Training for a shorter Tri



  • Busy evening but managed to nip out and try a little walk/run, just did a jog for up to a minute then walked recovery. Hopefully all will be OK.

    Tomorrow I work my last day at my favourite hospital, no more OW swims before work, no more lovely cheese and onion toasties for lunch. Worst of all is that I will miss being able to call into the supermarket on the way home to do the weekly shop. Monday is the start of a new way of working in so many ways.

  • Durhambiker wrote (see)

    Didn't know there was even an option of not going with what the missus says!

    There is but will always end in pain.image

    Steady (((((hugs)))))

  • Ride to and from work today for me.

    Cold this morning, Garmin registered lowest temperature of 3 degrees.

    25km each way so a nice 50km total.

  • Two swims, 40 minutes on the bike and into week three of the couch 2 5k so far this week. Weight loss at 6lbs.

  • Bam Bam, are you Gloucester or Forest based? If you are Cake will find some inappropriate jokes which be aimed at someone except me image

    Top weight loss rpitchfo image

  • image My ex was from Gloucester I've spend far to much time near the forrest of dean to be healthy. image

  • Haha not that deep into the forest I'm afraid...just in Chepstow so not related to the Wurzels, and have roundabouts, traffic lights and telephones where I liveimage
  • Just over the bridge from me BBT. 

  • Hi, New to this triathlon thing, have been running for years and now seek a new challenge. Hoping to enter a sprint next spring and take it from there.....

    Currently marathon training, improving my poor swimming and falling off my new road bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BS - had to drive through Bristol on Thursday. Made a note to self to update the satnav before trying that again...... Had a few hand gestures including one with a clenched fist going up and down....oops! 

    Ultramatic - falling off is all part of the training apparently. Good luck with the sprint!

  • Welcome Ultramatic. As Camlo says it is not a case of if, it is when, regarding falling off usually in a fail to unclip moment.

    I went to the Masters swim session this morning, goodness me it was hard work. then I went on a recce for a bike ride, luckily in the car and realised that 2 roads were really bad surfaces for miles and not suitable at all.

  • evening all

    been a bit busy at work and feeling a bit under the weather - unsure as to whether I will do the Robin Hood half tomorrow, but good luck to everyone else racing. Going to decide in the morning - it is close enough to home to make the decision at 7 am

    steady - hope the new routine with work turns out ok



  • Ok, caught up now Maths... You recovered enough for a half? 

    first parkrun today - they're much fun. However, may have a lurgy image

  • Mrs D - not sure, I'll just see how I feel in the morning. Sorry to hear you are lurgified too


  • Thanks. Yes I fell off three times last week at traffic lights, due to not being able to clip out on the left, then forgetting I was clipped in right and leaning over to press a light!!!!!!! Battered bruised and mortified.

    Went back to shop and asked for flat pedals, but the guy taught me how to use the clipless properly and loosened them. Great now.

    Steep learning curve!!! ????
  • 13k slow run plus 2k WU/WD stinking humid along the canal - ate everything in sight when I got home image my fault for not getting up at daybreak and then deciding the garmin needed to be charged and therefore the dishes and washing could be done and hung out image

    Should be okay for Oxford image might be a good case of DOMS afters tho' my fault for getting sick and letting life get in the way of training!

  • buttercup - just one of those things! What is Oxford? a half marathon?

    so I didn't do the half today, not happy but it wouldn't have been a good idea to run as I am just not feeling well enough. Went to pick youngest son up from scout camp and my legs felt exhausted just walking a few hundred yards up the campsite so just as well I didn't but still, it has been a year of DNSes for me! (ok, not totally, and I have had some good events too)

    only 2 weeks to York marathon and I feel very umprepared! However, my calf/achillies issue seems to be ok image

  • Sorry to hear you DNS Maths but was a wise choice.

    I have cycled today, my knees feel sore and I have a tickle in my throat so the cold I have been fending off is obviously make itself known for tomorrow. Grrr.


  • oh well, at least you got the bike ride in steady! I was feeling quite jealous of cyclists out today - what a beautiful day to be out 

  • Popped out for a run thursday night and my knee started hurting again, think i was just over doing it so been icing every night and will test it out again at run club tomorrow night.

    Popped out for a steady cycle today to build some base miles for the start of fink plan in december. steady 27 miles in 1:49


  • Sorry to hear about the Robin hood marathon maths - but the lurgy has been doing the rounds in Nottingham and if it's anything like as bad as what i got i know it lingers.

