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  • DB - let's hope the weather is better this year - the inaugural event was cancelled on the morning of the race last year, it was biblical. I'm in again this year as is my husband so we can have a mini pirate party image

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • What else can they change? bring it back around the lake? every where else has cars and last year i dodged tractors on the run image Ive signed up for the sprint EP but the Boar will have to wait until later on image will keep an eye the entries tho' image

    Yay Manimal good working under stink conditions!  MC I looked at that too….

  • Aye fingers crossed for decent weather. Going to get it entered and then train for it, and if it goes wrong try to find an alternative!

  • A very painful Manchester Marathon, things were going well, we running 9'30" -9'40" min/mile pace then at 7 miles my back decided start playing up.image I was struggling to keep up with Horse so I told him to go on which he did reluctantly. I then started to get worse but said to myself  "I'll  get to halfway and see how I feel"  I was now running about 800 mts and walking 400mts so I knew it was going to be a long painful day.image

    Well 13 miles came and went, I'll run/walk to the 14 mile marker, that also came and went and thats how it went reaching for the next mile. at 15 mile my feet were numb  and my calfs were starting to cramp, this I put down to my unnatural running gait due to trying to protect my back.

    By now my run was getting shorter and the walking was getting longer and each mile seemed to take for ever  I was running like a duck, waddling sort of sideways. The only thing keeping me going was Cake was still behind me somewhere and the fact I have never had a DNF.

    I was now into the last couple of miles and I couldn't run any more so it was more of a half hearted speed walk but it was getting me there. with 500mts to go to the finish , Cake came up alongside me and asked if I was ok and stayed with me for a few minutes then said  " I'm going on cos I'm no getting beaten by you"   Typical. image so with 200 mts to go Horse met me and gave me a big hug which lifted me off my feet and caused my left calf to lock solid "ooooouuuucccchh, so with Horse and Sarah ( Cake's wife) pulling and pushing my foot they eventually sorted it out so off I went down the finish chute, and finally crossed the line in 5' 42" unofficial time. image

    I have never been so glad to finish a race in all my competing days. It was a tough day made harder by the fact I hadnt put the miles in due to injury.

    Horse finished in 4'50" ish and Cake must have in 5 Minutes ahead of me.

    A great event and wonderful support from the crowds and marshalls.

  • Well done razor, having had a painful day myself just doing the half , I cant imagine having to run another 13 again ...Respect image

  • Good one Razor, probably not wise.....but a finish is a finish. Is there any race that Cake isn't in?image

  • Rest up Razor. Well done for the finish, sounds painful though! image

    Congrats Manimal for sticking it do the man! You rest up well too!

    How you doing DB? 

  • Cheers Guys,

    I think I am wearing every bit of compression kit that I own  image

    DB, yeah, he pops up everywhere. How you doing mate?

  • Razor - you contacted the Karen Green Foundation yet? image 

  • Well done sticking it out Razor, sounds like it was rough. What was the Manchester course like? From Manchester originally, and might consider it as a marathon debut next year if I decide to go for the full iron distance.

    Well just got in from a quick swim. As I was walking in from the car park saw that one lane was being used by a couple doing side-by-side heads up breaststroke chatting away, but the other lane was empty. By the time I got in, the other lane also had 2 people doing very slow side-by-side breaststroke, having a natter. Why do these people get in the lanes?

    Stuck it out for 400m in 8mins 18secs then got fed up of trying to dodge the muppets so got out. Training plan for the Bamburgh half kicks off tomorrow, with a rest day (I love it when a plan comes together!). And from Thursday for a week it's a Costa Del Sol early Spring training camp, so cycling on lovely smooth Spanish roads with breathtaking views, and swimming in the sea.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done Razor and Manimal and Cake and Horse!

  • Razor in swaddling clothing? Pirate logo no doubt! LOL.

    Am back up to 5K walk/running in a shade over half an hour and just made my longest bike of 17 miles on a not totally flat route (maxed out at 10% gradient which was really hard). Swim is non existent and last attempt was knackered after 25 metres! LOL. But it's coming back gradually.

    Am about ready to do a 20 miler ride up round Mytchett and Normandy if anyone fancies it?

    Aiming for a (slow) sprint by end of season if I am lucky. Maybe Crawley, which was great the last time I did it. Saffers can take the piss. Wonder if Cake will be in it?image

  • Good to hear things on the up DB image

    D-biker - can't beat a bit of lane rage! 

    Mikasa - how are you bird?

    Quick question peeps. I have not been doubling up in sessions in a day due to shift work. I refuse to get up at 4.30am and would not sleep if trained after work @ if lucky 10pm. I am gonna have to start though. Is it just best to do these on my days off? 

  • Good job Razor - a finish is a finish!  

    Mrs D - possibly how do you feel about doing that?

  • Mrs D when I worked shifts I could only do a session after an early or before a late or night, wouldn't even contemplate doubling up. You could do them on your days off or you could use your days off for long sessions and keep to singles in the week. Do your shifts follow a pattern or are they quite random? Is it a HIM you're aiming for this year?

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • razor - well done, hope you aren't hurting too much this morning

    well done to cake and horse too

    DB - good to hear you are getting stronger.

