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    Ooo, drop back weeks. I remember those from running and in my experience I tend to naturally have a drop back due to life and other things (does this week count, since I am ill?). I do need to be more mindful of it though and wonder if my illness is partly my body saying "hang on a minute guv - i'm not used to this!" though I would retaliate with "get used to it!!" ....if I weren't so shattered....... !

    Clairey - hello! Don't worry about speed at all, because your legs will be jelly after the ride and as much as you will want to run fast, it won't feel fast in the race (in my experience anyway - 2 sprint tris, 4 years apart!). If anything, run slower to help you run for longer. I used to build up by 5-10 minutes a week on my running and learnt that time on feet is far more important than distance. You may also want to try a run straight after a bike session, just to get used to the sensation.
  • Hi Clairey! Welcome. Great to have you join us. Sorry, I was typing when you posted and missed it.

    Umm, I'm not very experienced, but would deffinitely advise you go to for a base. How much running have you done so far? Or are you building from scratch? Many find a run/walk programme helps best. They have some beginners training programmes in Runners World site. I used the Bupa one. 


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    Ha ha Chili - "not too far cos I haven't learnt how to change a tyre"

    I forgot about how difficult it is to eat while running, but yes, eating with mouth open sounds familiar!
  • Hi Clairey, unless your going for elite I wouldn't bother to much about speed for now. Start building your base like JEvaNs said by time instead of distance and do some brick sessions. Which means when you get back from bike ride go for a run straight away, again start small 10 minutes you will be surprised how strange and hard it is image

    Chilibean, only 3 jelly babies lol I normally take 12/16 with me image just be careful on hot days cause you'll end up with one big one lol imageimage
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    A jelly toddler!
  • Thanks guys - was hoping you'd say that, slow running distances is bad enough at the moment without trying to go fast too!

    Chilibean - I've been running on/off for a few years but only in the last few months started on a really regular basis. I can now do the 3-4 miles fairly comfortably (aka trundling along with my dog, looking at the scenery!) so I reckon I'll just follow Jevans trick of doing another 5-10 mins and building it up that way.
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    I remember my first 60 minute run. My husband came out with me and all I wanted to do was to keep going for an hour... all he wanted to do was to beat me. He sped off with over a mile to go and I breezed past him at my gentle pace as he staggered back to the car! image
  • I'm similar, Clairey - fine on the bike, but a carp runner. I ran a couple of years ago but lapsed, and am just getting back to it, and have managed a slow and steady 5K for the first time earlier this week.

    I'm wanting to consolidate at that distance before building up a reserve of being able to run further when not in combination. After that I may up the intensity slightly, but don't want to overdo it. I don't think I'll be ready for real bricks for a few weeks, although I always cycle to the pool and back, and will probably do quite a lot of runs in parks that are a bit of a distance, so I have to cycle to them too. So I suppose those sessions are semi-bricks.

    Oddly, I didn't get the jellylegs in my only triathlon - maybe I wasn't giving it enough welly, or maybe it's just because the cycling is relatively comfortable for me.

  • H Gang.............Went for a 3.5mile run tonight and felt absolutley knackered, felt slow and leg weary .image

    Breaking in my new trainers which are structured for my pronation so that could be the reason I fell leg weary, will be ok when i get used to them.

    Jelly beans are easier to eat on the go because there not as big as jelly babies  and I prefer them ( cos you can stick a load in your gob at once) lol

    Did my first brick a couple of weeks ago, when I got off the bike I made to go one way and my legs decided to go another, finished up on my arse,image luckily no one saw me because I was in my garage.The neighbours think I'm mad any way running, biking and swimming if they saw me fall over it would confirm their suspicions lol.

    Welcome aboard Clairey.

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    The bike-run thing is a funny one I find. In my first sprint Tri I felt ok, but really heavy legged and like I was going really slowly - which was fine. Then they reckoned my run time was sub-25 for 5k so I decided their course was short because there was no way I was going that fast - I wasn't up to that kind of time for a 5k generally, let alone as part of a Tri.

    Next time I did the same course (last August), a similar thing happened. And in training when I have done some (short) bike-run sessions, I've found my legs wanting to go faster than I expected them to. It still feels weird, but it seems to work out nicely for me at least!

    I wonder if it's the momentum?

  • I'm the same.. i really feel rubbish on the bike-run transition but my run time is always much better than it feels.. wierd isn't it!

  • I have 16 weeks to my Sprint tri from Sunday.

