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  • just got my kit delivery image
    not tried it on yet, the house is a bit cold for getting changed! 

  • Mikasa:

    I have that and a banana and a cuppa for brekkie.  I started out having shakes (slim fast) when I first started cycling to work as I was v. overweight and eating before doing what at the time was a very large amount of exercise made me very nauseous and that wasn't fun at all - so i would have only a banana but it wasn't enough so I included the shakes.  Then I decided the Slimfast shakes were a bit crap and looked around for something that would help me build the lean muscle I needed and the PhD shake was the one I chose.  I continue to have a shake but I sometimes change that with oats, blueberries, banana and almond milk.  

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    ButterCup - thanks for your answer. Will have a look into this as might have to start swimming in the early morning. As long as I'm commuting that's the only exercise I can do in the mornings and tbh, that's the best time to get the swim in as lane swimming at nights is 9-10pm, bit late for me.

    2 miles done on the treddie again this evening. Wasn't so bad now that I was prepared for it but will try to go for parkrun tomorrow and find routes at the weekend outside.

    MC - new kit, how fabulous!

  • Ooooo, new kit sounds fun image 

    JP - *giggling at mental pictures too* image

    Mikasa - have a look at this website. I know quite a few people who have moved to this eating lifestyle and have lost lots of weight and seen significant health benefits.

    Did another 5 mile run this evening. Will get back to some swimming and cycling next week.

  • I was tired and had a dose of CBA when I got home from work, coupled with an invite to have coffee round at a friends for a natter meant I did not do any training tonight.

    Masters swim in the morning then probably long bike ride.

  • Yay kit arrived today, tri top is a tad snug but I am carrying a bit of Xmas cheer.

    I have a work type training course all weekend so evening swim tomorrow 

    planking is still causing a stir, I consider myself a proper planker now, my back ache is getting better with every plank and tilt

    keep up the good training everone enjoy the weekend

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Parkrun done! Very muddy, slightly slippy and quite hard work. Run/walk of 1.55 miles to parkrun,then steadily round. Nice course except for mud. Was chatting to a lady at the start and forgot to put my garmin on, then had to wait it to find satellites when I was already running but they've been very quick and already texted me results, 34:38 which considering everything I'm very happy with. Had to walk back home cos legs were so knackered.

    Also doing the 30 day plank challenge and the 90secs today was hard! Planning to go for a short bike ride as well as weather's really nice and tomorrow's supposed to be rubbish.

    Enjoy your weekends!

  • well done mikasa image I always forget to start my garmin, or forget to stop it at the end!

    well, treadmill run then spinning class then masters swim. I think that might be enough for today. Unfortunately have to take eldest child to Nottingham to get some school shoes. He keeps growing!! He is the same height as me and OH now, feet bigger than mine...

  • Nutrition is something I do actually know a fair bit about and I really don't agree with Slimfast shakes etc (lots of sugar, not a lot of nutritional substance) I think it's better that you're off them now Buttercup image. The other product looks a bit more useful, but there's no nutritional break down of what's in it on the link - it does depend what you want the shake for but if it's weight loss, ingredients like sucralose, dextrose etc won't be very beneficial, but again this depends when they're taken. 

    If it's a bit of muscle you want to build with certain shakes, I'd just stick to a basic whey but bear in mind that to gain muscle you usually have to be taking enough of your macros to create a surplus in calories - so you won't lose weight - although there is a shed load of conflicting views on this due to the complexities of building muscle/burning fat.

    I'm really rambling here but just thought I'd warn you image

  • Was focussed this morning biked to gym, did 5k park run on the treadie, 5k on the arm cycle machine and 30 mins z2 cycle, then biked home.  The 5k run was not z2 but I managed to run 11kph for 10 mins, 12kph for 2.5mins, 10.5 for 8 mins and I even tried 13kph but that was too hard out for me and I could only keep it up for around a minute image  I want to move most of my race pace to between 5 and 5.30kpm so have to have some of these tempo balls to the wall runs more often image

    Well done Mikasa!! and good job with the training everyone this season is going to be awesome!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well, everyone seems to have been very active this morning. image

    MC - atm, couldn't do what you've just done! Well done!

    I think I did the parkrun tad too quickly for my current fitness/coming back from illness as got that chesty cough again. Not been for the bike ride yet but just had a lush lunch and just letting that go down first.

    Beanpole - I do kind of agree with you regards to shakes, but don't know that much about them so was just wondering. I've never dieted as such but now have a lot of weight to lose. I did once try a slimfast shake but thought it disgusting and binned it after the first sip,I just could not drink it.


  • Another well done mikasa, shame about Garmin and the cough but always good when someone posts that they're happy with the results of their efforts.

    MC loads going on there, great going.

    Buttercup - good stuff,  you're another one that's making me look idle. image

    I just had a small bike bimble this morning which was fine, and tomorrow Fink says I'm supposed to have just an easy 30min run.  I have some events ahead I need to think about though including the half in March, and although my legs aren't feeling very fresh I'm very tempted to add to Fink's suggested length of run.

  • Beanpole I lost around 27 kgs having that and a banana for breakfast - it was more about negating the nausea and keeping me satiated until morning tea when I have 0%fat greek yoghurt and fruit and a salad and more fruit for lunch.  This was when all I was doing was biking to work and doing two sessions of body pump a week.  Now I need a bit more of the slow release carbs in my diet so have added quinoa etc into my salads.

