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  • Looking at the Lichfield Sprint for April, not too far to travel from Notts and would fit nicely in to my IM build up. There's one in Leicester I may do as well - probably not both though (£££££) image

    Dawn Shadow - you can join the self teaching here, I'm relying on internet teaching though. I'm getting the hang of it and feel a hell of a lot smoother and efficient than I did do a month or two ago, have no idea if I'm getting any faster though - will have to do a 1km TT or something.

    JP - I don't mind the turbo at all! But maybe that's because I haven't experienced much outdoor stuff and it's a real ache to get the bike out to somewhere rural from here. Looking forward to the better weather though and hopefully at least a long ride outside per week

  • Today has been such a faff so glad I've only got six work days left in my current job. Just a bit grumpy and still ache can't face a run but will do another 30-40 min z2. Turbo.

    My turbo was 2nd hand off gumtree for ??20 very basic and has a habit of slipping into high resistance whenever it feels like it but absolutely love it.
  • evening all

    got up and did a 4 mile run this morning with no walk breaksimage

    I am pretty shattered though so not making the journey to Loughborough to swim without a coach, but I am going to turbo and have told OH to act like I am not here!

    I had thought of a 2 hour turbo but maybe that will be a bit much! Maybe I will do one of the longer sufferfests but not the 2 hour one!

    JP - well done on catching them up!

  • 2 hours blimey image you so hard core MC! And well done on the run chook!!

    Runmute done today legs are now officially tired image i left heart rate monitor in my locker at work so ran on perceived effort for first section and did a negative split image then when running to the uni I managed to get my cadence up to 192 spm and kept it in the 190s consistently for about 5 mins until I discovered my nice merino hat had made a break for it somewhere so I had to go back and look for it and my focus was gone image but I will take that as a win.  Need to spend more time there!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    MC - well done on your run!

    EcoSeal - when I left my last place they gave me money because I'm fussy to buy for. Could have bought a turbo but it's not much good without bike. Atm I'm paying off some course fees, then possibly a holiday but after that I might buy a bike on finance. 

    ButterCup - good running there!

    5mile easy run for me. Had to stop to check on the mobile where I was as got bit lost for a bit. It was great run as it felt easy at my easy pace and it was 5 miles! image Happy days. Starting to feel more and more confident now at the approaching HM. 

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    Mikasa, if you're working for a moderately sized company it might be worth asking if they do a bike to work scheme, they'll give you a voucher to spend at the bike shop for the amount of your choice then take it off your pay, no interest to pay either!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi Dan, got my first mtb with bike to work scheme but my current (small) company does not do this, and I'm not planning to stay with them for long anyway. Thanks though.


    MC- congrats on the non-stop running.

    Buttercup, I meant to ask last time, what is runmute?

    ElBeanpole wrote (see)

    Dawn Shadow - you can join the self teaching here,

    Cheers Beanpole image

    I should be swimming this morning as it happens, but as I've got a coaching session tomorrow, I've just had a short cross country run this morning.  

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Runmute commuting by running.

    So tired this morning but legs are feeling fine.
  • mikasa wrote (see)

    Runmute commuting by running.

    Thanks mikasa image

  • I run to the train station (8.4k) then take train to Beeston, then run from train station to Uni (3.2ishk) and at end of day I run back to the Beeston train station and catch the bus home image altho last night I missed the bus and had to run into Loughborough to catch the alternative bus so that added another km onto the total!

    Swim tonight image really enjoying the swim at the moment!

  • Hellloooo Ali! 

    All cracking on nicely it seems... image

    I've been specialing at work and doing extra so not trained today or yesterday. Absolutely shattered. Work again shortly. Could do with a weeks sleep! 

  • I have finally bit the bullet and am doing my first ever tri in July.  I just wondered if anyone could recommend a trianing plan, book or site to help me get me started.  thank you

  • What distance DD? Tri radar has some good free plans.

    Welcome btw image

  • DD whats your starting point and stuff regarding swimming biking and running? If you can focusing on your weakest one would be useful. What distance tri as well?

