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  • MC, sounds like you did the right thing in spin class. I am lucky in that the cycle club arranged the spin class and it is taken by a competitive cyclist who happens to work at the leisure centre, so our class is always serious cycling stuff (sitting/climbing or running) and no silly bits like there is in the earlier class.

    Cake well done on entering the races. I am not entering anymore events until I find out if I have a place on the Prudential London 100 mile ride in August, as that will be a huge leap in training required to achieve that after Outlaw Half.

    EP, it sounds like a challenging subject to be teaching with all the constant improvements and advances in technology.

  • The Dawn Shadow wrote (see)
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    DS hope your ok mate.

    Yeah mate, all good.  Left arm's being a bit of a pain and messing up my swim/cycle - but it'll fix sooner or later and running and turbo are still do-able. 

    Are you not doing the Ox this year?

    image same weekend as something else so can't play. Are you going for it? 

    Buttercup it's the richmond royal park half doing 23nd feb Me and sarah are in london village that weekend taking sarah's mum somewhere so thought I'd sneak out in the morning and do it. 

  • Ultra Bookie wrote (see)

    The Dawn Shadow wrote (see)

    Are you not doing the Ox this year?

    image same weekend as something else so can't play. Are you going for it? 


     That's a shame. Yes I'll be there mate, either the marathon or the ultra, not decided yet.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Regards to spin, you can always tell if the instructor is a proper cyclist or not. Thankfully Thursday lady is good in the leisure centre, will never go back on Wednesday's again will rather miss the session.


  • mikasa - yeah the spin instructor where I go is not a cyclist at all, or a runner, or particularly fit for that matter! I think she might be some kind of accountant that does spin and zumba classes on the side!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    image My Wednesday one was definitely a gym bunny or class bunny. Fit as fiddle but totally nuts on the bike,not sure if she could ride one outside.

  • talking about riding outside, I really should but not this weekend it is far too cold!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    It was lovely day here today and tomorrow's supposed to be sunny too so swim and bike ride planned for me. You're in Notts aren't you? Is it really that cold over there?

  • the wind is really cold - took my son out to his guitar lesson this afternoon, I zipped my coat right up to my chin and still felt the cold!

  • It was bitter cold Mikasa and really windy today (still is and now there is rain too).

  • Cold here too! Purchased a fleece to wear under my coat during marshalling duties.

    I have made ginger muffins with lemon drizzle and heart shoed lemon shortbread for the runners too! Wanted to post a picture but not very good at doing it!


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Lovely sunny mild morning here. Sorry...

    Went for swim this morning and tried this Swimtag they provide. Didn't bother to count my lengths, should've as missed out on doing 800m. 23 legths = 759m. It's quite cool this swimtag, shows which stroke you've done, rests etc.

    Annoying thing was, the sauna was not warm when we finished. The person who was responsible for putting it on was not at work and it was put on late. image





  • Thanks for the birthday wishes folks! Had a good one, though feel I need to get some serious work done to burn off the meal from last night. Definitely over indulged!

    Was considering getting out on the bike earlier, as the sun was shining and it wasn't windy. Now the wind has picked up and clouds have set in, so time to sort out the FTP test on the turbo later instead

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I want to go for a bike ride today but bf knackered his legs my going for too long a  run yesterday. He usually only goes for 30 mins as he's got some foot problems and has bought those minimalist shoes. Yesterday he didn't plan his route and ended up running 11km ( I think he was just jealous that I'd done 9 miles =14.5km and was trying to show off image). 

    Unfortunately, I need to go shopping for trail shoes and maybe some skiing gear as well and not sure how late it's gonna be when we get back, going to Reading. So, if my only choice later is to go to the gym and cycle on the gym bike, that's still better than not going at all? Surely... Not sure if you can use the spin bikes if there are no classes, they're in a separate room next to the gym.

  • Am doing my turbo to the rugby later in the day when my brunch has gone down a bit image it's quite sunny outside today image but my motivation extends to the turbo no further lol.

