Training for a shorter Tri



  • I did a tiny bit of exercise today. 30 minutes walk. This was due to sleeping in an odd position last night and waking up in agony, piriformis and psoas muscle had gone into spasm and pressed on sciatic nerve so not been a happy person all day, so the walk was the most I could do, followed by some stretching.

  • Steady, take it easy and rest up, don't make it worse.((((((hug)))))

  • thanks Razor, i have a track session tonight so might some sprint repeats and see where that gets me

  • I ran 6.5 miles this morning with my training mate Horse we also took his dog with us. We ran it all in Z2 at a pace of 11:22min/mile, it felt really slow and seem to take ages to reach the 3 mile mark, I suppose thats the joy of Z2 running.image We ran off road which was good for a change and finished up getting full of mud, a tip for you lot " don't use elastic laces in your trail shoes" I lost my shoes 3 times in the heavy mud so I will be replacing my elastic laces for normal ones. So all my kit in the washer but I can't see Horse putting the dog in the washer.  imageimage she was caked in mud. image

    Where is everyone? it's gone quiet on here.

  • evening

    I have had a busy week with work, then went off for an overnight spa break. Training wise I have just been ticking over really, lots of swimming, some running and some bike, but building it all back up properly from now on.

    steady - hope you are ok!

    BS - if you are ill don't exercise, it will only make the illness last longer, but if you are ok then good image

    razor - well done on the run, hope you are well

  • Man flu has hit me. I've been fine for the 3 to 4 weeks that the wife was ill. Woke up on Friday morning (last day at work before Christmas) and boom, felt terrible. Hoping it's gone by Boxing Day as we're heading off to Spain for a week, and need to be in better shape by next Tuesday ready to start the official training plan!

  • Durhambiker - if you are based in Durham and up for a few long rides in the spring/summer ... I'm in your neck of the woods 

  • I am indeed based in Durham, and will certainly be up for some long rides in the spring/summer.

  • right, I need to get my arse back into gear - have done a turbo session today and planning a short run when OH is back. Still bloody windy out there!

    DB - have fun in Spain, hope you are over your manflu by then!

  • Even if I'm not, I'm going to power on through with the assistance of rioja and San Miguel

  • I am fighting off manful, pesky germs are trying to get me. Sore throat and wheezing today, but hope to get to swimming in the morning.

  • We've all been fighting a virus in our house for over a week now, i haven't done anything for nearly two weeks, running, or swimming. Maybe a couple of half hour sessions on the turbo but that's it. Gonna find it a git getting back into it.
  • I am feeling the pressure as I will have to start the IM cycle training seriously on the 29th and had hoped to have got a decent month of base training in beforehand to make it less hard work to start with.

    I managed the swim but found it harder than usual.

  • The wife went swimming yesterday and did a full 3.8k just to see if she could, took her about 1hr30. No way I'm up to swimming at the moment. Might see if I can manage a leisurely cycle tomorrow

  • steady - there is plenty of time, more important to be fully well

    DB - your wife's swim time is good. 

    going to turbo in a bit as youngest son has a friend round so I need to keep an eye on them!

  • Right I am taking a rest, the cough is really bugging me now and feel so tired, must not burn the candle at both ends so much.


  • steady rest up and get better soon

    I have done a 2 hour turbo, boring even with a box set of the West Wing! 

  • Merry christmas everyone! Currently in shock, as one of my presents was a tri suit, in XL, that actually fits me. Seems More Mile have decided to use real sizes this year. My last More Mile tri suit was XXXL, couldn't get an XL anywhere near on!

  • Merry Christmas.

    Life's been a bit shit. Injury, illness, family in hospital. I got a nice coffee table triathlon book with great pictures of fit people swimming-cycling-running. And pithy comments like "winners never quit, quitters never win"  inspirational stuff I'm sure you can imagine!

    But it did make me want to get back at it, so once I've digested tonight eating marathon (in a couple of days)I'll set up the turbo and get rid of the extra 5kg I seem to have put on since inverness. 

    Have a good one

  • Merry Christmas everyone...imageimageimageimage Have great time.

  • Hi all and merry xmas, mind if  join the fun/turmoil.image

    I'm a  runner, fed up with breaking down on 5/6 runs a week and looking for new challenge.  I have been running "seriously" since 2008, could n't swim a length and was bought 1 to 1 lessons which I started last April and can now swim 400m but is still a frustrating  work in progress and have wobbles, I bought a road bike last June and managed a couple of 50 milers during the summer whilst "running " injured.  First Sprint tri is booked  for good friday 2015 .  Enjoying the challenge while still trying to focus on VLM.  Currently 3 runs a week with 2 club swim sessions and 2 solo swim session a week and fitting in some indoor bike sessions. Big picture is IM before I'm 50 (Aug 2016)depending on the swimming/OW progress.

  • Welcome BarryB sounds like you have made good start to the training. I got into tri for the same reasons.

  • morning all

    welcome Barry

    Pete  - sorry to hear life hasn't been good, hopefully things will take a turn for the better

    ok, survived yesterday and I am off out for a run shortly to get back to normality. I have some more sufferfests for xmas so hoping to have time to get back on the turbo

  • Evening all 

    Popped out for a run this morning (slowest 5K ever @ 40 minutes) and actually stayed in Zone 2. Its hard to keep it low during up hill climbs but you have to leave pride at the door and follow the plan as its a tried and tested method.

    Today was the first time the OH was infront of me for the whole run and had to drop my time down to 13 minute miles to stay in Zone 2, will keep it up and i also got my training mojo back and loved every minute of todays run in the soaking rain 

  • BS, Your heart rate will spike if your running uphill but dont worry about as long as your avg HR is in Z2, my top end Z2 is 169 but mine spiked up to 177 running uphill but my avg was well in the zone.

    My min/mile pace at the moment is around 11to11:15 in Z2 but by the end of my base weeks it will be down to 9:45 ish, so dont worry about pace at the moment that will come.

    Welcome BarryB.

  • Still following the rest and recovery training plan. Last night saw the best night of sleep and least coughing. All my asthma meds are increased and doing steam inhaling as well. I may attempt to walk down the garden, so that shouldn't spoil the recovery plan.

  • Hey All! Will be back into it come New Years Day - I left runners at work image back at work on Monday! image

  • Sounds like we are a right bunch of sick notes! image

    Just been out for a couple of miles running, at what, for me, was a very steady pace, and upon looking at my Garmin data afterwards, maxed my heart rate at 183..... would normally expect it to be around 160...

    I guess that my chest infection still hasn't left me entirely! image

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Barry, sounds pretty much like my path.... its fun.... you'll end up doing less and less pure running events though... and replacing them with tri's..... you've been warned! image

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • I walked down the garden and back promptly followed by a sit down to recover. I will definitely be giving this enough time to clear before restarting proper exercise.

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