  • It is a sprint tri, 400m swim, 20k cycle and 5k run.  i run regularly and swim once a week.  My cycling has been very poor this last year.  It is not until July so think i have time to sort it out (i hope).  I am going to start swimming twice a week and carry on running 4 times a week.  not sure about cycling.  In all honestly i am scared to cycling in wet icy weather so don't usually go out in the winter (soft i know) but i do have a exercise bike and could go spinning.  not sure if this would help.  really need some advice really.

  • You have snotloads of time image what kind of bike do you have? A hybrid will do during the winter with nice fat tires if you dont like cycling and then swap to your roadie when the weather clears up image

  • I got up earlyish and tried the new gym at the office. 30 minutes on some spin bike thing. And not too busy. Nice. Although is it normal for lasses to make little grunt-gasp noises while doing weights?

  • I have a road bike and i am a little scared of falling.  i think i need to fall off it to get over it!  I really need to get my cycling legs back.  I can't afford to join a gym but i suppose any time i can get on a bike might be a good idea.  Is there any good books or sites that i should look at.  really grateful for all your help.


    Read Holgs's book image Can't swim, Can't run, Can't Bike

  • Welcome DD - pick quiet places and go early on say a sunday morning to miss any traffic and get out on the bike - the more confident you are the better.

    Good news today - I can use my legs again! Going to go for a slow run after work - No grump today image

    Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend and doesn't get too wet.

  • " In all honestly i am scared to cycling in wet icy weather so don't usually go out in the winter (soft i know)"

    That's not soft that's more sensible that most. image I do cycle in the winter but leave the road bike at home they don't mix well with ice.

    Confidence will come with repitition. Once the weather is better you should still have penty of time to get ready for July. image

    You might be interested in this.

    Just be careful about reading the rest of that webiste you will be brainwashed into some strange cult.

    Youve got bags of time to get the cycle legs ready. Which tri is it? If it's a hilly one you might want to think about that a little.

  • Welcome Dilly Dally, plenty of time until July, as others have said work on your weakness. I havenot been outside on my bike for a whole month due to the weather conditions so do worry about being soft. Spinning class or an exercise bike are better than nothing.

    I have been a training goddess on my day off. 2k swim this morning, did it as 100m or 200m sets. Then this afternoon headed out to do my long slow run, which was a walk/run of 6 miles being half uphill literally first 3 up then turned around and came back down, the incline was not too great a total of 300feet up then obviously 300ft down.

    I did the run today as I had done 2 bike sessions on previous days and the weather forecast originally said it was going to rain today but Sunday morning would be dry. They lied as it stayed dry and now it is due to rain all day Sunday.

    I can have my extra rest day tomorrow when Mr Steady and I go to visit his dad.

  • evening

    well done steady

    I have had a rest day today, decided I needed it

    DD - you have loads of time. Beginner Triathlete is a good website too with some training plans on

  • Was going to doing a gym session and a swim tonight, but seem to have pulled a muscle at work in a delicate area so going to skip the gym and stick with an easy swim. Hopefully be more comfortable tomorrow as planning to get the road bike off the turbo for the first time in weeks and do a proper outside ride! Payday today too, so ordered a speed/cadence sensor, so when that turns up I'm planning to sort out a TrainerRoad subscription and get some more structured turbo training done.

  • Well just did a straight 1500m, 35:09. Would have been a bit quicker but decided overtaking the wife for a 3rd time would be inviting bother for the weekend

  • 35 mins well done you image I will try to get my time down for next week DB image did 1.55 k after work - think probably did more as I had a couple of very long looking laps on the Garmin where I think I just didn't hit the lap button square on!

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    welcome DD good luck with the training


    18k run for me today, it was one of those afternoons where everything falls in place, i finished the run thinking i could do another 5k without any issues, fingers crossed this'll mean i can go sub 45 over 10k this year, the test is to see if my legs are ok for an hour turbo tomorrow, otherwise i think a bit more training is needed image

  • First brick session of the season image 45 min turbo and 60 min run z2 using Joe Friel's HR so felt very easy, good mornings work - now watching the thunder, lightening and hail come down!

  • Just attempted to do an FTP test on TrainerRoad now I've got a speed/cadence sensor. Wasn't expecting to be doing it today, wasn't really ready for it, gave up 5 minutes into the 20min max effort. I'm going to regroup and prepare myself to do it on Monday after work! Would do it tomorrow, but saving myself for an hour in the gym followed by a swim

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