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  • Good morning image

    Great stuff Pete, I love that kind of run.

    In keeping with the sunny weather, I'll be positive and say things are generally going in the right direction at the moment.

    I had a nice cani-cross run this morning that went well, the weekend sportive provided a bit of needed confidence on the bike and while my arm is still not properly sorted yet, I'm seeing the physio on Saturday and I'm hoping he'll be positive about me starting back in the pool again. 

    My plan is to get a few coached sessions using the pools own staff to concentrate on my rotation, recovery etc. to help minimise the risk of further injury. 

  • morning image

    pete - I love running under a starry sky

    resting my legs today so just the swimsmooth session tonight

  • Morning all - no bike last night was quite tired when I got home image going for a run tonight - suspect im not eating enough of the right carbs to meet my needs - as I feel better this morning after eating potatoes last night and my porridge this morning! Will be tweeking the diet!

  • Morning,  update on the new bike, I have once again changed my mind. After having a go on the Boardman road pro, I found I didn't like it, the large felt to big and the medium felt too small even though theres not much between them, and I know I can adjust things but I wasn't feeling it, I felt a bit sad untill I found this little flyer................$HDC_LargeProductModule$

    Boardman Road Team Carbon Bike Limited Editio
  • And its on special for £899, and I have 10% discount, picking it up today   yay

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hello all,

    EcoSeal - good progress on swimming and great times! Starting to live up to your name. )

    ButterCup - Great time for a hilly run. Glad you were sensible and rested last night. We need no more injuries.

    Alibear - rubbish ITB band. Wishing you a quick recovery!

    Steady - keep it steady!

    Pete - that's commitment going for a run that late, well done!

    I'm getting bit peeved off with nothing to do...But I will be resting till next week and then thinking about cycling. Physio said next week I can start brisk walking! imageThat's what used to be normal!  But hip flexor is still hurting when walking so rest rest bloody rest!


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    JP, a white bike, you do know that you will have to wash it after every ride. My hybrid is white and it shows every bit of dirt.

    I am looking forward to spin class tonight even though I have to take it easy. I am icing and foam rollering and stretching as instructed, so should be OK.

    Mikasa, I may do my long run this weekend as a medium walk, just to ensure I do not flare up any other muscles.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    JP - looks lush! 

  • I did a lunch time run, 4th day on the trot for running, but I tried an unfamiliar route, missed a turn and ended up back at the start after only a couple of km. But at least it was a run.

    I'm sure all those of you nursing an injury are tired of hearing it, but you really have to rest.  Are you allowed to do stretching?  I know I don't do enough of it.  It might be a good time to get in to a routine of stretching that you can continue once you're back.

    Nice Bike JP.

  • image mmmmmm carbon fibre. Nice one JP what you going to call it?

  • Well I've not got to run for two weeks so that will give me two weeks to train for the Manchester marathon on the 6th April, my longest run before my injury was 10 miles. image. No problem I'll just wing it Pirate style.image
  • Razor I did a half a few weeks ago but other than that not done more than 6 miles since I did stockport 10 so you won't be last. If you want I can give you a piggy back going round through? image

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    I can start training from tonight but gentle, on instruction from those that put me back together again. Then I can build it up again and do all the exercises both stretching and strengthening.

    I have to keep thinking and correcting my posture, along with not sitting at the PC for too long without a break.

    Pirate style for the marathon sounds vaguely possible Razor, after all I did the Outlaw as relay and managed to walk the marathon in 7 hours. Depends what your mind thinks of that as an idea and also what you want to do for the rest of the year.

  • razor - just make sure you don't end up getting carried away on the day!

    my longest so far for Llanelli on the 13th April has been 15 miles, but planning on 18 this weekend, the Loughborough half the weekend after, then 20 then taper. I am doing run/walk and determined to do it, even if I end up walking a fair bit at the end...

    need to start getting outside on the bike too. A bit worried about all the potholes though

  • Maths if you worry about the potholes to much you won't get out there. Potholes are sh*te but just something that has to be put up with.

  • yeah, I am planning on a ride this Saturday, it is light enough now in the mornings to get a ride in before all the family saturday stuff (and swimming) take over

  • Any excuse not to train, Pixel

  • Was that when you did a 360 in your cmax on the motorway? Talk about Fast and Furious :P

    I am fine, hope that you are well also

  • Awesomeness, the IM was not worthy of you, obviously.

    err, teach? I knew you were fearless but that's a bit OTT.

  • Wow, sounds like an epic tale, point me at your post on it and I'll stop cross-threading :P

  • ah the jedi master sets her padawan a challenge to go search.


    IT teachers; never give up :P

  • Got new trainers and no running  image

  • 1.5 hrs z2 on the turbo - was meant to be 1.45 hrs run tonight but I just couldn't face it after work today.  Small run tomorrow before work.  Will get the long run in on Sat before a session on the turbo whilst the rugger is on.  Decided after the LB half I really need to get my head back on re swimming - haven't been for one since I got sick.  

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Razor the new shoes will stay clean and bright for a little bit longer, then you can get them dirty.

    I have done my little spin, now icing and stretching before bed.

    EP take care of your foot, sounds like the daft thing I would end up doing.

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