Training for a shorter Tri



  • Woo hoo Bam Bam image You little show off you! I'm always just grateful I'm not last image

  • There were only 17 entrants image

    I was quite surprised to be honest, its the best result I've had so the training I've been doing must be doing some good. Its a nice result to give me some motivation to keep at it through the winter.

  • yay bambam well doneimage

    DB - always good to get a new bike image

    rp -as MrsD says go for measurements not weight

  • Got a serious case of can't be arsed just now. Although this weather isn't helping. 48 hours of gales and rain storms. Roll on spring!


  • I feel you Pete... I'm still sickly image Most fed up now! 

  • Bamabm very well done mate. image

    I'm feeling it as well was chuffing freezing this morning on the way to work. image

  • Thanks cake.

    I can feel the start of a cold coming on so in the quandry of whether to carry on training and try and sweat it out or rest and hope it doesnt surface.

  • There is a think called junk miles commonly no point training if your body is fighting something off I'd see how you feel but probably take it easy for a few day's. Colds are a pain in the bottom.

  • BamBam,

    If it's a head cold you could proberbly carry on training but if it's on your chest forget it you'll only make it worse.  

  • Feels like head cold.

    Will rest today and tomorrow then do a swim Friday and see how things are...can't feel the snot running down your face when you're in the waterimage
  • Pool was a bit too busy for me to do what I wanted to do tonight - still got the lengths in but wanted to push how far id gone consecutively. Annoying when it's teenagers (shakes fist like an old man at the age of 28) pratting about when there's a leisure pool 20 ft away. Might as well get used to it - i know i won't be swimming by myself come race day.

    Day 8 still not smoking or drinking. I thought the advice given above was sound then i realised that for the last 6 weeks i've been rewarding each training session with a well earned smoke...

    Run tomorrow, hope the weather packs in. I haven't had to run in anything other than nice sunshine so far luckily. Can i ask whether anyone would run with how the weather has been today?

  • Hello everyone, still no training from me, the chesty cough is a nuisance. I get out of breath and have to stop after one flight of stairs, so exercise is a long way off.
    I have made enquires to join the company gym so I have no excuses for skipping training sessions in the winter. My thinking is that if I do a session straight after work then shower, catch the train, once home I can stay in the warm and dry.

    Well done RP on the not smoking and drinking.

  • RP,

    Think yourself lucky you have had good weather to train in,image rain is ok to run in , its when you get into the winter months it gets tougher to get out of the door for a run. Last year I was running down the canal at 8am in Mid February it was  -4c and my sweat was freezing on my shoulders image but I felt chuffed that I had made the effort to get out there.

    Mrs D, Steady, hope you're feeling better soon.

  • I raced (whimpered round the course like a moron) our first cross country race of the season yesterday, the first proper exercise I've done since outlaw, it seems I have overdone the recovery phase, so much that I seem to have recovered my large gut from the late 90's. Bike has been dusted off and parkrun is back on the diary, and as soon as I have emptied the biscuit tin its going up the loft!

  • JP had the same after I did outlaw came as a shock when realised it. I'd get yourself booked in for a race mate and get your motivation going a little. Birmingham half next weekend if you fancy it? image

    rp normally I run in all weather's unless there is ice, you never know what the condition's will be like if you enter a race. Saying that through I got the bus home last night because of a touch of flooding.

  • Oops. ??550 poorer after getting my new bike. Looks like I've got to do it now.

    Week 5 day 1 of couch 2 5k and found it so much easier to breath. The weather was fine, so my resolve will have to be tested another day!

    I know what you mean about flooding! Chaos round here yesterday.
  • Masters swim this morning.

    Bit of an endurance session involving 2.4km wearing a baggy t-shirt. Good excuse to have a warm sausage roll from the sandwich man when he comes round though.

    Might try and get out on the bike tomorrow if the weather isnt too bad.

  • Well I seem to slowly be regaining some idea of training, managed a turbo a swim and run this week so all bases covered.

    Currently on tenterhooks waiting for funds to arrive so I can enter IM Barcelona, hoping that it stays open long enough. It's not sold out before but this is the first year it's an IM from the word go so anything could happen.

    I also think it would be nice to do our local half marathon in November and entrie places are getting fewer each day but  I daren't do that until I've managed to sort out Barcelona.

