Training for a shorter Tri



  • Mc currently marking year 13 assessments then will do year 12 assessments - missing family Sunday lunch!

    Mikasa - fluid and rest! 

  • I have cycled and now my legs are worn out. 35 miles all in Surrey for a change and one massive hill that needed 3 walks to get to the top. Having run yesterday is the most likely cause of it being harder to pedal today, so may think about changing my long run day to Friday to make the cycle on Sunday easier. My total training this week was just short of 9 hours.

    MC, hot lemon and honey to ease the throat and Mikasa as Emma says fluids and rest.

    JPGoodboy I reckon plastering is a form of cross training.


  • steady - well done, brill week for you, mine has been a bit rubbish but never mind

    making a decision not to do anything else work related tonight, nearly time to pack the kids off to bed then a couple of hours relaxing

    I'll put my running stuff out but see how I feel in the morning and make my mind up depending on my throat

  • Helloooo all! Back from holiday... Actually have a tan image OH's work do on Sat and have since had the headache from hell. So, all in all.. just over 2 weeks of no exercise. Oo this is gonna be a shock to the system. Will catch up through the thread shortly. 


  • Yayyayay Mrs D you came back - we missed you *nods head* (((hugs))) glad some one has a tan - I scare the little children if I get my legs out naked these days!

  • Sounds like everyone's illness is contagious through this thread! image Hope everyone gets over their illnesses sooner rather than later and then that'll be it for the winter image

    Nice ride Steady, have you thought about swapping your long run day and long ride day around? Depends how much time spare you have on Friday to fit a long session in.

    Welcome back MrsD.

    I'm back home from Uni now, swimming lesson and turbo last night, it's 11 degrees at the moment here so may even have a few rides outside this week. I'm starting early on getting ahead of the fitness on the Fink plan which I'll be starting in 4 weeks, 3 weeks of building up slowly before a week easing off then I should be good to go - oh, and plenty of swimming image

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    had forgotten about my major achievement of the day: doing a whole length of kick WITHOUT  finsimage it was slow but I did itimage

    imageimageimageimage Well done image

    mikasa wrote (see)

    Emma - yeah, I'm sure M25 will be just fine on a Sunday morning but will be good to know an alternative route so thanks. If I do it, it'll be my return to tri first tri. Only done one try-a-tri before and that was two years ago, not sure what happened!

    image From experiance of the M25 I would give yourself plenty of time to get there.


  • evening all

    throat bad so nothing today

    MrsD - great to have you back, you seem to have been gone for ages

  • Managed to come off my bike going up a driveway lol - one minute upright next on my side image sore left leg so putting off run till tomorrow.  One of those stand up see if anyone noticed much and try to make like it never happened image

  • buttercup - hope you and the bike are ok!

  • I ran today for the first time in over 2 weeks, did just under 4 miles avg 9'42" felt tough but good to be out there, HR was about 8 beats above my normal for that pace but too worried, a few more runs and I should bring it down again.

    Just entered the Man United Santa run next Sunday it's only 5k, looking forward to it.
  • Welcome home Mrs D

    Well done Razor.

    Buttercup - ouch! Hope you are okay.

    Steady - well done on your superb training week!

    Beanpole - sounds a great plan.

    Just a short slow plod for me today.

  • I'm feeling a bit grumpy.  My knee hurts and I've got a strange pain inside the top of my left thigh.  It's a bit weird.  And I'm missing out on my sports massage today which might fix some of my problems...

    I might do a gentle 7k tomorrow to see how it goes...


  • Where abouts is the knee pain pete? Inside thigh as in adductor muscles?

    Good luck Razor - shame about the United theme.... image

    Over 300m continuous swim today, planned to continue further until my ear plug fell out and I'd rather not lose one of those this early on in the preparation. Supplemented that with a few sets of 200m and a few sets of 100m. 500m and beyond is a target for the end of the month.

    It's run time this afternoon image

  • evening all

    pete - where is the pain? What brings it on?

