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  • Happy Christmas everyone, have a great day,  Christmas day park run at 9am to kick things off then a group boxing day cycle, hope the wind blows off

  • Hi Everyone

    Hope you all had a great Christmas Day.

    My 10yr old twins got 'new' bikes for Christmas so I took them out for an hour yesterday afternoon before it got dark. Now we are on 'holiday' at my parents house in the North Pennines and I suspect I'm not going to be doing any training for most of the week, cos my family seem to wander around in a state of hopeless lostness when I'm not around. Does anyone else experience that?

  • morning all

    after a lazy xmas eve and xmas day I got out for a run yesterday and have to admit that my fitness is going backwards and it felt so hard. I know this is because I have had a rubbish December of being ill on and off but it is a bit disheartening. Anyway, going to stick to a run/walk strategy for the year I think, and on my longer runs have the run section shorter so I can do more distance. Need to start having a bigger bike focus though!

    off to the gym in a bit 

  • I have done a turbo session due to the wind and rainy weather, got bored by one hour so got to 1:17 before giving up. Garmin says I worked nice and steady with improvement to my fitness, I hope so as I did not fancy a run.

    FiL situation is beginning to get me down and have to go with the flow of what is happening, he is being a selfish old man and causing problems for other family members.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I'm still coughing and spluttering and not being able to breath properly.Done couple of short walks but otherwise happy to just chill out and relax which is very easy to do at bf's mom's house. Planning to get back home for Sunday and do more unpacking. Might leave training to first full week of new years but will go on feel. 

    MC - I think I'll have to go for walk/run strategy for my long runs as can't see how I can do them otherwise.

    Steady - sorry to hear your FiL is making things difficult. 

  • steady - sorry to hear about your FIL - family can be difficult sometimes. 

    mikasa - just get yourself better before starting to run again! 

    Had a good gym session, although it was cut short as my boy went over on his ankle playing squash so they came to get me. He always plays on these things but will be ok. Don't think he will be wanting to do parkrun tomorrow though

  • Urrrrghhh, I've eaten too much chocolate pecan pie image

  • mmm that sounds niceimage although I guess you don't feel like that at the moment!

  • Merry belated Christmas everyone.

    I've had four days of food and family so was quite glad to go for a cycle today with the OH, nice and peaceful.  I was a bit concerned I'd have lost my fitness and strength given I haven't done anything for two weeks because of being ill but I couldn't resist my bike any longer.  Turns out I'm still OK and managed to get to third on an upflat strava section without trying.  Lungs felt tight in the cold air but fingers crossed I'm back in business image

  • good news ecoseal image

    I woke up this morning and my glutes hurt so much - must have been the lunges at the gym yesterday! There was no way I could go for the long run I had planned! I have had trouble walking most of the day, and bending down.....ouch! Did do a gentle turbo session though to get my legs working and blood flowing....hopefully will be able to run tomorrow. It is weird how much they hurt, the rest of me just kind of aches, which I expected because I haven't been doing much strength work, but I have been doing squats etc at home ...


  • Hurrah... nasty nights, long and extra shifts finished. Had a wee run to test the waters and not too bad. 

    Hopefully Christmas time has been good for all and well done to all those continuing to train. 

    Will make more of an effort to catch up now I have a few days off image

  • Day one: Rest day image swim and wee run tomorrow.  Good to see you back Mrs D!

  • MrsD!! Good to hear from you.

    my glutes are still killing me and I can't believe how much I am sleeping - 10 hours a night the last few nights!! Think I need a few early mornings this week to get me back to my normal sleep hours before going back to work. 

    will either have a short run or turbo this afternoon (currently at in-laws) and maybe a swim this evening (no masters sessions this week but public swim session this evening and tomorrow evening) - hopefully that will loosen me up a bit!

  • I have run, well still a run/walk but 4.6 miles which is amazing considering I have not been for a run for 2 weeks. The last mile were uncomfortable and painful at times but I power walked most of it and that eased the muscles a bit.

  • well done steady! 

  • Well done to everyone who has been training. image

    Except for a 1hr bike ride with my girlies this week has been a complete write off and I'm beginning to go a bit nuts! image

  • morning

    pixie - good to hear from you. You do realise you need to start doing something now? Don't leave it too long....

    well, got out for a nice 4 mile run in the dusk yesterday - took my headtorch just in case but didn't need it. Also went for a swim in the evening, but it did remind me why I started going to the masters sessions instead of the public sessions.

    Taking the kids to a leisure pool today where they can play on the slides/in the wave machine and I can do some lengths.

    Will turbo later too. Glutes are getting over their DOMS so if I get chance when OH gets back from work I may go to the gym and do some more strength stuff

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Glad to hear some of you are still getting training in.

    I'm getting frustrated by my situation but as there is not much I can do about it, I'm just chilling out. Just have to watch out I don't eat and drink too much in the meanwhile. Anyone ever used apple cider vinegar for their cold? Just heard it might do some good so will be buying some today. And honey, don't have any honey in the house atm.

    Back to work today too. image Hoping it'll be quiet. The two days before Christmas were supposed to be but weren't. Got some tickets to see Mandela; Long walk to freedom for tonight so hopefully trains will be fine and I'll get back home in time.

  • image Pixie hope your ok chuck. If it's any help I'm still sulking after being pulled off the bike in 2012. But got a pirate outlaw buff that year so been using it as motivation but forcing myself to wear it on races just to remind me not to take it for granted that I can always finesh. 

    Had some day's off w**k so been enjoying it a little to much by not looking much at PC's hows everyone doing?

  • Hi Gang, hope everyone didn't over indulge this week (I tried not to) image

    Went for a run yesterday, my aim was to just get some miles  in my legs, ran 7.5 miles @ 9.58 min/mile pace and felt ok until later in the day when my legs and hips killing me, image this is the longest run I have done for a while so I think I'm a bit rusty, I will make an effort to run more often image 

    Well done those of you who have been getting out there.

  • well done razor

    just did sufferfest's Rubber Glove and nearly cried part way through! It is functional threshhold test so going to try to work out what it all means now! Hoping I have the strength left to do some weights in the gym when OH gets back from work. A few nuts and a drink first though while I crunch the numbers on the FT test image

  • 1.5 k drills/swim and a wee run today.  Grotty weather outside tho' got to the pool and was quite looking forward the swim this is what happens when you take enough time off you really want to get back to it!

  • This festive period I have been mostly eating too much and doing no exercise. 

    I'm really impressed with everyone's dedication. 

    I've got a 10K on the 2nd Jan and I ain't even bovered to do anything special for it.  If anyone had told me 12 months ago when I started posting on this thread that I would be able to do a 10K without special training, I'd have laughed at you.

    oh, and it's hogmanay tomorrow...I'll be taking a self imposed ban from the interweb for a day as drunken Pete is likely to offend...image

  • Happy Hogmanay Pete. I rested today but tomorrow is a swim and a turbo session is planned.

  • Razor, bit of WD40 might help image 

    35min Z2 run done. Focusing on the Spring Half!


  • Fink eh! You are a big girl now Buttercup!

  • Mrs D, WD40 I never thought of that, should I put it in my High 5 drink ?  imageimage

    Nice running Mrs D, I might do the Blackpool half again in Feb.

  • I has big girl undies too Mrs D! image

  • morning all

    Happy New Year/Hogmanay to all and here's to 2014: may it be a good year for us all.

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