    Park run beckons tomorrow morning, urggh I'm not a fan of early starts on Saturdays. Also my HRM seems to not work well on runs,  it's fine on bikes but on runs I'm apparently either uber fit or in some sort of stasis...

  • I did my first triathlon at Warwick on 28th September, 1.38.39, which I was delighted with. Not fast, but steady. I was aiming for sub two hours, so to knock 20 mins off that felt fab. I much prefer training for tris, due to the variety, so it won't be my last one. Also gives me an excuse to take my boy swimming!!


  • Well done ST1969.

    I have survived the week at work and will look at restarting the training next week.

    Heard about a warehouse clearance sale on at the weekend for bike and some tri kit, no prices lists online, purely a first come first served everything reduced. So I may just find myself going shopping.

  • Last of the Summer Tri this weekend, and really not done much to prepare for it, other than to ride the new bike to the shops a couple of times to pick up milk and beer. Makes me feel better about drinking the beer though.

  • Well done Steve

  • Steve that's excellent! Well done.

    Good motivation for keeping the training up over winter to do even better next season.
  • Steve well done

    JP - you did make me giggle reading that!

    Durham - have fun this weekend

    I have been busy busy, lost sleep over being observed at school but all was good and my new head of dept said she was proud to have me in the dept which I think is the best thing any boss has ever said to me - I got a little bit emotional which broke the tension!!

    off to York for the marathon, have been having dreams about not remembering to take the number and all sorts of crazy things. There was a message yesterday that fog is forecast and they might delay the start, with the advice to wear something you don't mind discarding! Now, I don't know about anyone else but I just don't have clothes that I can just throw away!! Well, I will take a variety of stuff with me and see how things pan out. I think this one is going to take me longer than the one in April because I just don't feel as fit as before and haven't been quite as consistent with my training

  • MC, if all else fails wear a bin liner as a disposable layer to make sure you keep warm before the start. Oh and good luck I couldn't run 2.6 miles let alone 26 at the moment.

    I have been spending money again, 4 spinerval DVDS for £5 each, a short sleeved jersey and a gilet marked down to £15, bargains.

  • well done maths, really nice to hear that kind of validation at work especially when its something as important as teaching.

    hope the marathon goes ok!

    I've just done week 5 run 3 of c2k which is the 20 minute straight running. I did it and it was bearable - looks like im getting fitter with each passing week. I couldn't run 2 minutes 5 weeks ago! Im really starting to see the benefits of the cross training now.

    into week 8 of training - still not smoking.

  • MC, I went to a second hand shop for a cheap fleece that I could discard at the start of the loch ness marathon. 

    I got on my bike for the first time in ages but it was nice to get out. 

    Well done for everyone getting off the sofa. Ive been stuck to mine for 2 weeks. 

  • There was frost on the ground at the start of the Last of the Summer Tri this morning. Feet were freezing on the bike. Can't tell you my time at the moment because some numpty (possibly me) kept trying to use the pause button instead of the lap button on my Garmin to toggle through the disciplines. Wasn't fast, in fact was slower than last time but I've done bugger all training recently. Kick up the arse time.
  • Oxford Half done and dusted not a PB but given the lack of training I had a great day out with an old friend who did amazingly well given he has stage 4 bowel cancer and had his last round of radio therapy two weeks ago - lol the last three km he was dragging my sorry bum around the course image my bad leg was not behaving well by that point and it was only mental toughness that got me round and knowing he was doing it much harder than I was that keep me from walking the last three km image 

  • well done buttercup and durham!

    steady - great bargain shopping!

    well, I managed to resist the temptation to stay in bed this morning. Bumped into another runner in the hotel this morning and her husband offered me a lift up to the start area, and they gave me one of those cheapo ponchos to keep warm in while waiting for the start!

    The first 18 miles were in thick fog, then the sun came out, and OH was also there at that point, and I switched to walk and eat a banana with him for a little and never actually started running again! My dodgy knee was feeling sore and there was an uphilll bit and I thought actually it would be quicker just to power walk it, and indeed I ended up overtaking loads of people with my power walk. OH was waiting for me again at the 23 mile mark and he walked along with me up to about half mile to go - those were the hardest few miles ever, and I was so pleased to finish. Getting away from York wasn't the most fun, and now I am shattered and have no idea how I am going to get through work tomorrow!

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