    Here is the nutrient list for the shake BP:

  • I only managed 33 minutes of swimming this morning before giving up feeling awful and returned home to bed.

    I have shelved the idea of a bike ride this weekend. Will have plenty of rest.

    Well done on the Parkrun Mikasa and your efforts also Buttercup.

  • think I will stick to porridge for breaky! 

  • I was in the pool for the first time in ages. I swallowed a lot and my neck hurts but its good to get back to it. My legs were rubbish. 

    Take it easy Steady, keep going everyone else. 

  • Take Care Steady. Well done to everyone else.

    I was race director at park run this morning so no miles for me. I have managed to survive a pyjama party with a houseful of 9-12yr olds though!

  • Pete - well done on getting back into the pool.  I love to be there but I always feel a bit odd going back after a break.

    Chili - excellent endurance skills, I hope it was all as much fun as it sounds.

  • Time for me to throw my hat into the ring here. Originally wanted to aim for IM Wales this year, but it's not going to happen for various reasons, so I'm staying focused on my first proper year of triathlons. Did a sprint last year (not that you'd use the word sprint to describe my performance), and a standard distance as part of a relay (was down to do the bike, but ended up doing the run as well when our runner had to drop out).

    So this year I'm aiming to get a couple of sprints in, a duathlon or two, and at least one standard distance. For the duathlons, I'm planning on the City of Durham Duathlon, as it's just down the road, and possibly the Sun City Duathlon over at Sunderland. Sprints will be the First and Last of the Summer Tri events over at Holmfirth, and the standard I'm entered for so far is the Ullswater Triathlon. Got my eye on the Newcastle Triathlon too if I can get myself into the idea of swimming in the Tyne through the centre of Newcastle...

    As far as training goes, I've been getting some turbo sessions in over the Christmas break, and been swimming 3 times per week. Slowly working on building my running up, and got a fitness assessment at my new gym today so will be getting some training plans from that geared towards my goals too.

  • Welcome DB!

    Well today is a rest day and welcome at that.  Chores got done and breakfast ate and that's about it!  I think my nutrition has gone in swings and roundabouts this week - need to be more focussed this week and get it right.  I have tweaked the training plan too so it can fit better into my time-poor schedule so hope that it all just fits into line better.

    Aiming for 3x runs, 2x swims, 2x cycle, plus commuting.  

  • Welcome Durham Biker, I think the idea of being allowed to swim in the Tyne through the town centre is good and different not many people will be able to boast that they have done it. I did the GNR once many years ago just for the experience. I have always fancied doing the Thames Swim from Hampton Court to Kingston, it is local to me and you are not allowed to swim in the Thames as it can be very dangerous.

    Hoping to restart training onTuesday.


  • Binned parkrun yesterday as it was chucking it down and didn't fancy running through all that mud  image Ran 5.5 miles this morning  in the frost, tough first mile but got going eventually, sticking to Z2 to get my endurance back and I'm averaging around 9'40"-9'50" so happy with that. image I really must get back in the pool, not swum since september, oh and get back on that thing with 2 wheels that's hanging up in the garage image

    Well done everyone, lots going on out there.


  • Well got in a couple of 400m swims today. First was about 9min 5secs and the second was about 8min 50 after spending some time thinking about my stroke. Average stroke count on the second set was 11 per 20m length. Loving my new 910xt!

    Then had my initial fitness assessment. Currently weighing in at 105.8kg at 182cm so plenty of room for weight loss. Resting hr and blood pressure were all fine, and lung capacity came in at "excellent" at 760l/min.

    Focus now is to get the weight dropping and build up the running and cycling miles whilst improving swim technique. Need to practice turns too.
  • welcome Durham Biker

    well done to everyone training. I turboed instead of running today - because I didn't get up in time to go for a run and had to stay home with the kids. Got masters swim tonight image

  • Welcome Durham Biker. Great to have you join us. I used to live in County Durham and I have to admit I would probably think twice about swimming in the Tyne!

  • Tyne I think could be a little muddy. image *waves to DB*

    image Afraid I've had anouther lazy weekend this weekend should have started my modified fink plan but been buzy couthing and stuff.

    Buttercup. From what little I know the milkshakes won't effect lean muscle if you want to lose weight and stuff you could always be checky and message sarah on farsebook. She's buzy making muffin's right now or would show her the post's. 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Welcome DB!

    Our bike ride never happened yesterday, found it difficult to breathe because of the cough  and bf was very tired as well. Thankfully much better today and don't seem to have any after effects. Went for a little bimble in the pool,only did 460m as there were lots of kids diving into the pool from the side lines and just couldn't be asked. Nice 33m pool though. Need to sort those swimming lessons out...

  • Buttercup - 27kgs! Well done! Having looked at the shake I think it's ok apart from the 10g sugar per serving. There's much more beneficial ways to get your carbs and you seem like you've sussed that out image But who am I to talk with those results!

    Welcome DB!

    2 hour turbo for me yesterday (ouch) and 2km of technique work this morning. Full rest day tomorrow.

  • EB I had stripped out all other non fruit sugars and bread and very limited pasta (and other floury things) and rice for the 18 mths it took me to lose the weight so I figured two teaspoons of sugar wasn't too bad in the scheme of things.

    Runmute this morning - body is happy to be back doing good work image turbo tonight.

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