Training for a shorter Tri



  • I was thinking of a 20-30 min slow jog - nothing serious but I don't want to stiffen up ahead of Saturday. Sound ok?

    Then as of next week it's all about creating a training plan for those duathlons next season! image 


  • Sounds good. Maybe a few strides/pick-ups (~250m ramp to race pace) just to remind the legs what is needed. Main aim is to be rested but not over rested.

    Good luck!

  • morning all

    nice 4 mile run for me this morning, still run/walk but I am running 6:30 walk 1:30 so mostly running. Next week I will up it to 7:00 running

    swimming tonightimage Love my Thursday night sessions

  • Good stuff, I will do. Thanks Cat  image

    Getting there MC, keep it up! Have fun tonight.

  • imageimage Spin class tonight, was work out time. Plus enjoyed hearing Pigbag (1981)which took me back to my teens, only this instructor can pick music to make me feel young again and work hard at the same time.

    Feeling tired but awake from the exercise, hope to be able to go to sleep soon, or else I might sleep on the train in the morning with potential disaster if I do not wake up at the correct station.

  • 4.5 mile run tonight with Horse, didnt break any records 9'40" pace, lost lots of fitness after missing 4 weeks training, not done any swimming or been on the bike for 6 weeks, will build it back up over the winterimage

  • Razor - we all need a rest and bit of down time to make sure the body is strong enough for the next season... at least that is what I'm telling myself since I have done very little training this week. However I did manage to increase from 3 half pull ups to 4 half pull ups image

  • Same for me, what was supposed to be a 2 week break has turned into a 4 week break, I've got a cross country race on wednesday so i might kick things off with Parkrun tomorrow and dust the bike of for Sunday, its supposed to be nice, have a great weekend everyone

  • I've got the weekend to myself so I think two long rides are in order, Saturday will include long hill reps and Sunday will be in search of cake.

    Have a great weekend everyone - enjoy the dry weather.

  • Enjoy the long rides EcoSeal.

    Razor and JPGoodboy, sometimes a rest is the best.

    I got to sleep at gone 11 last night, so snoozed on the train this morning and woke up in time as the person sitting opposite dropped his phone and it made a loud noise. This afternoon I only just woke up in time to get off at the correct station.

    The run scheduled for today was fartlek, so that is what I did, 25 minutes ended up as 30 down to the choice of route now it is dark. The garmin graphs looked impressive with lots of high peaks.

    My weekend plans are swim, run and bike.

  • image this weekend is Rugby and Dr Who saturday and Clowne half sunday followed by a sunday roast it's going to be epic. image

  • Well Dr Who is compulsory viewing,  I may do a roast and some Hasselback potatoes, 'cos I have not  done them for ages.

  • Sounds like a great weekend in store for everyone.

    Cake - all the best on your half.

    Steady - well done on the pretty graph and I hope you get some sleep tonight.

    Had planned a 10 mile run this afternoon/eve but it got reduced to 5 miles cos of a poorly daughter who had to go to the doctors.

    Tomorrow is parkrun and the whole family was going with hubby as race director and two daughters and I running. But since the girls are all stuffy noses, sore thoats and earachy, I shall let them stay home in the warm and sleep and go be race director on my own.

  • morning all

    chili - hope your girl is ok

    cake - good luck got tomorrow

    steady - hope you got a good nights's sleep last night. When I got home yesterday OH said I looked like an extra from The Walking Dead, and I did feel exhausted, so I snuggled up on the sofa. Still feel shattered this morning!

    Thursday's swim was really good and yesterday I did 2 miles on the track after school, but my tiredness was showing as it was a rubbish session but it was nice to get out in the fresh air and have a chat with a couple of work friends

    have to go and get my son's trumpet fixed this morning, so none of the usual spinning and swimming for me. Think I will try for a nap in the afternoon!

  • parkrun this morning, Doctor who tonight, dinner out somewhere then Gravity at the cinema! love being an athlete!

  • Absolutely shattered! Turned up at a very cold Wollaton Park for the mo-run this morning. There was a 5km run setting off at 10 and we set off at 10 past.

