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  • image Badly afraid i think I now have a chest infection so this weeks been a little poor. Seeing the GP tomorrow. Still would much rather have a issue in jan instead of may or something.

    Chilibean wrote (see)

    Oh no JP! That sounds a bit miz image

    Anyone want to come over for coffee and finish up the Christmas stollen? I restrict our chocolate intake to Saturday Sweetie Day, but I think we are going to have enough to last for months!

    image I love stollen. Will be round shortly.image

  • Nom stollen - only had one piece this year I was very good with respect to Stollen image Oh no JP - take it easy mate hope the physio can duct tape you together so you can get on with it!  And you cake!  Altho' tbf there has been a respiratory virus going round here at the moment it laid hubby low - he had to wear manpants (his thermal longjohns) and socks and was a bit perturbed by it all (he wears tshirts and shorts pretty much all year round).

  • hhmm...I think we have a lidl stollen in the cupboard...

    JP/Cake - get better soon...take it easy.

    I did a gentle 5k just now to see how it felt.  Aren't there a lot of joggers about at the moment?  It's a lovely day up here, clear, still and no that cold.

    keep it going folks!

  • We had a massive pig out to get rid of all the unhealthy food from Christmas so we didn't keep eating it, made sense at the time.

    Cake, hope you make a speedy recovery

    just got me a Turbo Trainer from Decathlon, off to physio in a mo to get beaten into shape

    keep up the great training folks, And the stollen image

  • mmmmmmm stollen

    Jp and mikasa The relay team for that ultra race thingy has been changed so just sent you guys the e-mail. The price went up on 1st jan so going to try and see if i can get them to charge you the pre jan price. image

  • I have been for my little run, I nearly had a case of CBA but kicked myself up the bum and went. I decided to run a usual route but in reverse and so pleased I did because I had a lovely mile downhill with the wind behind me.I still had a few walk breaks but it is getting less.

    First spin class of the new year tomorrow, yippee.


  • (((Cake))) Hope you're on the mend soon mate.

    Well done steady, not always easy to make that first step, glad it worked out so well for you.

  • evening all

    JP - oh no, what have you done? Hope the physio sorts it out

    cake - rest and get some antibiotics and get better soon

    well done steady

    woke up in time for a nice 4 mile plod this morning and went to the gym after work! Didn't really feel like the gym but I want to keep up the strength work I started in the holidays and enjoyed it. Had a giggle to myself about a teenage girl who seemed to be in the gym just because boyfriend was - she was so relieved when he said he had finished. What a date! image

    It is new years resolution madness at the gym, oh well, it won't last long and it will be back to the regulars again. 

    Just seen there is going to be a new Oly in Cambridge at the end of the season

    interesting, although not sure about a river swim! 

  • Rain, rain, rain! Got soaked going home but there wasn't a howling gale so felt that was a win definitely felt easier than last night.  Forced myself out the door again fro the run only 20 minutes tho' was busting image best laid plans and all that!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Good going Buttercup. I'm taking the day off, easing into it. image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cake - great news! But haven't received an email...image

  • hmmm...why am I starving?  I had a good lunch - pasta and salad, and then for tea it was a double helping of rice and quorn spicy sauce...but I'm absolutely starving now?

    Has anyone got any good anti snacking schemes or at least something I can eat that'll fill me up without expanding my belly any further than it does already?

  • ok, thanks, I'll start reading up on such things.  I've been veggie for 28 years, so "proper ham" isn't an option image

    I've never really bothered to read up on those fad diet things, I guess I need to!

  • Pete, when Im hungry between meals I grab a handful of nuts and neck a pint of water , that usually sorts me out.

    Cake, thanks for message, just replied image

    Had fun at the Physio,  I seem to have an anterior hip rotation problem, had a brutal deep tissue massage for 20mins before being put through my paces with pelvic exercises, the plank, the bridge and the plank with one leg and one arm extended, I asked how often I need to do them, once or twice a day?  No, once every 2 hours every day ! Sheez, no running for a week either pffft had a swim this morning and seemed ok but got some funny looks in reception as my alarm bleeped and I dropped into the plank position, a few people recognised the exercise as I heard them mutter "plank" under there breath.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    The first 7 days went fine for me (re: eating healthier and better and less)  but I'm really starting to struggle not to give into my cravings now. I really want a can of cold coca cola now...but I'm resisting. Still.

    Thanks for the link ButterCup.

    JP - the image of you dropping down every time your alarm goes off made me smile. What if you're outside and it's raining? Will you just barge into the nearest shop? image

  • JP - are you planking at work too? image

    tired but it is swim smooth session tonight so better sort myself out, eat, feed kids etc and get myself ready! 


  • mikasa wrote (see)

    Cake - great news! But haven't received an email...image

    Fiddle just messaged you to check e-mail chuckes.

  • JP you have created a vision in my mind that was from a sit-com TV show many years ago set in a leisure centre with a wacky manager.
    I was told to practice my exercises three times a day or as much as possible, I will not be suddenly doing the  "dead bugs" exercise anywhere apart from in the privacy of my home, although I do sometimes do stretches whilst waiting for the kettle to boil at work.

    I have eaten a GF pasta ready meal and feel totally stuffed, hope it settles down as I have spin class later.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cake - for some reason it's missed s from the front, have messaged my address on here again.

    I'm feeling quite unmotivated today. Should do a run but I don't know this place at all. Probably been only in a half mile radius from our flat in day light. Kind of just want to sack it today. 3 miler on a treddie doesn't really float my boat either. image

  • Bit of CBA about. Keep on keeping on peeps. will be even more fun when the snow gets here image

    feeling better so gonna try a wee run tomorrow. 

    Cake - have sent you a PM. 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    I did sack it tonight but tomorrow is another day!
  • I'm planking everywhere, but it's the pelvic tilt thrusting that raises eyebrows image

  • Oh do be careful with the pelvic tilts that could look dodgy.

    I have been spinning, concentrated on holding my core in, hard work after the Xmas break, was dripping sweat in a very unladylike fashion, Hope my legs work tomorrow.


  • haha JP - great mental image for me to start the day image

    I ache all over from swimming last night! Good job it is rest day

    mikasa - make it your mission to scout out some routes at the weekend while it is light!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    MC - will do. Think I might go to parkrun, hopefully it won't be too wet and muddy and destroy my trainers. Then might cycle around looking at routes. Did go on walkjogrun website to have a look but just don't know the area. Will also need to buy some trail shoes in case I need them for the HM.

  • Well I will be swimming after work since the couch got me last night - added an extra scoop of protein powder to my shake this morning am feeling a lot less hungry today image decided also to go to the gym tomorrow and do my run indoors!  Not feeling the love for the rain and the wind at the moment.

    JP is it stop, drop and plank?  Or is it like Hammertime?

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    ButterCup - What kind of shake are you having in the morning? And is it for nutrition or losing weight? Sorry for being nosy, no need to answer if you don't feel like it. Just asking because I've finally realised that the weight is not going to drop off on its own and I need to make bit more determined an effort. But I'm not really into shakes and stuff. Just gathering information...

    I too, am thinking about run in the gym tonight, just short 2/3 miles and then doing my programme after. I think my motivation is dwindling because the HM is so close and I know I can't get back to fitness that quickly. But I must keep going!

  • JP - loved the plank thing, great imagery. image

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