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  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Beanpole - fab time, something I can only dream off...

    I was a very bad girl today, woke up early but just couldn't muster the enthusiasm to run my last non-veteran parkrun...image

    Went for a walk in New Forest instead but we forgot the map so nothing too adventurous.

  • Wow BP, that is a brilliant time! You're probably one of our fastest runners on this thread!

    It was our parkrun anniversary today. Ran it with my No.2 daughter (aged 10) who was completing her 50th run and wanted a PB. She did amazingly well and got her first sub 30 in 29:49! image Am so proud of her. She is not fast but she has a determination the others lack. The run hurt and I was a bit concerned she was pushing too hard but she was so determined to do it.

    Then I had the privilege of giving out the prizes to our top winners. The sun cam out and we had loads of cake and smiles. Was really lovely.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Your daughter puts me into shame Chili! I've only done 6 parkruns...image (2009-2010,and one in 2012) I think I need to JFDI and MTFU.

  • Blimey it's all go here - excellent.

    Chili, it sounds like you had a great time, congrats to your daughter.

    Right, I am repaired (again), at least I managed a starlit run this morning and my calf didn't mind at all - just got to see if it holds up to a little hill training mid-week to be sure.

  • chili - well done to your daughterimage

    feel like I have slept badly so having breakfast before heading out for a run

  • Woke up to lots of SUN!! It's a little windy but all good - could've been worse weather for the Shepshed 7 with SuperCaz! Loving the blue sky - husband is up and baking all is right with my world image

    Well done little Chili! My fastest 5k is 26ish mins - which obviously needs work!

  • Good luck Buttercup!

    Chili your mention of your child (well done to her, great effort!!) reminded me of a young one yesterday (must have been about 10) who was determined to run with all the front runners for as long as possible sprinting at full pelt and breathing very very heavily, then I saw him cross the line later and he was hyperventilating bless him. He was fine in the end.

    Gentle foam roll and spin later, less than 3 weeks till my 10k now image

  • buttercup and caz - hope you have a great time, just wish my running had been up to doing it with you

    I have managed 5 miles run/walk in just over an hour though so I am happy with that


  • Good luck Buttercup and SuperCaz, looks like a great day for it.

    well done Chili and miniChili, that's a great achievement for a nipper, great commitment.

    I've not done much over the last 2weeks due to a cough and cold, so have decided that this is my rest period before beginning my pre training training for next seasons fun, just got Don Fink's, Be Iron Fit, and am eagerly thumming through it to plan my training for Outlaw next year

  • Thanks everyone. My daughter did admit her legs were aching this morning image

    JP - hope you are all recovered now. Fink's book is great! A lot of people use his book. However iaven't done an Ironman before I thought I'd just mention a couple of concerns - the swim session are a lot to fit in the time alloted. And  it is bit light on the bike for most folk. But there is usually a new thread that starts end of Nov/beg of Dec for those training for Outlaw or other IM's next year. Lots of wisdom, advice and support on there.

    All the best to Buttercup and Caz!

  • Well done to mini chili, 29 mins for Parkrun is still in my dreams, plus I have only done 2.

    JPGoodboy, word is that Fink is light on the bike element unless you are super fast already on the bike. I have adapted it for the HIM but am doing the long bike ride on mileage not time.

    Hope Buttercup and Supercaz had a good day racing.

    I went out with the cycling club and had an evenful time. Long slow draggy hill to start that I had never done, managed most but not all of it. Then great views of Surrey Hills and whooshing downhill that hit 33mph. About halfway round one of the older men in front had a handlebar hit with another rider who was avoiding a car going wide on a corner and he came off, he needed an ambulance and full check over at hospital,(nothing broken just a few stitches) the whole group of us (12) waited until he went off before taking the quicker way home 14 miles rather than 16. I then had a "fail to unclip in time" moment and ended up in the grass by the road, just damaged my pride and a lightly sprained wrist. Got back to the café for hot chocolate and a little bit of cake.
    The stats read over 2000ft of climbing, average speed 11.8mph, distance 25 miles.

  • steady, well done on your ride

    I have been lacking in the cycling department, but have managed 2 sessions this week - 1 turbo and one spinning class. I have managed to fit in 3 runs though, and 3 swims so not too bad

    This week I will aim to get at least 3 bike sessions

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Nice ride Steady. I've not been doing much cycling at all. Just feel bit lonely going on my own and not knowing where to go...

    We planned a walk from Southampton to Winchester on the Itchen Trail but only went half way as it was bit boring and we started bit late anyway. Good 9 mile walk though.

  • Mikasa, is it a well marked trail? We might be tempted to start at Winchester one day and do it or part of it.