    Razor - good luck for the ManU 5k - loads of kids from my school have gone on a trip to watch ManU tonight so I am guessing there will loads of absences tomorrow as they are getting back very late.

    feeling better today so planning on getting back to training tomorrow. Off to see my eldest in concert tongihtimage

  • Pete, why did you miss your massage?

    My garmin has failed to download my morning swim, so I have had to contact the support people as stated, but they say it might be 3 days before they get back to me. I only know the basics of how far, how long and average pace per 100m and calories burnt off.

  • Just got back from physio who thinks there is nerve damage to big & little toe metatarsals on left foot coz it ain't healing up properly. Going to recommend a specialist consultation/scan whatever. So run/ouch/walk is the order of the day for a while yet. Ho hum. 

  • Gah I think we are all in the wars at the mo' - I decided to take it easy today and just do the commute.  My neck is still a bit sore - leg is tender but nothing too much of a worry.

    Get better everyone!!

  • well, oddly the knee pain is the front of the knee...I fell in a hill race 6 weeks ago and landed on my hands and knees...I wonder if I've done something to it.  Now that i think about it, the front of my knee has felt weird ever since...almost as if something is loose...

    The thigh pain is at the top the inside of my thigh, but also within the muscle...I feel it when I stretch and when I'm running.

    As for missing my massage...I had a conference call with our office in Houston to discuss electronic content management (ECM), basically, how are we going to organise our electronic documents exciting is that?

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Get better everyone!

    After Sunday's set back, I'm feeling much better so decided to go for a run. Two weeks exactly since my last run and about time I got out! Have really missed running and was worried that I would have lost a lot of fitness but it wasn't too back. 3 miles down. Bit worried about my half mara and my training towards it. I'd prefer to be much further down the road with long runs but it is what it is. 

  • Pete, that is a horrible reason to have to miss a massage for work stuff and they are so inconvenient in having time differences in Houston as well.

    Well done on getting a little run done Mikasa. I thought about you when you said about moving to Farnborough, there is OW swimming at Mytchett Quayside of the Blackwater valley main road and I have heard that there is a 50m pool at Aldershot that is open at times to the public.

    I went to Pilates and been told that next year it will be a different teacher.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Steady - good news,maybe finally I'll get some swimming done.

    All my runs are little... image It'll be difficult again for awhile as I'll have an hours commute but at least I can use that time for doing my course.
  • Hope everyone is feeling better and ready for Xmas. I've drawn the short straw and working most of Yuletide. 

    Training continues although slow and steady after the long lay off! Have spent ages reading through the threads. Kind of caught up.... I think. 

  • image went out for slow z2 run tonight think my leg is still feeling the whack I had from falling off the bike.  Still got out the door I am okay with that image

  • evening

    have been a bit lazy, but in my defence last night was a late night, I managed to get through the day at school without being too grumpy and am planning on an early night so I can run in the morning and swim in the evening

  • a deliberately slow 4.5mile run today.  The legs/knees didn't feel too bad, although my left knee hurts now.  I think I'll stick to the 4.5mile runs until new year and then do the 10k race on the 2nd Jan.


  • Evening all.

    I lived in Farnborough for ~7 years. Nearest tri club is probably Farnham tri.

  • I have run  image and by run I mean the proper thing. It was the club Xmas track evening and on offer was a little running then mulled wine, butterscotch tart and mince pies. So with the offer of food and drink I decided to show my face for the first time in ages.
    After 800m warm up, we split into 2 groups and did a little relay event with batons (bl**dy cold metal) each doing one lap. I plodded the first, the second and third were a bit quicker then the last 2 were slow.
    I know it doesnot sound like a lot, but the warm up was one of the longest times of non stop running for nearly 2 weeks.

    I now need to foam roller my top of thigh and bum, 'cos it hurts sitting down.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Ironcat - how did you find Farnborough? Good cycling round there?

    Steady - well done on the running!

    I was planning for a short 2 miles tonight but feeling tired and didn't wantto push it.
  • steady well done

    nice slow 4 mile run/walk for me this morning and swimming tonight

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