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  • Well done Mikasa, DB, it's horrible in the wind if your not used to it but you soon get to grips with it, I've been cycling to work most days and it's been the hardest week on the bike I've had for ages.

    Bristolsparks, the cup of tea is very important, I feel it's an essential part of my training routineimage

    done a ride in the wind this morning, I never understand how I always seem to be cycling into the wind while cycling a complete circuit,  struggled through a very slow 30 miles but it felt like 100, legs like lead and a bottomless appetite, looking forward to a rest day tomorrow

  • well I haven't done anythng yet! Went to get the kids, did supermarket shopping, some bits and pieces and then felt so tired I had a snooze! Will be off to swimming tonight though!

    well done on the bike/turbo those that have done it!

  • MC, supermarket on a Sunday is tougher than any windy bike ride, I wouldn't swap image

  • Swimming done. Only managed 500m as i was getting annoyed with all the kids and parents being nobs and taking up the lanes. Life guards are a joke. Sometimes i wonder if its worth joining virgin but its twice the price. 

  • I decided next weekend needs some hills image so will essentially be four loops of the Mt St Bernard Abbey hill and Beacon Hill then home again - my leggies will love me on Monday!  Husband is going to London on Sunday so have swapped my rest day from Sunday to Saturday! image 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done to all the bikers.

    It was a lovely weather here but I was tired in the morning so no swim. (I'm very good at the resting bitimage) Then had to help bf pack cos' he's going to France for work for 3 weeks (I'll be all on my lonesome image) Though I do get a weekend in Toulouse for that. image

    But I'm impressed how I'm slowly getting more self motivated getting runs done even if not at perfect times. When I'd driven bf to the station at 4, I went for my 10 mile run. Still 9:1 run/walk. I also studiously kept closer to my slow run pace and it felt good. Had to stop couple of times cos got lost and some roads didn't have pavements on the side, so hard to find new routes in a small town.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    ButterCup - you're already doing 60mile hilly rides? Jeez I'm so far behind on the bike...I really need to get out on it, today would've been perfect but will def go next weekend.

  • Mikasa that is the plan image we will see how long it takes me to do all those hills!!

  • Dragged myself up to the gym for a swim. Previous PB for 400m was 8:28.2. Tonight I forced myself not to look at the Garmin until I'd finished the 400m. Now my PB is 7:57.2

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Durhambiker - you're so fast!!! What were your tri plans for this year?

  • Wow Durham- very good time!

    Mikasa - if it makes you feel better p, I haven't been on my bike since September!

    Very muddy parkrun on Saturday and 14.5 very slow and hilly miles this morning!

    Rest day tomorrow and parents eve Tuesday! image

    Have a good week everyone!

  • Thanks folks, was quite pleased with myself I have to admit. Still got a long way to go too, plenty of work left to do on my stroke and fitness (and the amount of water I'm displacing...)

    Plans for this year so far are First of the Summer Tri (hilly sprint distance), Ullswater Triathlon (Olympic-distance), possibly the Newcastle Triathlon (Olympic-distance), the Last of the Summer Tri (re-run of the First, but back end of the season), and possibly, possibly, perhaps, maybe, the Bamburgh Castle half-iron.

  • wow, Durham, well done on your 400m time, that is fast!

    mikasa - don't forget that buttercup is doing the outlaw bike leg. I haven't been outside on a bike for a few months!

    Brilliant swim tonight, after a long warm up (tends to be around 800m) we did 3 times 100m followed by 6 timed 50m, kept the 100m consistently at 2:08 and the 50s at 61secs - not in DB's league but I am really pleased with that. 