  • afternoon all

    EP - well done on the weight loss and the run/walk

    well, pleased with myself cos I got up in the dark and went out and did 10 miles run walk image did 60 sec run 30 walk which had been suggested on the Jeff Galloway thread and actually it was tougher than I thought because the 30 sec walk sections went so quickly. A beautiful morning to be out, I had expected the same cold wind as yesterday, but quickly took the jacket off as I was too warm. Nasty headwind as I was going uphill though, and I had to go up the same hill 4 times as I was doing a loop near the leisure centre so I could nip in to top up my water and use the loo when I needed to!

    swimming tonight

  • I ran a very slow 10 miles this morning in the sunshine  image 10'33" avg, I was tempted to walk a few times but kept plodding on, 1hr 46mins.

  • Turbo done 2hrs - ironically watching Scotland loose was more painful (it's still going but I doubt they can find 22points in the two mins left image )

  • Got the 8 Minute test done on TrainerRoad at last. Got a low result of 152, so going to start on one of the 4 week base training plans, and then retest after that. The speed/cadence sensor seemed to drop out a few times too, so not sure if that had an impact on the result. Hammered home though how much turbo sessions are a mental effort as well as physical. Wanted to pack it in a couple of times and just had to tell myself to shut up, man up and get on with it.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Durhambiker - I'm sure turbo is better than the gym bike.

    But that is all I had time for after totally failed shopping trip. There is no Moti running shop in Reading anymore! image And in Decathlon I probably tried all the ski boots they have in stock. The only two that fit me had problems as wel, first ones were more for beginners and second pair were too big. image Had a lovely sauna after the gym bike though.

    And, bf wants a turbo trainer as well so we're buying one. Anyone know if this one is any good?

    How does the trainer road work? And what kind of speed/cadence sensor do you need to work with? 


  • You'll need an ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor, and an ANT+ USB stick. I actually went with the Decathlon sensor: as it's far cheaper than the Garmin equivalent. Already had a USB stick from my Garmin 910XT. Then sign up to TrainerRoad, tell it what trainer you're using, get it set up with the sensors and away you go. It trains on power, so it uses the speed sensor along with data on the specific turbo you're using to work out how much power you're putting out. Different workouts will have different power profiles to follow, so you use the initial test to work out what your threshold power is, which is then used to scale subsequent workouts.

  • I have this one it's very quiet and does the job.

    I don't have a cadence sensor - I have a number of songs that beat at around 90rpm and work with that whilst trying to keep it in z2.

  • I have the elite elastogel turbo, a garmin cadence sensor and don't have trainer road - I either watch a video or do a sufferfest, normally sufferfest as if I am watching something else I don't always work hard, but videos are good if I just want a gentle session 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    cheers guys, I think for starter I'll just use to get some steady rides in and I can do that in the morning before going to work. We're going to set it up on the balcony so probably can't watch stuff to start off with. 

    Had a look at the trainer road but it's $10 a month,isn't it? I think I'll rather do something like  sufferfest.

  • DB - With regards to trainer road i have a garmin 910xt and have the cadence sensor attached to my back wheel. I have the ant+ from the watch but do i need to buy anything else to make it work? I have a blue motion turbo



  • If you've already got the ANT+ sensors and USB, you just need to sign up and get the trainerroad software setup and you're good to go. You'll need to close the Garmin ANT Agent software to allow trainerroad to pick up the signal though
  • Mikasa- I looked at the one you have a link to, but went with this one in the end

    I was advsed it is quieter and better quality, I have done around 15 hours on it so far and it is quiet and easy to use image

  • Mikasa which ever one you get make sure you use it as a excuse to watch rugby all weekend I've been getting away with that for years. image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys, not sure what we're going for yet but the one I linked is £149 collected from store.

    Cake - I don't need excuses to watch rugby, bf is very much into it. image

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