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  • Razor get yourself checked out or I'm send the girls round!

    Beanpole excellent racing well done. imageimage

    Afraid the half didn't happen for me this weekend due to stuff getting in the way. Ended up going for a training ride instead. Mildly anoying because now missed 3 races in a row for verious reasons but got stockport 10 coming up and get to meet a lot of cool kids there so it will balance out. image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Oh Eco,if I'd have known I could've been there. Just came back from hols and we flew from Bristol so here atm. Never mind... Let us know what it was like.

    Managed one run whilst away,pretty ok with that. Will write more later.
  • Well done eco

    Its blinkin' cold here this morning. -6C. And not much warmer when I did my lunchtime 10k. What shocked me was as I ran along the coast road around Aberdeen light house there were a couple of surfers in the water enjoying the waves. I stopped complaining about the cold at that point. 

  • Wow, Pete that is cold. Good on you for getting out for a run.

    I appear to be fighting off the cold that got FiL and now Mr Steady, thinking about maybe/maybe not going for the swim in the morning. I do not want to do a swim session and have a stinking cold rather than wimp out and fight it off so I can do more exercise later in the week.
    If I get my cossie and towel ready then I can make a decision when I wake up if still not sure by the end of the evening.

  • That's insane Pete, the weather and the surfers!

    Let me know how the talk is Eco, would love to go to a lecture like that.

    Core work and light turbo for me today, getting back in to the swing of things slowly as the legs recover.

  • eco - hope you enjoy the talk

    razor - go get yourself checked out

    nothing for me today but I feel more in the land of the living so back to normal tomorrow

    steady - recover from your cold first


  • Eco - oh, I'm envious too!

    Pete - Brrrrr, am not envious of you.

    Another no training day but, I've had a lovely day. I don't know if you remember me saying that Gunpowder parkrun had been shortlisted for the Team London Volunteer Awards, but today was the day. So I headed into City Hall to meet up with my friends who help run it.

    I'm sure these things would be boring if you had to do them frequently, but it was actually a really lovely few hours.They had some celebrities to give out the awards. I'm ashamed to say that not having a TV and having been brought up without TV I did not recognise Barbara Windsor image but I did recognise Bear Grylls image. Martine Wright who lost her legs in the London underground bombings and led the GB womens volleyball team in the 2012 paralympics was the speaker and she was brilliant. Whether you like Boris Johnson or not, you have to admit he is colourful and he and Barbara make a great double act! It was actually very moving to hear some of the amazing work that the winners of the different catagories are involved in. We didn't win but we had a great time and got a lovely certificate image

  • Ok, been to the doctors this morning and it seems I have picked up a bug but he dosnt think it's from the water, so now on antibiotics. I've been having problems with my left hip ok while I'm walking or running but after I've been sat down for while it's agony when I try to get up out of the chair so had both hips x-rayed this morning as well so fingers crossed its nothing serious.
  • Fingers crossed it's nothing serious Razor and you recover quickly from your bug.

    The Chrissie Wellington lecture was really good, going through how she got into triathlon and her motivations.  My non tri obsessed partner found it really inspiring, and although it is aimed at triathletes the things that she discusses can equally be applied to work, life and the universe.

    I suppose it is those messages which I find the most valuable as someone who has had to make decisions between the safe option and the option which embraces my passion.

  • Hope its OK Razor, I have a simular hip pain but not as bad, its more of a niggle, fingers crossed.

    Glad you enjoyed Chrissie Eco, is she doing a few talks? 

    Cake don't worry buddy, always other races, good luck with the Stockport 10

    The gloves are brilliant, my fingers were a bit cold but it was minus something this morning, my Aldi cycling jacket is fantastic highly recommended, I've been running in it too.

  • I too have hip pain! Nothing too serious but enough to plague me whilst exercising. Hopefully a speedy recovery for all, especially Razor!

    Good to hear about the lecture Eco, just looked up her career on Wikipedia and never realise she did all those things before entering the world of tri!

    Tough luck Chili, glad you enjoyed it still and seems an amazing experience image

    I've had my win on Saturday bounced to a 2nd, I think it turns out the guy who left earlier did in fact run quicker (39:XX). Ah well, still happy with my first 10k effort and at least the right guy got the trophy.

  • I'm not sure JP, she's been doing a few recently but through different organisations like Bristol Uni, Exodus travel etc.  It was free to go but I booked the tickets in September! It was a sell out, over 850 people were there last night.


