Training for a shorter Tri



  • It's been tough I won't lie to you
  • Buttercup - you may want to have a look at the climbing in Derbyshire thread - planning a day out on Friday, Cake suggested that you and I may be riding around the same speed - could potentially offer a lift if required.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • Will have a look image Top arrived today - thank you!

  • image I'm thinking depending on what people want to do there are a few people on this thread who might be interested in a bimble around derbyshire if any good? With luck I'm going to be doing stupid miles so I can get some sticker's but happy to meet up with folks whatever the distance or speed. Just nice to muckabout.

  • I'm looking for about 4 hours at around 16 - 17mph (but will be slower if hilly!).

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • DB - I love that area, there are some beautiful places round there. Enjoy your last moments

    Hopefully I will be in a fit state to get some cycle miles in at the weekend, to be fair my legs are fine but I have been a bit weary, though today not as bad as yesterday so should be fine. We aren't back till Sat pm though so won't be able to join in a Friday Derbyshire ride image

    mikasa - if you swapped the hybrid tyres and put some slicker tyres on it might speed it up a bit for your for wild boar. Don't think I have enough experience to offer much advice though! What kind of speed do you go on it? I would have thought if you can average about 12/13mph you would be fine

  • oh, and slightly exciting, I have been emailed by onestepbeyond asking if they can do a little feature on me as a local athlete doing Outlaw - they want to try to encourage people to use Southwell as a base for coming and doing reccy rides to avoid people using HPP and heading out on the A52 in crazy traffic. 

  • mikasa some halfs don't let you us a bike that's not a racer just in case I'm not sure if the boar is one of them and doublt it will be because of there attertude but I'd check there website. doing it on one is very doable but will be harder going than on a road bike. So if you do do it you get top bragging right's. The course isn't bad and can't see any reason why you couldn't. Just means we will have to all get you a ice cream after. Chillibean did trenthan half on a hybrid a couple of years ago and beat me so all about the engine at the end of the day and not always about the bike.

  • Buttercup, all the best people are born this week!

    MC - a celebrity? 

  • Blimey, it's all going on. DB - sounds like you struggled through it image Well done!

    MC - sounds cool. Where will it appear?

    Cake - that list appears fairly restrained for you image

    I had a pootle out to Cheltenham and back on the bike today. Was lovely. Got lost a couple of times but really didn't care. Went to visit a previous patient who had been really sick. She looks fab now image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    No biking yesterday. Had to cook and get stuff ready for the weekend. Busy,busy. Long drive ahead after work today. Going to Nant Yr Arian first, then Coed Y Brenin. Hope the weather holds. 

    Happy birthday to peeps who have birthdays this week, Pete and ButterCup.

    Have a good weekend training everyone!

  • MrsDigger (aka sicknote) wrote (see)

    Blimey, it's all going on. DB - sounds like you struggled through it image Well done!

    Cake - that list appears fairly restrained for you image

    image I havn't included the local fell races as didn't think you guys would be interested in travel mid week. image

    image Happy Birthday imageimageimage

  • Yeah getting on in my old age image went to physio this morning he basically went your knees move towards the centre when you run and when you bike caused most probably by the fact you have very flat feet and don't wear orthotics.  

    He spent a good 10 -15 mins rubbing my inner thigh (quite painful - he was surprised by the strength i had in my legs when my groin was so very tight apparently i unknowingly been compensating), followed by some acupuncture and strapping.  He then sent me away with instructions to foam roll and single leg squats twice a day and to come back next week image was a bit limpy coming out the office image

    70 lengths in the pool today - think that's enough today!

  • buttercup - hope the physio helps. Well done on the swim

    might go for a short run along the seafront in a bit, we have been out visiting castles etc today image

    mikasa - have a great holiday, hope the traffic isn't too bad!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Good news about physiotherapist.


    I seem to have survived my run yesterday even though I failed to stretch until very late last night. Been up in London today, so only just escaped from the office. Tonight is supposed to be cycling but I need to go to the

    supermarket for the weekly shopping so tomorrow looks much more likely.  


    Enjoy the weekend folks.

  • 3 mile run, first run post marathon and nothing hurt image

  • Good Lord Buttercup, your previous post was like an episode of innuendo bingo image  Have a top weekend honey! Xxx

    Top work on the running ladies. Glad all parts holding up!

    impromptu OW swim tonight. MrD in a lake in a wetsuit. So proud image


  • Well I survived Spain. Back to reality today. Even had to get the taxi from the airport to drop me off at work to pick my van up ready for going back on Tuesday, back to Earth with a bang. Didn't stick to the Fink half plan strictly as such, but did enough. More than enough cycling (hard not to out there to be honest, lovely roads, amazing views) and about the right amount of running. Swimming took a bit of a hit but we'll pull that back now that we're home. Was happy to note tonight though that I've now got enough light to get an hour plus out on the bike after work though

  • Up bright and early - off to find some hills image I may be some time.

  • Good planning EP! 

    3.15hrs later of quite hilly Beacon Hill/Deans Lane repeats on the bike.  Numpties out for the Good Friday morning in their flash cars ignoring everyone else on the road - grrr.  But lovely day to be out biking - frozen feet tho' image can feel my butt and hip now! 

  • I eat about half hourish before I leave giving it time to settle then depending on what else I have done e.g. running or swimming I have a banana or yoghurt afters.

  • Cracking day out there today! Nearly as nice as Spain was. Just got back from today's bit of training, a half hour easy run. Decided to head for the local woods, and glad I did as the bluebells have started to appear. If this weather carries on then training will be a delight!

  • I get up at 5.20am and have left the house by 6.15 usually - there's always time for priorities Pixie and me being feed and watered is kinda high on the list image



  • afternoon all

    spent the day on the Gower, Rhossili beach and walking around Worms Head, beautiful day, but sad because we have to come home tomorrow

    EP - when I have biked to work before (last year when OH was made redundant) I just had a banana before setting off and took a bagel to have when I got to work. You could leave a change of clothes at work the day before so you don't have to carry so much in a backpack. Have fun at the skills course


  • Pippi LSPippi LS ✭✭✭

    Another teacher beyond tired here  - first day off = bliss! Stil very tired and felt a bit woozy this morning so bike ride postponed till later in the weekend! Cross trained in the garden centre and the garden instead ... What a lovely day! (last Easter I was thigh deep in snow on the Pennine Way ... that was fun too, just different)

  • Oo... Weighed in. Stayed the same image

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