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  • Mikasa I have decided to do my swimming at 7.30-8.30 tues and 4.30ish to 5.30ish friday.  Decided I liked the swimming after work on a friday very relaxing.  I just cant get to the pool earlier than 7.30 so that's when I get there image

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    Because I'm bit scared and intimidated by The Boar...What were your times Cake and ButterCup? How long did the bike take? I'm already worried about the bike and I know if I want to do it, I need to  A LOT of bike work.

  • I've *thought* about the boar. . . . . . . 

    Mikasa I highly recommend lessons, I'm lucky in that there is a community pool near me and the staff are really friendly and helpful, plus its fairly cheap £12/hh lesson if you block book 6. 

    I think the instructor (she must be 17/18!) is enjoying it because she gets to tell someone what to do, I'm hoping it'll push her to progress her coaching because she's really rather good at it.

  • Mikasa I can't remember my times for the boar they where not that good though. If your worried I would take a look at there website and look up previous times. Actually as I type this realised I'm being think and can go that. Two tic's.

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    EcoSeal  - Lucky you, bit more expensive here in South East. In the leisure center we joined, £18 per half our 1-2-1 lesson and about £30 for a month of weekly half hour class lessons...

    I guess I *could* mix Total Immersion and bf's tuition but the latter didn't work out last time either. I think I need to get started first and then when I know a bit more, this approach could work.

  • Hahaha you can only do better than I did last year swim 56 mins (wasnt last out), bike 3.47, run 3.12.  I had a shocker of a run and almost the slowest ride.  I mucked up nutrition on the bike and run and it got hard quick when I was out on the run course.  I know what I did wrong last year so I feel like I can improve on the time this year as I am confident I can knock a bit off the run and the bike.  I would like to see my swim time decrease more too image but if it doesnt that's okay too it is a bike race after all!

  • I can recommend swim smooth Mikasa image looking back at it now I was too worried about the swim and not getting around that I didnt put enough focus on the bike.  So this year is a lot about the bike for me!

  • Did it in 7.40 last year

    It's a very friendly race so as long as you want to do it you won't be left on your own if your times take long.

  • Mikasa if you did do it I promise you you won't be left on your own in the swim. image But if your not happy better to inprove the swimming and biking and think about it later. It won't fill up for ages yet so you don't have to decide for a bit. More interested in the boar this year for the socail aspect than anything else. middle distances races are hard but not as hard as you think they are. Personally I find marathons harder if that helps with persective.

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    Cheers ButterCup - the thing is, I don't think I could do the bike in 3.47, the swim is almost incidental...

    I will have to work very hard to get up to standard but it would be nice to do it with all of you.

    Cake - never done a marathon...

  • They are easy chuck and you get a t-shirt. image

  • Hey mikasa,

    Just some numbers for you to do a 3.47 bike you'd need to average 22kph or 13mph.

    I know everyone is different and we're all at various starting points but I'd say that that's probably an achievable target in 9 months.

  • *puts best 'mustn't do it' face on*  ... but just in case my stupid head takes control, what are the cut off times at the Boar?

  • image Dawn there are no cut-off's why it's very newbie friendly. If you are in trouble they might ask you if you want to stop but other than that there is no issue's.

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    Lets DO IT Dawn Shadow!!!! Well, at least lets work towards doing it.image

    Eco - I guess if I do enough cycling, that should be more than doable. Cheers!

  • Mikasa + Dawn Shadow - how about we work towards it and assess our progress say mid march and decide then whether to enter? And by that I mean are we successfully implementing a manageable training plan, do we feel more confident in our ability to swim/bike/run, do the figures suggest that by Sept we can manage to complete the course and live to tell the tale?

  • I like your tudes guys will see you at the Boar then!

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    EcoSeal - I'm up for that but can we make it end of March? 

  • Cake wrote (see)

    image Dawn ....

    Any Cake sentence starting like that always means trouble for me. image

    Go on then, I'll join you guys in giving the Boar a shot and seeing how I go.  My biggest challenge (I think) will be to make a breakthrough with the swimming, as I'm stuck on a scrappy 50m front crawl at the moment - a little extra motivation can't hurt though.

  • I'm not doing what I should be at the mo, I am yet to take my new turbo trainer out the box, I am yet to attend a masters swim and my plan has had that many alterations it looks like a spider disco has taken place on it after an ink spillage,

    I think a fresh start is in order...........tomorrow ?

  • Throught for you kids thinking of the boar you could always sign up for the sprint in may so you can see the course

    Oh and just in case for those doing the relay of the exquiox don't it's a few weeks after. Thinking that's bags of time to recover and everything but just throught best to mention in case you havn't factored it in.

  • jumps up and down in excitement at the thought of meeting everyone at the boar image

  • ok, just back from a crisis meeting at school - things are not looking good at the moment image

    however, I did do 4 miles run/walk in the rain this morning so at least I did some training image

    I am going to do the boar - after such a rubbish year last year. I am working on my swimming because then it will gain me extra time and leave me fresher for the bike

    if all else fails walk the run

    there - race plan sorted. Just the training to do now image

    And I am doing Outlaw Half so the boar should be great fun, just a social day out really image

  • MC you can't do worse than me last year image 8:12 has to be like the slowest time ever!   I almost spent more time on the run as I did on the bike!  Not going to happen this year!

  • JPGoodboy, get that turbo out of the box, you will need to use it if the rains keeps up. My training plans are now written in pencil, it makes it easier to rub out and change things, plus I jot down what I am doing in my work diary as well.

    Wild Boar, hmm, will give it some thought.

    DS plenty of time to get the front crawl better.

    MC hope things at work are OK.

    Now if it is not raining I will go for a little run, if it is, I am doing intervals on the turbo with Chrissie W.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    DS - you are 50m ahead of me... image


  • Remember to 'push' and 'feel the burn' Steady! image 

    The Boar is gonna be fuuuun!

    Wee run done. Really need to attend the pool at some point!

  • MC - pants to the school stress, I hope the training helps take your mind off of it.

    Hi EP *waves*

    mikasa wrote (see)

    DS - you are 50m ahead of me... image

    Fingers crossed we both make good headway mikasa - my confidence ebbs and flows depending on the latest session.

    Cake - I think we have a fortnight to recover for the Equinox.

    JP - Tomorrows are tailor made for fresh starts.

    Hadn't planned on the Boar, but love the energy and looking forward to meeting lots of you there.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Spin done. Well, about 50% of it image.

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