    My facebook feed is full of people running that race today. I did week 3 of couch 2 5k today and nearly died. I can barely run 3 minutes - and my calf is now angry with my for doing that. I also did it after a bottle of red and Indian on Saturday night. Never again.

    Going into week 6 with a steady swim tomorrow.

  • Not good to hear about so many niggles folks, well done for sticking to plan RP but if calf is angry then maybe you need to get something looked at? 

    BS have you used fink before? Looking for some ideas to get me to IM in July. 

    Did a sea sprint tri earlier in Aberyswyth - was 5th from last in the swim but overtook a few on the bike and a few more on the run. Swim felt ok but i just cant seem to go faster! Very hilly bike which i struggled with but obviously not as much as some others.  


  • Hi camlo. 

    Nope not used it before. 1st full distance next year for me

  • I did the Loch Ness marathon yesterday, it's the reason why I've only done one triathlon this year.  It's consumed my life.  I didn't enjoy any of the training, but I really enjoyed the race.

    I was really nervous in the morning and couldn't eat which is why my stomach was grumbling at the start line.  I got on the bus around 7.30am and it drives you out and round to end of the loch and abandons you on the top of a cold and windy mountain with 4000 others.  A pipe band kicks us off just before 10 and the start. The run was good, I was aiming for 5 hours and came in at 4hrs 52 which was ace.  The scenery is spectacular, the locals really friendly and the other runners chatty, although I did notice at mile 16 were in a stable group, non of us speaking as we all dealt with our own suffering and all our feet hitting the ground in time.  It was well weird.  The legendary hill at Dores is a killer - 2.5 miles of  hard constant climb at 18 miles, but then it was down hill in to Inverness and on the final corner a pirate - Nurse Ratched who gave me a big argghh.

    Overall, very pleased! So what now...oh yeah, learn to swim properly over the winter.

  • Well done pete great to beat your target time!


    I had a weekend of celebrating at a wedding which did not marry up well with swimming this morning.

    A fairly tough session made even harder by the final killer blow of 6 sets of 1 length fly, 3 lengths crawl, 1 length fly all with a 15 sec rest between sets. I thought I was going to see my Lamb dinner for a second time!

  • Pete nice one and Math's sorry to hear about nottingham. Moved house at the weekend or might have joined you. My god I'm knackered. image Think I'm getting old. image

    ultramatic wrote (see)
    Thanks. Yes I fell off three times last week at traffic lights, due to not being able to clip out on the left, then forgetting I was clipped in right and leaning over to press a light!!!!!!! Battered bruised and mortified.
    Went back to shop and asked for flat pedals, but the guy taught me how to use the clipless properly and loosened them. Great now.
    Steep learning curve!!! ????

    image Everyone's done it well done for sticking with the pedel's. They do make a difference.

  • wow, pete, well done!!

    I have a very attractive and annoying eye infection - came on overnight and went to boots to get some eye drops at lunch. Got home and OH said it looks like I have punched. image

  • Camlo: what was the Aber tri like? Had been thinking about doing that one as I used to live near Aberystwyth and any excuse to go back is welcome. Seemed a bit far to go for a sprint tri though, could probably have persuaded the wife if it was at least a standard

  • DB - it was 750m in the sea but the bike was up Penglais Hill past the university and on through Bow Street and Talybont to the turn around in Talysin (or something like that). Very hilly and climbing up the back of Penglais with 18 miles in your legs was a challenge! Run route was along the promenade then right and up hill to a golf course (never knew there was a 'country lane' in the middle of the town), then back right along the whole sea front to the harbour end and back to the finish in the middle. You need strong legs as i did see a few pushing their bikes! 

    Well done Pete, glad you had some support and company albeit subdued during the 'i want to stop' phase.

    Boo to eye infection Maths, hope drops help. 

    Shoulders sore today - not sure if from swim or gripping tightly on the bike?! 

  • Brisol, Camlo,

    I used the Fink plan in 2013, I went with the intermediate plan but adapted the swim sessions to fit into an hour, they tend to be a bit long. In the base section do your running in Z2, you might feel like you are running really slow but it does work and get plenty of bike miles in. I will be using it again for next year. 

    The 30 week plan starts on Monday 29th Dec  with a rest day  image

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