Training for a shorter Tri



  • I did my coached swim session this morning. I cheated slightly by not being the first one to start each set, so I felt under no pressure to sprint the whole time.

    I have never tried to do a swim threshold test thingy, sounds even more hard work than a running or cycling one.
    I also have a Garmin that occasionally forgets that I have done a length and end up with odd figures, it is to do with not gliding enough at the start of a length when you push off. I find breast stroke or backstroke it gets confused at counting but not very often on FC.

  • I took a 5km run HR and then on a ride did a pootle warm up and then went balls out up a 7% hill that lasted a mile, did it twice just to make sure and nearly threw up so pretty sure it's accurate!

    Max is 194 which happens to be 220 - my age.

    Slightly nervous about my swim session given I could hardly walk for two days after last weeks.

  • evening

    well done Ali on the swimming - pain about not having the hat - I hate having my hair in my face too

    eco - why couldn't you walk after your swim session?? 

    I ran this morning and have been to the gym today so feeling virtuous image


  • My instructor decided I should use fins - it's like resistance work from the back down and I have weedy legs so they didn't know what had hit them.

    Good work on the run and gym image

  • Commute and swim this morning - brakes decided not to work today so took it slow on the way home image 

    Well done with the training all!

  • eeek buttercup take care without brakes

    eco - yeah, it is hard swimming in fins, I wore fins for part of the swim last night so I could keep up with the others in my lane but it was such hard work! I am still struggled to keep up after the first couple of 200s


  • I was testing the pool mate today. It says I did 40 lengths in 33 minutes which I'm most pleased with. Only 23 were fc before I had to switch to breast stroke. Still, I'm pleased with a km swim. Its the longest I've done in ages. 

    I'm going to try spin at the gym before work and a run at lunch time tomorrow. 

    Lets see how the legs are and if we get any snow over night. 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    ButterCup - riding without breaks must not be much fun.

    MC - you're doing great with your training.

    Pete - good work on the swimming.

    Gym for me today with mile warm up run. I'm counting that!

    Oooh btw, I have a perfect taper planned for the week before my HM........
    I'm going skiing! And as I haven't been for a few years, I'm sure my legs are gonna love me...image 

  • I have to swim with a slower leg kick if wearing fins otherwise I get cramp.

    Pilates worked my hip muscles and glutes a lot.

    Looking forward to a local 10km off road race on Sunday, it includes a hill known as vomit hill, for obvious reasons. I will no doubt be walking up it.

    Buttercup, eek to riding without brakes, hope there were no steep hills. Mr Steady came home and moaned that he had to ride along the pavement back to the car, as his bike lights had failed. He has now fixed them ready for tomorrow along with a saddle stem that was slipping.


  • Forgot to take my Garmin to the pool tonight, but wasn't bothered about distance or time tonight anyway. Spent some time doing the "Popeye breathing" from the Swim Smooth book, along with the "split vision" visualisation to try to stop myself lifting my head so much when breathing. Seemed to help, and my swimming seemed smoother as a result, so will keep focusing on that for a while. Also did a few lengths focused on kicking, and a few more working on my hand entering the water before my elbow, something I definitely suffer with if I'm not thinking about it.

  • I was not very good with swimming last week but hope to do 2k tomorrow.

    16 mile run on Saturday and 7 miles this evening.

    I hate fins - always get cramp!!!

  • Lots of good stuff happening in this thread, brilliant - but I think I'll forego the 'without breaks' option.

    I'm on week 4 of my Fink program, messed myself up last week in the pool. My fault, went too hard with poor form and reactivated an old shoulder injury and my golfers elbow.  That's going to need a bit of restraint and care to work through, but there was some useful learning during the process so not all bad. 

    I'm mostly being lucky with the weather right now, had a pleasant enough bike ride this morning, just a little stress on the elbow during a quick downhill bendy section.

    If my pool will allow fins, I'll give those a go over the next weeks.

  • Slept in this morning so too late for swim or cycle to work, feeling shattered so may have a rest day and catch up on some sleep tonight

    Its Coventry Parkrun's 4 year anniversary this weekend, were all running in our pyjamas, should cause a stir as I sleep in the buff image 

  • With you JP, shattered at the mo. Giving myself a good break before kicking off new plan tomorrow. 

    Hope the shoulder feels better DS! 