  • Well done you MC my best this year over 100m is 2.37!  Am so slow!  But tbh I know I can get around the 1.9k in under the cut off so I'm not as worried about it this year and feeling like the bike and run is where I need to focus my attentions - hence the hilly ride on Sunday - which you are welcome to join me for if you want - it wont be stunning scenery just hills, hills and more hills - I'm selling it aren't I? image  

  • Just had an email informing me I was successful in the Great North Run ballot. Better start running some more then!
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    The only thing for me starting to come together is running. But as I'm not properly swimming or biking, that's not much of  a surprise. image

    Durhambiker - well done! When is Great North run?

    My abs are aching from yesterday's run, legs are fine...

  • 7th September, so plenty of time to get ready
  • I was out today for a short run after 10 days off to see if the pain in my leg went away.  I didn't get any pain in my leg, although my knee felt stiff.  I'll keep the runs short for a week or two and see how it goes.

    Swimming tomorrow...I've just realised that the swim sprint distance is 750m...I guess I need to extend my 400m swim sessions a bit...

  • buttercup - I think the swimsmooth sessions have been helping me to improve - plus I do the masters sessions 2 or 3 times a week, so my swim training it is pretty intensive.

    DB - well done on getting in to the Great North Run

    buttercup - might see what the weather forecast is like, plus we have lots of family stuff going on - I need to meet up with my sister as she might be able to help me escape my current employment and get a job elsewhere, also need to take eldest son clothes shopping, which won't be much fun, but Nottingham on a Sunday is the best chance to get him stuff. 

    well, as I missed my long run yesterday I have done 2 runs today to make up for it (I was going to get up extra early and do one long run but that didn't happen!). I have been toying a bit with the Jeff Galloway run/walk method and someone suggested doing 30/30 - 30 sec run/30 sec walk. It was brill - maintained an overall 13m/m pace and did 11 miles over the 2 runs without the legs, and crucially, my knee, hurting. I am so pleased, I think this is definitely a way forward for me to cover the longer distances. image

    however, it did mean that I spent time after work running and so am going to end up skipping my swim session tonight, but I think it was important for me to get the run in. 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done on your runs MC and Evil Pixie.

    I've enjoyed my rest day.image

  • Little jog out in the cold. Nasty nights end of week - boo! Good luck with the hills Buttercup! 

    Good to hear knees holding up Maths and Pete. 

    EP, I'm crazy slow. Don't worry! You're getting it done. 

    Nice someone here successful with a ballot image Well done DB.

  • Ok, so unfortunately East Leake is a no go. Appears am doing the Forest of Dean Half Marathon the same day. Gotta love a hilly off road half! image

  • Good morning all image

    Mrs D - Great stuff, I'd much rather do off road than a road run, which is a shame as my next half is a road run - but I like to play so it'll be fun anyway.

    My arm is I think getting better by degrees, so hopefully another week or 2 and it'll be near to okay.  It's hard to stay disciplined when I need to get away from the turbo and do some road miles to keep pace with the program.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    How closely are you following the Fink plan? On the half Fink there are two rest days and I would have to give up the spin class, not that that's done in Z2.
  • Hi mikasa, *waves*

    I'm only doing the 'Just Finish' Fink as I'm only doing an IM relay this year.

    I'm following the running and biking/turbo pretty much as prescribed.  except I do one longer run every 2 or 3 Sundays to keep me on course for my half in March.

    I can't do the swimming well enough to do his programs correctly, but I was doing the total distance asked only in 25/50m chunks and taking a lot longer than his estimation.

  • I'm not following a programme for Triathlons - mmm think perhaps I should.

    Any suggestions?

  • What distance are you doing Emma? Im doing a modified just get round fink (full iM) so I get enough cycling in for the Outlaw relay.  I ran in the rain and wind this morning - am so freaking hard core man image had to force myself out the door tho'!

  • I'm on a double rest day, I cant take a deep breath without wimpering, I'm not used to sit ups image

  • How are we all?

    Managing a good amount of training at the moment and trying to hold some consistency,

    Day off yesterday after a 3 hour turbo on Sunday, had a good swim this morning too. Looking forward to pay day, may have to be followed by a race entry or two!

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