    I think I'm going to try to make myself a training plan today. Nothing too ambitious or inflexible, or I'll never keep to it! But maybe incorporating ideas of focus weeks and drop-back weeks.

    16 weeks would split rather nicely into four four-week cycles, eh?

  • sounds like a plan.. i think 15 weeks for me eek! i need to get off my arse when i feel better!!! run is taken care off.. just need the swim/bike to improve!
  • So. Next week. Week 1, I think I'll make it a swim focus week. It's also Winterswim 800m week, which is just a tad above my race distance of 750m.

    So I'm aiming for 3 swims, with 800m time trials and then some drills on two of them, with the third being a more leisurely affair. Plus two 5K-ish runs, circuit training and one decent bike ride. There will be a bit of incidental riding to the pool and circuit class, too.

    Eek. Sounds like quite a lot, typed out like that.

  • make one of your 5km runs a cycle off the bike.. that will help
  • When I get off the bike I don't get jelly legs I get te opposite I get legs of steel lol they feel like running with tree trunks for legs image and me to my times are faster running after biking even though seems slower very strange imageimage
  • bootsie wrote (see)
    make one of your 5km runs a cycle off the bike.. that will help

    I don't understand what this means.

  • whoops that means a run off the bike
  • Heh.

    I'm not sure I'm up to that yet image- Monday was the first day I've managed 5k in isolation since getting back into running this year after some time out. I think that in this first phase I just want to be conservative, and get so that 5k is comfortable and normal for me. Hopefully in phase 2-4, I can improve on that base.

    The distances for the swim and cycle legs are well within what I can manage, so in those I can push it a bit more.

  • even if its 1km give it a go and see how you get on.. very goo dfor you ! image
  • Bootsie is right just jog round the block it will help you get your running strengh up quicker with not much effort image
  • Just something I saw on the IM thread, that I thought was valid for us too...people questioning your sanity/reasons for seemingly enormous of training...

    Working in a gym, I talk to most sizes and shapes of people, and they often ask what I am doing, so I explain the various distances and sports involved in the races and the training..they then proceed to tell me how easy it sounds, and why am I bothering to train so hard!! I have to use every ounce of restraint to bite my tongue and explain that, although the distances may not seem that far (they are far enough!) when you do them back to back, and at racing (ish) pace, it is actually quite a tough thing to do!!

    Rant over image

    Anybody else have this?!
  • Steve Fordham,

    I've never had anyone say it to me but I know that's what their thinking by the look in their face image it's because when you say 750m swim they just think that's not much I can do that, then you say 20k bike and they think the same plus 5k run simple imageimage. What you said is what they don't realise is it's altogether lol and it's like circuit training some people come out saying that was easy but what they don't realise is its only easy cause they didn't work hard enough.

    Hope that helps with your rant imageimage

    Right I'm GOING SWIMMING TOMORROW!!!!!!!! I've been saying that since December and not been yet. I need to go because not swam since school 400 years ago well actually 22 but seems longer image I need to go cause I'm having nightmares about going on Sunday (should of gone last week but Tigers got in the way) to swim and join local Tri club. The thing is I need to learn how to breath I'm mean that breathing from the side thing as swimming. I'm just hoping it's easy to pick up image. So I must go tomorrow so kit in car tonight so no excuses imageimage
  • O and forgot to mention my best stroke at School was back stroke which doesn't really help does it image
  • image Will if you get into trouble it's the sign to the marshells that your about to die matey.

    Yersinia wrote (see)
    bootsie wrote (see)
    make one of your 5km runs a cycle off the bike.. that will help

    I don't understand what this means.

    Bike a bit and then run. Think brick sessions already covered reading back but just in case this is what they are. Beware the wobbly legs. image

  • Cheers all.

    Not sure about replacing one of the 5k sessions in these very early days - I think I need the time on my legs. But I might manage to tack a 1k on the end after a cycle ride or after riding home from swimming.

    Hey, that last would be a mini-tri all on itself! Albeit with a nice hot shower in the middleimage.

  • Don't you get showers after the swim on Tri's then imageimage
  • image Err no you jump out of the water beat your chest, and jump on the bike still dripping wet and going at lighting speed. Personally I take a brief nap at this point smoke a fag and have a glass of sherry as it would be uncivilised not to but you get the point. image
  • I think there might have been a run-through spritz coming out of the dock at London, but I forgot to pack my shampoo and shower gel into my wetsuit.

    I was too busy thinking of the nice cup of tea and a biscuit that was waiting for me in transition.

  • I don't smoke but a glass of sherry sounds niceimage
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