  • I am having an emergency rest day as well, the body is screaming to rest so I will listen for a change, but intend to go to spinning class tomorrow as normal.

  • Wow EmmaC 16 mile run and 2k swim. That's brilliant. 

    I did 6k at lunch and it was freezing. We've been having really bad winds and rain here. I'm glad I live on a hill. 

  • 5K run just complete. 27 minutes so getting quicker. Did feel some pain in the last section in my shin bones. Not sure if i just need to build up the muscles in the legs or if its the start of shin splints. 


  • EmmaC is a machine. Well done everyone

  • Hey Bristolsparks, I noticed a bit of shin pain today as well, is there a cure? I noticed if I changed my gait slightly the pain went away. 

  • Runmute this morning - think I must have slightly pulled something last night when i jumped off the bike and it became noticeable when I was running to Beeston train station this afternoon.  Yay deep heat - freezing cold today tho' am such a woose need better winter run tights!!

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    a 10k hilly speedwork run for me today, that's nearly 150km for the month, now to get the bike and swimming part sorted out too....

  • buttercup the under armour cold gear tights are lovely and warm. It hasn't really been cold enough here for me to wear them though. Only had a couple of frosty mornings (so far - I really hope I haven't tempted the winter snow now!)

    2 hour turbo today - sufferfest ISLAGIATT - hard work

  • EP - well done on the run and the weight loss. 

    I haven't lost any, but I have had a fab month of training image


  • Thank you Pete - the runs were both pitifully slow! On the 16 miler we came across a deer with a massive injury being savaged by a retriever! It was hideous - the screaming by the deer was awful. My chum climbed over fence and tried to hold the dog but just as the deer got free the dog would chase it down again.

    We now think it was a deer cull carried out poorly - shot gun wounds are horrendous and we think the dog could catch the deer because of the blood loss and weakness. It must have been going on for hours - horrific.image We phoned the police and eventually one fellow turned up but I'm not sure what they could do.

    Last night the run was hideously cold and wet and very slow. A chap in a pick up truck went through a huge puddle of filthy stinking water soaking me totally at mile 3 so I limped on and was just pleased to finish it.image

  • Ha ha Bristol - that has made me chuckle!

    A slow and slightly chubby machine image. Pleased with my 2k swim tonight. Included 400m time trial, 2 x 200m TT, 2 x 100m  TT, 2 x 50 TT and 4 x 25. All times were slower than previously - but it was in a different pool (think the other might actually be about a metre shorter?). This pool had floor right up so was shallower - think that slows you down too?

  • Well done on the weight loss EP - I'm gaining arghhh! No will power and so tired that I reach for rubbish!

    Seems we have a fair few teachers on the thread! Currently marking (ok not right now) year 13 assessments! Great!

    No cycling for me until spring Brrrrrr!

    16 miles Saturday too and the marshalling on Sunday for our club 'fun run' - need to bake a batch of ginger and lemon drizzle muffins mmmmm (might make a few extra to have at home image)

    Keep going everyone! Its going to get brighter and dryer soon (ok colder too!) image

  • Ran 5 miles tonight with Horse,avg 9'40" which I'm happy with, managed a 9'01" mile at 4 miles and felt good and I stayed in Z2 all the way  image I think I'm getting back to something like my normal self.

    Emmac, great running and to stick it out when you got drowned by the pick up, well done image

    Maths, I keep saying I'll get a couple of those Sufferfest dvd;s which one's do you reccommend?


  • Had intended to do an 8 minute test on TrainerRoad tonight, but upon getting in realised I wasn't up to it. Still got aches and pains, and busiest/longest day at work tomorrow so could do without killing myself. Although on the plus side, the snow that had been forecast appears to have disappeared. Will settle for a swim and gym after work tomorrow, and aim for the FTP test on Friday. Will need to go for a run on Sunday too, as slap up birthday meal on Saturday night that's going to involve haggis scotch egg...

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Travelling back home it was raining and cold. I kept thinking, just get home and put running gear on, that's the first step to going for a run. And I managed it. It was  a cold and wet run which probably made me run faster. 5 miles in just under an hour, 59:55. image Happy with that.

    I need some warmer running tights as well, if it's cold (and wet) my thighs are red and cold by the time I get home, same with my arms in the triceps area.

    Emma - great running, don't put yourself down, 16 miles is 16 miles!

    Great training all. image

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