Training for a shorter Tri



  • Dusty, What about Stratford again? There is always the bacon sandwich van. You feeling better mate?

  • Yayaya DB hope to see you out there this year then! Let us know what sprint you pick and we will come join ya image or at least support!

  • Happy New Year one and all!

    Glad you are on the mend Mikasa and good luck to everyone who has started a plan or set their goals for this year.

    My swimming lessons have been going well helped by the fact the teacher is beasting me each session and it's that kindof structure and discipline I really need.

    Flying out to Norway at the weekend for a week of snowboarding - that counts as cross training right?

    I plan to identify my 'A' race in February as I'll have a little more swim data and have started the new job so will know how much time I've got to train.

  • DB - hope you are OK but take it easy

    mikasa - good to hear you are feeling better

    ecoseal - well done on the swimming, it definitely helps to be doing structured sessions. 

  • I seem to have managed to get home, get changed and go for a little run.image


  • Am sick - boo! image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    MrsDigger - hoping you recover from your illness quickly!

  • oh no, MrsD - get better soon

  • Cake, nothing would please me more at the moment (well maybe Cheryl Cole could try). Let me get signed off by medics in Feb and I'll see where I stand. Be great to make it back there if I could.

    Get well everyone else. That's an order! ;O)

  • I will keep my fingers crossed for you DB, then it would be a pleasure to do a Parkrun with you again.

    I have been swimming but my mojo seems to have got lost on the way home and I am not keen on doing my long turbo session. The weather is horrible and I have no intention of going outside and getting soaked. But I do want to do my run tomorrow as the forecast says it might be dry for an hour or two.

  • EP, good to have you back in action, start with small sessions and work up.  I am glad I do not live near those peeps that keep entering races and getting you to join in.image

    My butt is about to get on the bike for a turbo session, excuses have run out and if I get it done before Mr Steady gets home from work it gives us more "us" time.

  • Just do your own thing by taking it steady to start with, consistency is the key, lots of little sessions until the body is ready for more. I hate having to start all over again and be patient but it works.

    My butt had enough of the bike by 1:30 plus other bits were also aching/tingling. That is the longest I have been on the turbo for about a year and a bit. I got frustrated by the music today, first the MP3 player decided to lose power within 30 mins, then the little microbox thingy refused to play a CD, then swallowed and refuses to return an old cassette tape, so I had to put up with a local radio station and all the adverts between tunes.

  • I watched Ironman Melbourne on the turbo today 1 hr done.  I have signed up to the East Leake Sprint Tri on 30th of March if anyone else wants to come out.  Im doing that instead of the Dambusters as we are double booked on that day sigh - good thing I hadn't handed over the dosh yet.

  • EP - good to hear you are getting back into action

    what was dambusters? well, apart from world war 2 bombing action I mean

    Steady - well done

    I did spinning class then more bike in the gym to get me to the time when I needed to leave to go swimming. It was good to be back at masters swimming, although I felt very slow for the first 30 mins, but then I found I had to keep slowing down to stop myself ploughing over the person in front of me in the lane - nice feeling image


  • 1.30 on the turbot is tough. Especially as you probably forgot to refuel? Anything over half an hour cries out for DVD.

  • That came out wrong, I ALWAYS forget to refuel on the turbot and wonder why I am knackered.image

  • Parkrun done this morning with Horse, 27'34", I seem to be stuck on the 27'30" ish mark but not bothered at least I'm consistant  image

    Mrs D, you take it easy and get well soon.

    Steady, EP, Maths, Suckitup your all doing great keep it up.

    DB, glad to hear your on your way back, take it easy.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Oooh, everyone signing up for early season tri's...I've had a look at stuff nearer me,but not made any decisions yet.

    Had a gym induction today and probably going for a swim tomorrow. Still not 100% so have to take it easy still. Got an email address to query 1-2-1 swimming sessions. £18 for half an hour, is that a lot or reasonable? Is half an hour enough? Group sessions were 30ish quid for a month but again, only half hour session, doesn't seem much. But omg, I might start learning fc soon! image

  • MC Dambusters Duathlon out at Rutland Water.

  • DB you are quite right in that I did not refuel during the turbo, but had eaten up the last remaining mince pie and chocolates before starting so think that I just did it in a different order. I did have fluids though.
    DVD would be nice but would mean balancing the screen on the aerobars or having to look sideways to watch. So long as I have some music or Chrissie W telling me what to do I am OK. I now put the garmin on the bike so I can read the numbers and keep everything at the right level.

    Feeling tired, so may have an early night.

  • well done razor on your parkrun

    mikasa - exciting about the swimming - no idea about the price but probably about right. 

    buttercup - thanks. I think duathlon is too much running for me. Probably won't do East Leake but I'll wait till nearer the time and see how all the training for everything else is going

  • I've entered The Manchester Marathon 6th April, better get some miles in my legs  image

    Steady, mince pies and chocolate I like your nutrition plan  image

  • Nutrition for the run this morning was a bowl of fruit muesli. I am glad to have done it before the horrible weather arrived. Looking forward to tomorrows rest day.

  • EP, I swim at Bosworth, but was planning on trying the one at Stoney Stanton just off the A5, I can't remember the name of it,( I'll find out)  I never got to it last season, it's cheaper and weed free


    this is the Facebook link to Stoney Stanton lake in Leicestershire image

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