    Have you looked at the county council website to see if they have a cycle route map, it may give you some ideas on where to go.


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Steady, yes it was very well marked, got to Eastleigh but didn't carry on. 3 trees were down on the trail but not too bad getting over or under them. We met someone on the trail who said you couldn't get all the way to Winchester on the trail cos one of the bridges were closed or something, don't know where and we didn't go that far.

    Good idea, will have a look at cycle routes on council website. Landlady suggested taking train to New Forest and then cycle there.

  • Well had an awesome run with SuperCaz and Andy - got a PB for the 10K and had a sprint to the end with a lady in pink image will do a mini report later - got home before the rain and hail which was a win image

  • Well done Buttercup and SuperCaz, even better to get home before the rain.

    Mikasa, plenty of off road stuff in New Forest.

    Day 1 of training for HIM starts tomorrow, a very easy rest day.

  • steady - which HIM is that? I am losing track of what everyone is doing

  • Lol we need a shared Google Calender image

  • Blimey El, you're quite rapid (Must remember not to post 10k time around yours!)

    Steady - Are you following a plan for the HIM?

    JP - oooo Outlaw image Hope the manful has gone! I understand it can be quite deadly!

    Chili - you and the kids seriously rock. 

    Well done Buttercup and Caz - hurrah. Congrats on the PB small one!

    Rest day today. Work has been mental and I'm shattered. Soooo looking forward to holiday!



  • That's a great Idea, a shared calender.

    We'll done Buttercup, SuperCaz and Andy.

    Thanks for the advice on the Fink book Chili and Steady, I'll take it into account as I'm a bit light on the bike as it is.

    I'm feeling better now but still coughing a bit, It must have been a chest infection, it lasted ages, doing a bit of light training next week.

  • Stay well JP! Any news on EP?

  • Oo, forgot to say Dig and I likely up for the Nottingham ride thing!

  • Mathschick, I am doing Outlaw Half. Buttercup a shared google calendar sounds quite technical to set up but would save asking the same questions.

    I have taken the basis of Fink and adapted it. Some of my swim sessions are on a different day and I am allowing for my Pilates class which I feel is worth keeping for the core strength and stretching. The main aim is for 3 sessions of each sport  each week, with a gradual build up in distance and regular recovery easy weeks, also allowed for some time when I can not fit training in. I have scheduled November and December into Garmin Connect as I put a HM programme in to help me get ready for March.

  • steady - glad you are having another go, this time we will both finish with massive smiles on our faces

    MrsD - that sounds good

    had possibly the hardest swim session I have ever done tonightimage I was so pleased to be able to keep on the toes of the guy in front of me in the lane for the whole session - it wasn't that long ago I was pleased to be able to keep with him for 1 lengthimage

  • Congratulations Buttercup! image

    Well done on the bike ride Steady. Must have been a shock.

    I really do need to get back to swimming and cycling now my ultra is over.

  • A strange thing happened this morning, I had been looking for my Mojo that had been missing for the last 2weeks and suddenly there it was in the wardrobe with my trainers. so donned my running kit and my new trail shoes and headed out of the door for my first run for 4 weeks ( had a bad chest for the first two weeks). The first mile was downhill so got into my running early on and then settled into a nice rhythm, managed to run 5 miles in 48 mins @ 9'32" min/ mile so I'm happy with that. I think I need to find another running partner now Horse has moved house
  • Well done you Razor!! Sneaky mojo's man gotta keep an eye on them!  Google calender is easy to set up - if you have a gmail account just go to the calender put in your event on the day and add invitees which would be all of us and it will send us an invite on the calender image or something like that image

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    are you all going to do the 100 miler?

    Should be chuck with look I think sarah and hopefully supercaz? should be targeting this race as well. Some good stuff going on this weekend well done girls and germs.image

    Jp the fink plan is very light on the bike. Just a throught for you at the moment I'm not sure whats going on with sarah's job so in a holding patten but once she's down there she's not going to be working tuesday's so I'm hopefully once she's sorted going to be taking a few tuesday's and wednesday's off work so I can spend time with her and cycle back up north after for training. If you need company on a long bike ride just shout.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Congrats Buttercup on the run!

    Glad to here you've found your mojo Razor!

    Just a short run done today, 1.86 mi, not managing to find a good 2 mile route...image
    Do you think I should keep to running 3 times a week for now? Last month managed 2 runs a week. Only because I was planning to do 2 today, 3 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday and then parkrun on Saturday. To make sure I'll do parkrun, I've just send an email volunteering to be the tail runner! 

    Happy birthday to Buttercups  dad and MC's son! And me of course! imageimageimage

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