  • EcoSeal good to hear Chrissie W gave a good talk, I saw her a few years back and thought she was a great motivator.

    Razor take the tablets and hope you feel better.

    For those with hip twinges, getting up out of chair hurts, stretch your hip flexors, not by doing ordinary lunges but one where the shin is flat on the floor, so you are more stable and get the right muscles to work. You will feel the pull ie stretch right at the top of the thigh. Also do work on all the leg muscles and lower back both for strength and flexibility.

    Beanpole shame you were 2nd but that is still podium finish.

    Chili well done.
    Cake, you can have a hug at the weekend.

    Hope I have not missed anything out, I skipped the swim this morning but will do to Pilates shortly.

  • razor - hope you are feeling better soon and fingers crossed the hip thing is nothing serious

    beanpole, 2nd is still fantastic

    turboed today, first sufferfest for a while, felt goodimage


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ah, so tired. 

    Hope everyone's hip niggles go away and hope it's nothing serious Razor. My left hip was giving me bit of jip yesterday but fine on my run today. 3 easy miles after work although they didn't really feel as easy as I'd have liked. My plan for the half is just increase mileage and do easy and long runs and the occasional parkrun to see if I'm getting any quicker. Planning to do Eastleigh parkrun this Saturday as it's run on grass and the hm is off road one. Not racing it, just doing it as an easy run.

    Holiday was lovely although not as warm as expected/ hoped for. It was about 15 C and jacket was definitely needed. Only one warm and sunny day but it was still nice to be away. image

  • SteadyCJ wrote (see)

    Cake, you can have a hug at the weekend.



  • I did not make it to Pilates class last night, I curled up under a fleece blanket and went to sleep. The cold seems to have become just feeling cold, aching and slight sniffles, so I am going for a very gentle week of  very little exercise and plenty of good food and early nights to catch up on sleep.

    I have a busy weekend ahead that I want to be at my best for.

  • evening

    well, bad night's sleep meant that I didn't get up for my run this morning, but I got OH to make food tonight so I could go out for a run - and I ran continuously, no walk breaks for 4 milesimage

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Woop woop MC! Nice run. image

    Steady - you probably needed the rest. I'm feeling a cold coming as well, will try to eat well and have early nights. I only get statutory sick pay in the first year so not wanting to take a day off work.

    Trying to decide if I should up my 'long' run tomorrow or just do the 4 miles I did last week, especially as feeling bit tired...

  • Way to go MC!!

    What's the decision Mikasa? image

    Just a swim and strength session this morning (did my first ever breast stroke front crawl combination lengths for 4 lengths) and a 50 min turbo session tonight. My Uni room isn't the most ideal place for a turbo, I was drenched by the end image


  • Well done MC and Beanpole

    Came in 50th in a very tough cross country race at RAF Cosford today, it had a killer hill that most walked and it was 3 laps, one of the toughest I've done for a long time, but happy to finish as there were doughnuts and bikkies yay 


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Beanpole - ha ha, will probably decide tomorrow just before the run but I think I'm leaning towards just doing 4 miles atm.

    I would have money to buy a turbo trainer but I'd have nothing to put in it.image

  • well done JP


  • Woop lots of good running going on in here.

    Turbo session this evening and a long ride planned for Saturday.  

    On Saturday evening I'm going to Newport Velodrome to watch the para track cycling. The sessions during the day are free and the evening sessions cost £5 so if you are in the area you should go image

  • I did a quick 7K at lunch.  I wanted to do a 10K, but I had to be back at the office at a set time and started the run late and ran out of time.

    Still, it was nice to get out and pound the streets.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Ok, what do you think I should do? I'm feeling tired and bit run down and have a start of a cold;sniffles sneezing etc but don't need to blow my nose or anything. Should I just go for my planned 4 miler or rest? If rest today, should I try to do my run tomorrow? Planning to do parkrun as an easy training run on Saturday.

  • mikasa - rest

    turbo this morning and off to swimming tonight

    no work tomorrowimage we have a day off in lieu. Not sure what I am going to do as my eldest son has an inset day and will be at homeimage that was badly timed!!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Sure MC? I just feel I'm not hard enough if I don't go, might even be good for me? image

    Anyway, I take a vote, 1-0 for rest atm, will be home 6ish....

  • I think if you go when you are feeling run down you don't get any training benefit from it and you can end up making yourself worse. 

    Other people may have different opinions though

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