this morning, a parkrun at Rushcliffe, very well organised by the volunteers etc and great fun. Finished in 8th place out of 170 which I'm very very happy with in a time of 18:56 image onwards and upwards!

  • beanpole - blimey well doneimage

    spinning and swimming done so far this morning, and a few squats, lunges etc done in the gym before spinning

  • Wow BP that is rather fast image and looking at the inside of my winter gloves turns out I chose mens xs - so I have xs manly fingers not dainty lady ones lol image they fit that's all that matters

  • I'm a short arse so thats in my favour.

    Cor, BP, that's brilliant! Well done you. 

    Swam this morning, turbo tonight. 

    Its absolutely pissing it down here and its supposed to snow in the mountains...I'm glad I'm only in the hills. 

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