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  • image Well done Santa Razor! I have spent my rest day watching IM Cairns and finalising my training plan for next year - am organized within an inch of my life lol.

  • MC - I have a standard hand pump but have ordered a track pump from amazon and borrowed my neighbour's today. All sorted now image

    On the back of that went for a 50 min ride on the hybrid, it's still ridiculously warm for this time of year here

  • I did not turbo today. I woke up really late.

    My temporary filling fell out, so I did another one and hope it will last until I see the dentist.

    Hope to get some training in during the week, tooth dependant.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I love the mini track pumps, much better than anything else (bar those co2 things I don't use) you can take with you, so easy!

    Razor - well done on your Santa run. I originally had a santa run planned for today too, but things got in the way...

    I scrapped this week for training and start again next week with my running. Don't think I'll bother with anything else till new year in the new place.

    Aldershot 50m pool closed till April though. image

  • Blimey - I'm only away for a moment and look how much has been going on!

    Will read back in detail tonight (rather than marking Mock exams!)


  • feeling better today but going to take tomorrow off too to make sure I am fully recuperated. 

    Like Emma, have mock exams to mark!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Good decision MC! 

    3 mile run for me, was supposed to be easy but somehow I always push it on the upflat and then descend too fast on the second mile. That thrashed my legs a bit but feeling fine.

  • Don't talk about exams... I've got about 10 when I go back! image

    Swim this morning of 700m.

    Tried a brick session this afternoon too, 10 min warm up followed by a 45 min turbo and a nice 4-5k run.

  • Well done on the brick session Beanpole.

    MC- good to hear you are feeling better.

    Razor - well done on the Santa Run

    Steady - ouch, hope you get your tooth sorted.

    Mikasa, last week was pretty naff training wise for me too.

    So today I ran 5 miles... then went out for a Christmas dinner and ate too much image

  • Hey guys... I will return but work is crazy town at the moment. Get better those that need to and a BIG well done to the successes image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Getting bit antsy already about the half mara in March. It's off road and I really liked to do it in 2:30. My road one in 2012 was 2:20 and I was bit fitter then but I'm training more consistently for this one. However,I'm so bloody slow. My easy runs atm are 12:30-13m/m image and I haven't even started on long runs yet!

    I'm not following a plan atm, just trying to keep it consistent. I'm not planning to do any speed or interval work, just easy/steady/long runs and maybe some parkruns. I was planning to start running 4 times a week next week (this week's been hectic because the upcoming move and weekend will probably be write-off), do 2x3mile runs and then slightly longer on one and long run at the weekend getting up to 2x 10miles. Any ideas, suggestions anyone? Or just keep plugging away?

  • Hello one and all,

    I have been a super lurker recently so pats on the back go to you all for your training efforts.

    I haven't done anything over the last two weeks as work is very hectic and I've been in the midsts of applying for a new job, I've had two interviews for the post and so now its a case of wait and see.  This has however been really stressful and now the interviews are over my head has finally cleared.

    In other news - I'm having my first swimming lesson this evening.  I am not going to commit to doing any races/events either tri/cycling/adventure as I want to start by just enjoying myself and see what happens.  I don't thrive on the knowledge that I've got a race booked in and have to perform.


  • Seal well done for the lessions. image

    Mikasa Speed comes with distance don't panic don't freat and just keep calm and carry on. If you do the training you will meet your target's. From what you've put to me 2xmiles a week sounds right although it if was me I would tempted to make it s short runs and one long one eseally at first so you gradually build up and don't run the risk of injury. I would stick some cross training in bike/swim as well if you can on other nights.

    Oh and in tother news that equinox race thing E-mailed the organiser's about increasing the team but not heard anything back as of last week going to look in the event when I get a chance just been to lazy and count up with work to do it. image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Nice to see you pop in Seal. I will start taking lessons next year too, if I find a spot of free time...

    Cake - thanks! So would you suggest 2 or 3 runs a week? 2 short say 3 miles and then one long run? I'm gonna go for 5 miles this week. I know I can do it, it'll just take time... If I did 4 runs I meant the one longer one (not long run) would be 4 miles to start of and then build up (like on RW's plans) or should I not worry about 'mid week long run' at all? Confusing.

    Re: Equinox - my fault, I was late to the party/commitment but if you can get me in, that would be great!

  • If it was me I’d do a long run at the weekend and a shorter one in the week with some interval’s in the week as well. But the training plan you have might be a lot better than what I would do. That’s as in line with assuming it’s starting from scratch so if you have to time go for it just don’t overdo it at first. Build it up gradually.

  • In my next life, I'm marrying a sport massage lady, either that or choosing to be a fat bar-steward.  I've just spent a painful hour having muscles and tendons rubbed, twisted, squeezed, poked and I feel quite nice now.  Some how my body had become twisted out of shape and she spent a good 40 minutes working on my back and hips.  I have some twists and stretches to do each evening.

    I'm still not doing any more running this year, but I'm not as grumpy as I was last time I posted.

    Aren't sports massage people ace?

  • image Yes they are they are brilliant.

  • Yes worth their weight in gold. Which reminds me I need to do the exercises I was given.

  • Lol you are all good peeps - I have just been doing the commute after having drawn up mahoosive training schedule for next year - I told husband that from now until the start of the plan I will be doing no intentional forethunk exercise and will just hang out with him and maybe a wee walk or two whilst we are in the wyldes of Scotland over christmas.  Which made him happy image

  • ooh buttercup where in Scotland are you off to? 

    hardly any sleep last night and my still dodgy tummy did not like me eating a 3 course meal so am tired grumpy and fed up today. Did manage to get through the last day of lessons though so a healthy meal and an early night today should see me feeling human tomorrow - and off to see the Hobbit with 200 kids image

  • Glasgow then Pitlochry for Christmas image 200 kids eeek! image

  • My tooth is fixed, the wallet is empty but I could smile if the anaesthetic was not so good. The centre of my top lip is solid and numb but nose is tingling so face should be back to normal some time soon.

  • Haven't been to glasgow for years, Pitlochry is nice, fairly touristy for Scotland!

    I won't be alone with the 200 - that is only half of the year group! I just hope the don't talk through the film this year! 

    steady - good to hear you are fixed


  • I got the job *dances*

    Now I'm going to go and learn to swim properly rather than making it up.

    Hope you feel better soon Maths and enjoy the Hobbit. . . . glad they managed to fit you in Steady and your tooth is sorted.

  • High five EcoSeal! Well done image

  • Thanks ButterCup.  Stressful couple of weeks but so unbelievably happy image

  • well done ecosealimage

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Congrats Ecoseal!

  • Congratulations Ecoseal.


  • image Excellent Ecoseal. image

    Maths just out of interest how many of the kids are scared of spider's then? Sure you will know by now. image

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