    Had a good swim last night - this tapering is good, as I wasn't knackered after a long run earlier in the day I had loads of energy for swimming!!

    need to keep up the biking though really as next week we are on holiday and I am beginning to get a bit worried about not having done much biking - I have done a lot of turbo I guess! Not as much as last year though. My plan is that when we get back from hols I will have a shortish bike ride on Easter Sunday (we'll be visiting in-laws so can't go out for hours that day) then a longer one Easter Monday and keep up the long ones till taper time for Outlaw Half. Not ideal but should be ok, and I won't be running as much so can bike more....

    MrsD - maybe the key is to make sure that the sessions you do do on your working days are 'quality' - so no junk miles on either bike or run (or swim) but don't do too much hard work and end up injured. But you could do intervals on the bike one day and a tempo run the next I would have thought. But  I am not an expert and don't have the same experience as some others on here....Also depends  suppose on what you need to work on most - if you need to knuckle down on the bike, schedule in some quality bike sessions and do easy run sessions just to keep the run ticking over?

  • My shifts are random, completely rotational from earlies, lates to nights. I struggle to do anything whilst on nights. But that has been ongoing. Tend to use as rest days. Do something before the first and on rest day of last night. I find it tiring as my body clock never really settles down to a routine. 

    I am aiming for HIM this year. Worry can I do enough with single sessions. Tend to use my days off to get gym sessions in alongside either run of swim. 

    I think if I could get up early enough (I am shocking in the morning). Doubling up on days off would be ok as would not feel that it took over my day. I'm hoping that now MrD is also playing long rides/runs will feel like a 'jaunt out'. I dunno, am I just panicking? 

    Thanks for your advice peeps image

  • Bricks are better than nothing chook - just make what you do quality! image 

  • I know bean. I get them done! Got a weird mix of stuff I'm aiming of this year so think I'm just panicking image

  • You can easily train for a HIM on singles Mrs D but I would suggest using your days off for your long sessions and fitting the others around your shifts and how you feel so either a rest day or swim the day after your long sessions (assuming you get your two days off together usually?). I would work your week around the sessions that need to be fitted in somewhere - long bike, long run and a quality swim session (if just one a week doing intervals within a long session but as you're training for a 1900m swim you can get away easily with a 2k swim set as your max); then focus on your weakness so if it's cycling then an hour on the turbo incorporating intervals or threshold work; if it's running then an hour run session with some fartlek or with some tempo miles; then fill with more run and bike volume - Z2 turbo sessions, easy runs and some brick sessions if you running off the bike difficult.

    If you have some spare time you can keep good run volume with extra 30 minute easy runs so the afternoon of a long bike session or if you can make yourself do it a 30 minute easy run when you've got up after a night shift.

    Hope that helps.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • MrsD - you do get used to getting up early, but if you are worn out after a difficult shift and need the sleep, then sleep is more important! In my job if I am a bit tired and grumpy and make a mistake then there aren't the same consequences as in your job! 

     Also, remember that what you need to do depends on what you want to achieve at the HIM - just get round or try for a good time? The good time option requires a lot more training than the get round option. Your run is already at half mara level so focus on bike and swim and don't panic


  • I haven't fully read back yet but the jist of it seems that there was some hardcore pirating going on, good training and some painful massages. 

    Last week started great but went down hill when I was hit with my first migraine in 10 years whilst driving on the M42.  Had to be rescued from Hopwood services and only now feel back at 100%.


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Razor, good finish. Get your back sorted, I used photo evidence to explain how my foot stuck out and the osteopath found the problem, she luckily has a few ironman clients so understands our need to exercise.

    Well done on rebel running in Sheffield.

    Enjoying my rest day apart from having a Mr Steady as a poorly peep at home feeling grotty and sick, so many bugs going round at the moment.

    Dustboy you are already beating me at 5k for running. I could come out for a ride, may have to ride there, do the loop and get the train part way back to give me a long ride.

  • Manimal very well done for yesterday and hope your foot's ok.image

    Razor hows the calf today mate was brilliant to meet you. Promise I'll stick a race report up sorry had the day from hell today work wise.

    Where's Crawley?

  • I put my road bike in for a service in January so that it'd be ready for the season, but now the back brakes catch...they did say that they'd adjusted the brakes...wrongly it seems.  I'm off to fix them...the youtube video made it look easy...expect much swearing and panicing if this goes wrong...

  • First Triathlon done, harder than I thought as realistically not done enough on the bike, swim in pool went well, the hills in clitheroe were undulating and Jeffrey Hill was beyond me. The run was soo muddy and I fell twice, although sliding down the hill on my arse was quicker than running! Going to sign up for Southport Olympic distance now as it's local to me and the course is flat, going to train hard and next year do myself justice in Clitheroe image 


  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Well done Scouse Elvis. I will not try the sliding down hill 'cos its faster than running trick unless it is by accident.

    Pete, I did not hear any swearing down in the south so presume all is now well in the braking department.

    Cake, Crawley is down in Sussex near Gatwick Airport.

    Good luck at the docs EP, hope you could hear that.image

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