    Set off up the ridiculous incline that the chute was on at the start and sat back in second place for about half a km, I was just happy to get going after being stood there freezing for about an hour!

    By the 1st km marker I was running alongside another lad and we both set the tempo as we made our way through the 5km field on the first lap. One thing I didn't expect was how hilly the place was! They threw the worst one just after the 4km marker, so was therefore just after 9km on the second lap! There were a few real quad burners.

    By the second lap I was in the lead and the support from the marshals and spectators was brilliant! Because of the 5km and 10km runners the grassy bits became quite slippery but nothing too much to worry about. At about 7km I felt pretty sick and thought I'd gone too hard but told myself to shutup, eased off for about 100m and then picked it up again and focused on my form through the last 2km. I never really looked back because I thought that would waste energy physically and psychologically so just hung in there up the final hill, found a second wind through the last 300m and shot down the crazily steep chute hill to my first ever win!

    41.03 was my final time. Very happy with that considering I'm not used to hills. I had a 16 second lead that worked out as 10 seconds when the chip times came through.

    As I finished I was grabbed by a steward who said we'd go present the trophy etc, then another one came across and said there'd been a huge mix up. Apparently a 10km competitor started in the 5km field, finished before us lot, took the trophy and went home even though he was slower than the top end of the 10km race haha! image So I didn't get a trophy, just a winners shirt and medal etc - oh, and a free lucozade sport... image

    Good day all round, superbly organised. Have a good day all.

  • Elbeanpole, what a mix up, you are still the winner in my mind, I can only dream of a 4X.XX time for a 10k let alone one that is hilly.

    I went swimming this morning but have the bike ride planned for tomorrow. Had to do boring and mundane stuff today.

  • Congrats Beanpole image fantastic result. . . .shame about the silverware though.

    Hope the mini chillies recover quickly.

    2 hours of hill reps today, legs now useless. . . . . falling asleep in front of the rugby, content image 

  • blimey beanpole, well done!! Can't believe the other guy went away with a trophy, what a mess, but what counts is that you won, fantastic!! I can only dream  of being that fast.

  • Nice one Beanpole, I bet the chap with the trophy legged it image

    I took the bike out today for a steady 25miler, poor Abs couldn't feel her fingers or toes for a good while after we got back, think we may need to go shopping for thick gloves and socks

  • Well done Beanpole; cracking effort and good report.

    2hours Ecoseal!!! Are you crazy?

    JP - do you both have thick overshoes/shoecovers? At this time of the year I find that glove liners inside some decent winter gloves is a good combo.

    Justplodon - I dream of being able to stay awake long enough to go to the cinema.

    Enjoy your ride tomorrow Steady.

  • actually I'm surprised I'm still awake, came off nightshift at 6 this morning, stayed up and went to parkrun, had a couple of hours kip this afternoon but still managed to get to the it the old nodding donkey now though! Gravity was superb by the way, go see it! 3D.

  • nice one beanpole! superb effort!image

  • afternoon everyone

    still feeling washed out so haven't done anything today - well apart from all the boring shopping etc

  • Wow! Beanpole, congratulations! It's not often we have a winner on our thread. Superb effort image

  • Well done Beanpole, the win is in you not on the mantlepiece, great result.

    Ran 5 miles this morning , it felt tough but managed 9'41" pace, still feeling lethargic, l have not felt right sinceThe Snowman at the end of September, I swallowed a lot of lake water.

  • Razor have you been to the doctors to get checked out in case you picked up a bug from the water. Seems a long time to be not feeling 100%.


  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    Nice work beanpole, certainly kicks the ass of my 49:14 from the leeds morun today

  • Thanks for the advice Cat, we nipped into decathlon and bought some nice btwin overshoes for £10 and some good gloves, will be trying them out tomorrow morn on the early morning commute.

    Razor, hope you feel better soon, I'd get checked out in case you need antibiotics to shift a bug.

    Just done a nice 7 mile run with Abs, I think the mojo is on it's way back

  • Today is rest day image however, resting the body invigorating the mind - going to see Chrissie Wellington give a talk at Bristol Uni tonight, really rather excited.

    Hope your new purchases keep your paws warm JP.

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