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  • Razor51 wrote (see)

    I need to get on my bike and get in the pool sooner than later  image

    I've heard of running in the pool when you're injured, but cycling??? image

  • Razor - well done on the run, good to hear you are over the lurgy

    I have seen some kind of aqua cycling class at my local pool - like spin bikes in the pool. Never been tempted to join in though! image

    someone crashed into me on the way to workimage I am not hurt but she has made a mess of my car - she crashed into the side of me on a roundabout, was very aggressive, shouting at me, blaming me (it was not my fault, was quite clearly hers) and I am very proud that I remained calm and didn't shout back. After she had gone and I got my car off the roundabout and parked up I rang my husband in tears though! He did the right thing and came and rescued me and spent the day sorting out insurance company etc. My poor car is only 4 months oldimageimage


  • Maths that's horrible you ok? (((((hugs)))))


    Did you get her details for the insurance? If not nows to time to report it even if you don't have the lisence plate there will be CCTV. If she hasn't given the details regardless of blame it's a hit and run and a criminal matter. image

  • ((MC))I did a tiny bit of running tonight at the gym, had a worrying night last night as couldn't get in touch with father in law, but Mr Steady spoke with him this morning, although he seems to have got another bit weaker.


  • Razor good to hear you have shifted the lurgy.

  • Thanks Guys, I really enjoyed my run, I need to get a better head torch so I can see the bloody kerb that I tripped over, got a bruised knee but it's ok.

    Maths , sorry to hear about your bump, the car will mend, just be thankful you are OK.

    Steady, Glad to hear your father in law is ok.

    Bally, I'm a man of many talents. image

  • I nipped out for a cheeky 23 mile bike ride today, averaged 13mph so very happy. Although I did notice that due to the cold I only drank about 250ml of fluid during the ride, so will have to watch out for dehydrating during these winter months.

    I then went to visit my local running shop and ended up buying a new pair of trainers. That is my xmas pressie to myself sorted.

  • I am ok, just upset. Yes, got her details. The garage has said that it will take about a week, got a hire car today so back at work thank goodness, just feeling a bit upset and drained today, didn't sleep well (mainly snottyness from last night's swim) and feeling a bit frazzled. A 3 hour journey home from work today due to traffic chaos round Newark because of an accident on the A1 hasn't helped

  • (((hugs))) chuckles.

    Razor budge up can I join you on the injury bench a little. Managed to pull my calf sunday. fudge! Will have to limit it to swimming for a few day's I'm thinking.

  • Managed to drag myself out for a little 2 mile run yesterday, and about to do a cycle to the shops for supplies. Aiming for another run tomorrow, and possibly a swim too

  • Cake, plenty of room on the injury bench mate, I've just got my arse off it, heal well.

  • (((cake))) rest it and ease back when it is healed


  • Enjoyed my rest day today, even though I did no exercise at all over the weekend. Tomorrow will be swimming and pilates.

    Cake give yourself some TLC and don't stay on the injury bench for too long.

  • Hope everyone has had a good couple of weeks training and no one has been injured to badly.

    I have returned from 2 weeks in the sun full of energy and ready to get back into training and getting ready for the start of my 30 week plan at the end of December. 

    I managed to go for a few runs on holiday and swam most days. Surprising how your swim fitness improves in such a short space of time.

    Im off to sign up to a new gym tonight as the current one is doing my head in as the pool is rubbish so December is a new start for me in many areas.


  • Back training after extended cold/manflu. Friday 40 min run, Saturday 2 hrs on bike, Monday tri club swimming, 100 mins on bike today. None of it very fast but I'm not slow, I'm doing 'base training' (that's my story and I'm sticking to it)

    Quite windy on the moors today, getting blown around a fair bit. Not used to it - it's a bit unnerving!

  • Didn't get out running or swimming today, though had every intention of doing both. Then got a text off mate asking if I fancied a mtb night ride. Jumped at the chance as I've been wanting to give my £15 eBay light a proper test run off road. Nice, muddy 13 miles, the first few of which were spent battling against a ferocious headwind!

