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  • mikasa if you trainign when your ill your just going to a, take longer to get better and b, not get as much benifit from it.

    Listen to your body put your feet up and make a nice cuppa tea. It's when your not poorly and you can't be arsed that folks will go boooo!!!! image

  • What Cake said. Your body has enough on it's plate trying to recover it won't be very beneficial to train if ill. Think of the bigger picture image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well, to be honest, my natural inclination is to rest but I kind of thought you might kick me for home now, feet up, catching up on tv. Making sausage and leek pie for later and an early night for me I think. Hopefully I'll be better for Saturday as really want to do the Eastleigh course. 

    Thanks all!

  • sleep is good.  Recharge those batteries...

  • I agree rest is best.

    I have been spinning.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I'm glad I didn't go, still getting worse. Woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep for couple of hours. No parkrun tomorrow, running can wait till next week.

  • mikasa - rest up and make sure you are fully better before you start back - might be a day or two after you feel ok. If you monitor your resting heart rate use that as a guide and start training when it is back to normal

    well, can't believe how difficult it is to get up at 7 when you are used to getting up at 5

  • Turbo didn't happen, went to bed instead.  Still sleepy today but at least I don't have to do any travelling.

    I agree with everyone else Mikasa, rest up then smash it image

  • The legs ache after spinning  but I went for a little swim.

  • image I've not swam in nearly a month now need a serious kick up the bum next week.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I can beat you in that Cake...

  • I went for another swim today and am really happy with my progress. 2 private lessons out of my 5 down and hopefully I'll only keep improving. The temptation to go long next year grows.....

    MC - I thought I was hardcore getting up at 6.30 each day to train, are you one of those people that can survive on little sleep?

  • beanpole - I tend to go to bed at 10, even at the weekend,, so I probably get around 6/6 and a half hours sleep a night, a bit longer at the weekend. I am often asleep before 10 though, often fall asleep watching telly then have to rewatch what I have fallen asleep to - drives my OH round the bend I think image

  • Hello all am back in the land of the living image which means back to the grindstone and training image formal running plan starts Monday but if the weather is nice tomorrow going to find me some muddy hills and run up them!!

    MC hope you are having a quiet day in readiness for awesomeness on Sunday!  Beanpole I'm out of the house latest at 6.15 image if Im running to the station I have to leave by 5.50am and I do exactly the same thing MC I regularly fall asleep during telly image

    Prague was awesome saw a number of runners - ran over the Charles bridge myself (was a little nervous about the wet cobblestones but all good) and saw a hard core cyclist in Kutna Hora image saw no cyclists or runners in Bratislava and didnt feel as comfortable running there so didn't.  Need to focus myself now on the running and the cycling!!

  • I took part in a planking competition today at the office as part of plank month or something.  I'd got board with training for it after 7 days so I was amazed I could do over 3 minutes.  I only did that long because it was a competition...I'm always amazed that I can pull something good out of the bag when I'm in a race...machoism is a beautiful thing..


  • wow, pete that is goodimage

    well, not exactly a quiet day, and tomorrow I am doing the normal spin and swim, and we are going out for a meal in the evening. Not so sure about awesomeness on Sunday, but I will complete it, might need to walk a bit, we'll see, but it will be my first running event of the year and first since I injured my knee last October, so completion is completion, and the event has served its purpose in getting me to build up the distance image

    I think my training plan needs to start on Sunday, so a 6 mile run and a swim in the evening is a good start

  • Steady 4 mile trail run - I found the mud and proceeded to run through it and around the really big boggy bits image no hills as decided that I really do need new trail shoes the tread is gone from where it needs to be - saw a squirrel, masses of doggies and their owners and lots of leaf matter on this gorgeously sunny morning.  Looked at my stats and I think I can do 5min/kms as a regular thing - average over the trail run was 6.2 (6.4 if you include the hilly bit which slowed me down near the end) - which makes the running 10k in 50mins goal achievable for the upcoming season!

  • Great running Buttercup.

    How was your swim and spin Maths?

    I was a bit nervous about the ride this morning as I've been so tired I haven't really managed to get the sessions I wanted to this week, however, felt really strong pushed hard on the hills and improved my position on some of the Strava segments (small things image ).

    Recovering in front of the rugby before heading to the velodrome this evening.

  • Sounds good Eco!

    What's your plan targeting MC?

    Nice buttercup, what's your 10k pb at the min?


    Parkrun for me this morning, another 8th place with 18:14, so 42 seconds shaved off my previous 5km effort, although I have just had to nap as it really tired me out (I'm not a no sleep machine like those above image ).

    Swim this evening and lesson tomorrow - should do the legs some good.

  • well done buttercup. I would be happy to get my 10k below 60mins next year - I was almost there when I hurt my knee!

    eco - well done on the ride

    beanpole - great running

    swim and spin good this morning, did some squats etc in the gym before spinning but not too many - don't want my legs to be too achy tomorrow

    beanpole - erm, I haven't actually sorted out a plan, but I do have one in my head. Major events next year are Llanelli marathon in April, Outlaw half in June and the swim leg of outlaw in July. Other events scheduled in too, but those are the main ones

  • 58.45 BP image I am no speed machine like yourself!! Best 5k was 26.36 havent done any Parkruns!  Enjoyed today was lovely running in the sun - mostly run in the mornings before the sun gets up.

    GO WALES!!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Go Wales indeed!

    Good training everyone and nice parkrun Beanpole.

    I've been very, very lazy today but I call it recuperating!image Made my favourite soup today, Tomato borscht from Covent Garden recipe book. If you love beetroot, you should make this soup, it's fabulous!!!

  • Well, after the "minor" issue of another collapse a month ago and a bit of a setback mentally and physically, I managed a 5K run this morning. Stop start I grant you and it was tough, but just under 37 minutes is gold when you haven't been able to.

    I think an early season tri may still be way beyond me but maybe a late season one. Fingers crossed.

  • Well done Dustboy! that is fantastic, but please do take care of yourself.

    Hope those who were feeling rough are feeling better. And well done to those who were back training after feeling grotty!

    Beanpole - Wow! Please stay on this thread cos it makes us feel good by association! image

    9 mile run last night in the dark, sweeper at parkrun this morning.

  • DB - well done, but don't push yourself too hard

  • Sorry to hear that DB. Are you safe to make the London PU or should we plan a lunch in that pub in Pirbright?

  • Doubt I will make it up to town. Ooh, lunch at the pub in Pirbright sounds interesting though!

  • right, Edwinstowe 10k: car was icy when I went out so I put a base layer on - a mistake because I was too hot later but never mind. Got my number, milled about, went to the loo a few times, then off to the start line. We set off, started running, but a bottleneck as we entered the forest paths meant walking for a few minutes then running again. I soon realised there was someone at my side so we chatted and ran at the same pace for a while, then she dropped back. Spent most of the race playing leap frog with and 85 year old guy - he beat me to the finish line and we had a chat over a choccie biccie. My hip was sore from about the 4 mile mark, so the last 2 miles were a run/walk. Beautiful day for a run in the forest

    just back from swimming too


  • Well done Dustboy, brilliant stuff.

    MC - I was out walking in Sherwood forest today, that wasn't the same 10k that ran past me and my girlfriend was it? We had to stop and wait on the side just after the 1km mark (a very steady long incline) - to make room for the hundreds of people!! Glad to hear you enjoyed the race.

    Swimming lesson this morning, turbo this afternoon, can;t wait to finish Uni in a week and then this relentless work load will ease off image

  • beanpole!! I must have run past you! It was very narrow at the beginning and there were probably close to 800 or 900 runners I think.  I was near the back.....

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