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  • Thanks for the welcome,

    Steady/Magna - Did the change make you less injury prone, please say yes. Yeah looking forward to the challenge.

    Is training to HR the preferred method for tri training?  I was lucky enough to get a 910xt for xmas, can anyone recommend a cadence sensor?  Out early yesterday morning for a 15 mile run, head started to clear after a couple of miles.  Back in work today but 20K on the indoor bike when I got home.

  • yes, especially less problems with ankles.... although ITB gave me some grief!..... and when injured, at least had an alternative training option that didn't feel like wasted effort!

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • the Garmin cadence sensor will work with a 910xt, pairs up easily. Which reminds me that I need to reset mine. The turbo bike is No. 2 but I managed to set it up on bike 1 which is the winter workhorse bike.

  • I ran 5.4 miles this morning all in Z2 avg pace 10:39 min/mile which is 50 seconds faster than last week but that was off road so I'm happy with that and I'm feeling good.image

    Just need to shed the excesses of Christmas  image

  • image Belated Merry christmas!!!!

    and welcome Barry.

    Got some good news on the injury front managed a few miles running with sarah on boxing day without the calf being a problem so think I should be alright if I ease my way back into it. Just going to to have to be careful and not worry to much that starting fink plan 3 weeks to late.


  • hi everyone

    I am staying away from all the slippery stuff and just doing turbo sessions!! Should be ok to run/walk outside again by Thursday when they ice should have melted. I am missing my swimming sessions though

  • Cake - Long or short term issue with the calf? 

    Cadence sensor now ordered.  5 miles yesterday afternoon with middle 3 quick, pavements still slippy places.  1 hour in the pool this morning mainly left breathing practice with a few 100's at the end.  First time with the 910xt in the pool and very happy with it

  • Just a niggle I hope anyway did a 10 miler running race start of december and mashed it up a little. I'm old and my body betrays me sometimes. image

    Got the better half a 910 for her birthday this year and think she loves in more than she loves me. image She's had some issue's uploading the info to her lap top just in case if you have any issue's a quick google should give you some trouble shooting tips.


  • day 1 today so ran 30 minutes @ Z2 and just got back from the pool.Struggle doing an hour due to a little cold coming back so only managed 30 minutes. 

    Hopefully be better tomorrow and ill do another 30 minutes to make it up

  • Bristol don't over do it on the short team because of one bad session Got to think long term about the training. I'd do whatever you where going to do tomorrow and not tag the extra 30 minutes on if your body said b*gger off today it might just be in needs anouther day's rest before you kick arse. image

  • So glad today is rest day, unfortunately looks like tomorrow will be as well. I have worked out my Fink plan but it is going to have to be in pencil due to the amount of alterations that could be needed. Mr Steady senior is very poorly.

  • Thanks cake. Point noted and will take your advice. Long way to go. 

  • Retrieved trainers from work and biked to and from the train station over the crunchy white stuff.  I forgot the buff so had a cold chin and I remembered that the key to riding in the snow is to put the gear down and just keep on going! And not be wigged out by the cracking sound underneath my chunky monkey tires image

  • 5.6 miles run with my bessie mate Horse today all in Z2,  avg pace 10:30 min/mile. Should have been a rest day but could'nt resist going out  image

  • Cake - Go steady with the calf, I pinged mine last year and had a couple of false dawns when I thought it was OK but it went again when I pushed the pace.  Amazingly 910xt connected and transferred data to Garming connect and Strava on first attempt.

    A few of you are mentioning training plans, what are you all aiming for in 2015?

    Family trip to Brecons today and a walk up Pen Y Fan, been there 3 times this year and every time the weather has been poor at the top, so yet to see the views, pretty blowy and cold today. Back home and then 10 miles including 3 x (1slow and 2 steady) thought legs might be tired after this mornings walk but all good.

  • Day 2 completed today. Only 30 minutes on the bike but think my body wasnt made for 100+rpm lol

    barry-think a few of us are doing Outlaw this year

  • Trying to mate just always get to exciting and do silly things. For me main race next year will be cotwolds 226 using the fink plan. Hopefully will get in Manchester, Giantshead and larma tree marathons in as well as the bike leg of Outlaw and a few sportives and fell run's if I'm luckly. It sounds inpressive until you realise I'm not that fast or any good. image

    Are you near the Beacons then?

  • Cake would you be up for the Brecon Beacons Ultra in Nov then?  Husband says I can if I want image

  • Swim and a Turbo completed today image
  • morning

    been doing lots of turbo and avoiding ice - I am hoping it is going to warm up enough today that I can get out for a run though this afternoon. If not, then definitely tomorrow

    buttercup - that's not an easy ultra to start on!!

  • /members/images/761536/Gallery/BB_ultra.tiff

    Yeah image thought it might be a challenge! Wanna come with MC?

    Am at home in bed with the lurgy today - no new years day run for me tomorrow image 

  • no thanks buttercup image too far for me, although we did live in the Brecon Beacons when I was a toddler! Don't think I would make cut offs, and don't know if I have the resolve to travel that far on my feet! 26.2 miles is far enough

  • Lurgy has still got its grip on me, been out for urgent food supplies and that was enough. Now waiting for a man to come and hopefully fix the boiler so I have warmth and hot water.

  • Cake - Not that close, Swindon, so a lot closer to the Cotswolds Water Park(where planning to make my first OW swim come April). Cotswolds 226 is probably going to be my target for 2016(if I can cope with the OW).  Your race plan for 2015 sounds impressive.

    Healing vibes to the lurgified. Rest well and don't rush back. 

    Buttercup - Looks a little bit lumpy for my liking, there was a couple of runners on Pen Y Fan yesterday.

    Whoa hang on thought this was a short tri thread. image Will be good following your journeys and hopefully picking up advice/tips along the way. Have you all completed the half distance before going full? Anyone training for the the shorter stuff?

    Down the pool this morning, warm up then 1 x 200, 1 x 400 and 5 x 200, 10:13 for the 400(best ever) and all the 200's around 4:50 so very happy. Did have the lane the myself which make a big difference to me at the mo.

  • Day 3 completed. 1h swim and 30m bike. Is anyone else having issues fitting in the fink sessions in an hour or im i just that shit?

  • BS, I think everyone says that is impossible to fit in the fink sessions into an hour. Either do as much as possible in the hour or do it all in over an hour. I usually just do  less of each set to make it fit. When it comes to OW I go for getting the distance done.


    SuckitupButterCup wrote (see)

    Cake would you be up for the Brecon Beacons Ultra in Nov then?  Husband says I can if I want image

    Is that the one you where asking about on farsebook a bit back? Might be well up for it but get to sort my life out a little before can say yes. I'm waiting to find out what sort of shift pannen I'm going to be working in Birmingham so will know better if able after that. I'd like to take a shot at it through it sounds like my kind of race and the Beacon's are always good clean muddy hellish weather fun. image

    Barry I find most folks on here train for the shorter stuff and then get talked into doing something longer sooner or later. I blame Buttercup. image

  • Due to logistics we did the bike yesterday (on nice, heavy bike hire hybrids no less!) and the half hour run today (24 degrees and sunny). Swimming tomorrow before flying back to winter training on Friday
  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Popping in to say hi! And 

    Happy New Year 2015! imageimageimage (Getting it in early).

    I haven't had much luck this year and that's why I stopped posting. But I'm still lurking and hoping to get back on the tri horse next year. 

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