  • morning

    where did everyone go? Durham I think I would be terrified on a muddy night MTB ride!

    not done a great deal this morning - had a few long days at school with parents evenings/concerts and the like, but off swimming soon

  • Night rides are great. The route we took wasn't very technical, most of it was tarmac, with a few sections of very rough country road, couple of bits of muddy, but smooth, singletrack, and a few miles of rocky farm double track. Brilliant fun.

  • I ran 5.6 miles this morning all in Z2 with an avg of 11:10 min/mile, felt really slow but hey ho this slow HR running works.

    DB........its good to get out and do something different, breaks the monotony of doing the same thing all the time, well done.

    Bally.... all the bike miles count no matter what speed, that reminds me , I must get my arse back on mine , not been on it since Ullswater tri in September  image

    Maths.......We're still here, hope you enjoyed your swim.



  • Well that is another weekend of nothing. Feeling a bit down due to lack of training and other serious life stuff, hoping to be able to get to swimming on Tuesday morning at least. Just feel the need to ...


    That feels better.

    Onwards and upwards, or a saying of similar words.

  • Time to get my ass back in gear now im back from holiday. Didnt manage anything all weekend except the gym yesterday morning for an hour as xmas is the time to be sociable which annoys me. Got tri club swim tonight, spin on wednesday and will gym in between this week. 

    Got an appointment this afternoon with the chap who made my carbon fiber insoles to see if they have been causing my knee pain as ive had them for 2 year and the issue could be fixed according to the physio. Hope i get to the bottom of this soon otherwise ill be walking the Outlaw run

  • Succeeded in  doing both swim and pilates session today, but my cycling and running mojo has gone AWOL. I need to find it and convince it that the garage is not too cold really for turboing in and that I need to get out and run if I am going to do anything looking like proper running next year.

  • Jesus, it's hard to motivate yourself at this time of year.  I've only missed one planned session so far (feeling run down). But it's tough to go out when it's getting colder and colder. 

    I did a new 20km route this weekend without so many traffic my time down from 58 minutes to 49 minutes so happy with that.

  • Well done guys and good work RPITCHFO.

    I really want to train and im getting annoyed but man flu is stopping me. I feel like i am letting myself down. I have our last tri club spin class tonight and its race day so going to go along and see how i get on. You never know it might help with the man flu.


  • how did it go BS?  (The appt about insoles and the spin class). Manflu can be cured with a slap from a wet fish you know? 

    RPitch you are doing really well, we all miss the odd session so dont feel too bad when it happens. 

    Steady - hope you find your mojo

    Razor - zone training is all new to me, what would your normal pace be for that kind of run If you didnt have a HRM on? 


  • Camlo,   my normal pace for that run would be around 9.30 - 9.45 depending on terrain.

    Have you worked out your max HR to find your zones?

  • Camlo - Still got man flu but spin class last night was good. Race day is hard! actually felt better after the spin class than i do now. Exercise is the cure.

    Insole appointment got cancelled as the guy before turned up late so they wanted to push my slot back.

    I need to start Hr zone training, tried a run out with it last month and it felt weird but ill be back on it as it clearly works


    Razor- have you seen much improvement by running a slower pace than normal?

  • Bristol,

    I did the Outlaw in 2013 and all my base training was in Z2, started out at 11:30m/m  pace,after 10 weeks pace was up to 10:00m/m for the same effort.

    At first it will feel weird having to keep slowing your self down to stay in Z2 but stick with it because it does work.

    Make sure you work out your Max HR properly so you can set your HR zones, good luck.

  • I have worked it out as best i can at the mo but having a test done at bath uni hopefully in Jan

    i have never gone over 185 hr in the last few months spinning and i am breathing out my ass so hopefully i should be close

  • A better indication is to do a run test, hr on the bike tend to 5% lower than running, If you do parkrun, run the last 1k all out if not find a hill on your run route and run full out up it this should get your hr up to max.

    My max hr is199, I worked mine out running the last mile of my 5 mile run all out uphill, it nearly killed me imageimage

    Your test at Bath Uni will definatley  work it out for you.

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