Training for a shorter Tri



  • Yayaya no manflu!! Husband has just got over it as well - he celebrated by sitting on the turbo for an hour and a half whilst I was out with Super Caz - he noted he sweated a lot - and I was like told you it got hot quick!  Cake are you going to do the Jodrell Bank ride?

  • cake - glad you are over the manflu! 

    buttercup - good to hear your hubby is feeling better - is he getting tempted by the whole fitness thing?

    buttercup - did I dream it or have you signed up for an IM distance?

  • SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

      Cake are you going to do the Jodrell Bank ride?

    Only reason I've never done it before is the dates clashed and then didn't want to drag sarah out there is she wasn't interested. She actually asked me about that last night. Have you been up to stuff on farsebook? image

    I'd be well up for it. It's nice round there and could pop in on SA and Mrs SA if they are about.

  • Rest day for me today too. Need it as aching from my failed run yesterday. Entered the general ballot for the Great North Run as well, so going to be working on building up the running miles
  • It was SuperCaz actually Cake image I am innocent in this one but JP's Mrs is coming so I think Im getting a lift with her so I'm in if I can get there and home!  

    Not that I know of MC!! Next year chook not this year!! And it's a no to the hubby wanting to do the kinda exercise we do - he likes MTB and swimming has zero interest in running or road bikes.

  • That's weird because I thought you had signed up for a late season one. Anyway, nothing wrong with MTB, unless it involves those scary technical bits where I just want to get off and walk....but the cycling in the countryside off-road bits I like image Don't need to worry about the kids being killed by traffic so it is nice to go out with them on MTBs. 

  • Wild Boar is the last tri thing Im doing - doing Equinox 24 late September which is running event at Belvoir Castle.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Rest day for me today and I'm very glad for that. 

    Cake - sent you an email re: Equinox on 15/1 as didn't really get on with the links...

  • Another gentle 5k from the new office. Although management didn't help the diet - offering champagne, cake and free food all day. I'm going to try to get to the pool tomorrow. And I've got to work out some new running routes. 

  • Evening all - hope you are all well.

    Trying to catch up with all the training - couldn't so everyone must be doing well.

    After marathon mock marking before Christmas, had reports to write, just had AS mocks to mark and now doing GCSE coursework. Arghhh! Hope to be back soon when work not so mental.

    On a positive note I did my first parkrun and loved it! Slow but a target to work on.

    Geep running/spinning/turboing/cycling (if you are brave/crazy) and swimming.


  • Evening

    Had my first session f TRX this evening. My core and arms are killing me. Bring on wednesday for my rest day. 

  • Good to hear you are surviving the marking and coursework EmmaC. I need to do another Parkrun at some point.

    Bristolsparks, if you ache now, I dread to think how much you will ache in the morning. I keep seeing TRX advertised and am curious about trying it, but think it might just finish me off if I tried.


  • Emma - hope you survive all the marking etc. I hate marking. 

    I would love to try TRX but they don't do it round here (phew!!)


  • Done for he evening!

    tomorrow 8-9 easy miles running.

    hoping to sneak a 1-2k swim tues and a pace sessions on Thursday. Bike is redundant in the garage until spring.

    steady are you doIngrid East Gribstead? I've entered. image

  • i hate marking too!


  • Cant do Jodrell Bank now Cake - have to go to Germany instead.  Will think of you guys when I am running around Bamburg image

  • Cycle on Sunday - legs didn't want to play no idea why just one of those days I suppose image

    Rest day yesterday and today I'm off for a 5k run then swimming later.

    Mrs D - Are you doing the Cotswold women only tri? Pondering doing it again this year depending on how the swimming comes on.

  • Hi gang - loads of good things going in in here image

    Swam and ran xc this morning, lots of good elements in this morning swim, but still can't put it together to make it sustainable over 50m - lots of time yet before I need to really worry. 

    Tomorrow morning is supposed to be a bit soggy - but above freezing, hopefully that means I'll be able to get out on the bike rather than use the turbo.

  • mikasa wrote (see)

    Rest day for me today and I'm very glad for that. 

    Cake - sent you an email re: Equinox on 15/1 as didn't really get on with the links...

    Right o on lunch at the moment will take a look.

  • EP that sounds horrendous!

    Had an informal drop in this morning to look at marking and feedback - in the books! I have spent 10 hours over weekend and last night marking coursework - arghh!

    Anyway booked a load of races for spring and been looking at tris for the summer. Now I have my wetsuit I am keen to do more OW events! But still frightened of pondweed and fish!

    Very impressive training DS.

    ECO  my legs were like that on my run on Sunday - still sore now!


    EmmaC wrote (see)
    Very impressive training DS.

    Thanks, and I wish it was Emma, I'm not very good at any of it but happy to be sticking to the program.

    Congrats on the wetsuit, this year I plan to get my first one as well.


    Emma yes I am entered for East Grinstead, hope to see you there.

    I went swimming this morning and met up with my mentor Happychap, didn't get much time to talk but the swim went well.    

    Work has been a slow slog rapidly approaching deadlines, at least the evenings are not arriving so early in the day.

  • I was too busy chasing you up and down the pool Steady image

  • HC, I did notice you getting close to the toes a few times.image

    I can do an extra training session tomorrow as I have a later than normal start. image
    A turbo session will be done, just need to work out whether to go for Chrissie W telling me to" feel the burn" for either 40 or 60 minutes or just a Z2 steady pedal to some rock music. I need to remember that I have a planned Z2 run for the afternoon/evening and Thursday night will be spinning class.

    Pilates this evening, must remember to find my core muscles and take them with me.

  • well done everyone

    off to running club tonight, first time in over a year that I will have been - might not be able to do the full session but no-one will mind!

  • Just got home from work and about to head out to the gym and pool. Need to work off a packet of biscuits that I couldn't resist this afternoon. Debating getting up early tomorrow for a pre-work run...

  • I managed to get to the pool at 5pm and did 45 minutes of front crawl. Fairly successful. I need to work on my legs as the provide no forward momentum. At least now I know I can get a tuesday swim in each week. 

    I'm getting a pool mate this week to help me count the lengths. 

    I'll do another 5k run tomorrow if my legs let me. 

  • Pilates tonight was hard work but good, loads of exercises with a small ball, found my core muscles and inner thighs. I may ache in a few hours time.

  • mathschick wrote (see)

    well done everyone

    off to running club tonight, first time in over a year that I will have been - might not be able to do the full session but no-one will mind!

    How did it go MC?

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