Training for a shorter Tri



  • Another 4.4 mile run this morning all in Z2, avg pace 10:37 min/mile.

    Right off to my daughter and son in laws  ( Horse) for my dinner, Have a great New Year everyone.image

  • Finally got out for a bit of a run. Didn't feel that slow which was nice. Guess that means an end to sitting around the house and eating too much.image

    Have a good new year. 


  • hi all

    mikasa!! Hope you are well

    got out for a run today - I have been reading Friel's Heart rate training book and decided to try doing a 30 min time trial to work out my lactate threshold hr - it was bloody hard work, I don't normally run hard! Felt good though to do it though (when I had finished) and now I need to re-read that whole section of the book to work out what to do with the number I have

    tomorrow is back to the old routine of spinning then swimming club - I haven't swum for a couple of weeks so it isn't going to be pretty!

  • Day 4 of fink today. 30 minute run

  • Just been out and done a 45 min run, managed 4 miles. Would have been further but one of the hills slowed the pace down somewhat. Feeling good though. Was going to be all for the day but just had a txt saying a few mates are off on bike ride later, so going to fit the lights to the mountain bike and get muddy for an hour

  • Day 5 run completed. 45 minutes. Actually starting to enjoy this HR training. 

  • I have had another rest day. My body said No and I obeyed and pleased I did as I am sure I  would have set myself back rather than improved.

    Tomorrow looks like it will be another rest day as we are off visiting Mr Steady senior in hospital, then Monday back to work and hoping to be feeling OK that I can walk to the office from the station rather than hop on the bus.

  • spinning and swimming today - the swim felt tough after no swimming for a couple of weeks!

  • Just under 10 miles on the mountain bike and got down and dirty  image I thought this mountain bike stuff was easy but my legs are knackered now but enjoyed it.

    Ready for my run in the morning.

    Bristol,  keep the faith mate image

  • Well that was a brilliant training ride. Managed a couple of transition sessions as part of it, Bike-drink-bike, and bike-drink-drink-drink.

  • Oohh fab transitions there and some decent sessions all round.

    Hope 2015 brings happy racers and an empty injury bench! 

  • Z2 run today,4.5 miles, avg pace 10:27min/mile pleased with that as pace seems to be improving slowly.It was really cold out today my bobby hat had frost on in when I got home.

    Week 1 completed but did'nt do any swimming, back on that next week..image

    Happy training everyone  image

    DB.. I like your transitions...image

  • Z2 run this morning. pointsbto learn from is its not that cold in the morning so wear less clothes. God i was sweating this morning

    Week 1 completed. Went really well. My running pace seems to be coming down aswell

  • HI all, my 2015 training program starts today and while I'm not doing much online stuff at the moment, I wanted to pop in and wish you all the best with training for your respective events.


  • Me too DS on both counts image

  • Belated Happy New Year, let's hope 2015 is injury free with targets achieved.

    I ran 15 miles last Friday, first swim club session of the year on Saturday.  An hour in the pool yesterday morning lots of 100's averaging 2:23, then ran 5 miles in the afternoon with middle 3 quick.  Back in the pool this morning for another hour of 100's. 

     I am OK at swimming 400m after about 10/15 minutes warm up but cannot at the moment get in the pool and swim 400m straightaway, when I take part in my first pool tri I guess there will be no warm up time.  Any advice/tips to get over this problem would be appreciated.

  • I'm back to it as well, and as per usual I'm overdoing it and counting calories with some fancy app. Anything to get rid of the kilos. 

    Turbo tonight and back in the pool tomorrow. I expect it'll be packed if the number of joggers is anything to go by. 

  • evening

    Barry - on the day you will find adrenaline kicks in and you will be able to do it. And if you need to stop for a breather at the end of a length no-one will care anyway!

    DS and JP - hope you are both well

    back to school for me today, I have a sore throat but went to spinning and tried an insanity class this evening. Not sure about the insanity - a lot of jumping which isn't great for my knee, and my shoulders are going to be killing me after all those attempted press-ups!

  • Barry, can you warm up by it just getting your heart going? In one novice triathlon i did one guy started to wade the shallow sections, no one batted an eyelid. And I saw him finish the run. 

  • MC, take care, I have looked at insanity stuff and decided it was not for me.

    Good training by everyone and hello Dawn Shadow.

    I took the bus option to work but walked up the stairs, having a pause or two. Then was asked if I should be at work. I was good and walked back to the station this evening as by then I wanted some fresh air, even though I coughed every 200m.


  • Barry we're very lucky with my local pool tri as the pool has a side section which you can use to warm up in. Have you checked out the venue for yours, it might have something similar. If not as everyone says race day nerves will help and if you have to stop a few times no one will worry.

  • hmm, swimathon is open to book, but it is the same weekend as the Manchester marathon. Do I do the 5k swim on Friday night and run a marathon on the Sunday?

  • 1600 mt swim this morning, felt tough. 3 mile run late afternoon in Z2 avg pace 10:27min/m.

  • Waiting for the wife to get back in from her run before I head out on mine. Been out on the bike for 20 minutes to the shops and back, not counting it as training but it's all interest in the bank!

  • Yippee, finally back on the bike, well to be precise the turbo in the garage for 30 minutes. I managed to stay in Z2 and averaged 13.1 mph so quite happy with that as a comeback ride, even if I did think that the saddle was a bit hard at the end.
    I felt tired afterwards, so not sure if I am going to do a run/walk tomorrow or have another rest day, as that will be 2 days of training and I have no intention of overdoing it and having to take more time off.


  • well busy week so far, Run and swim on monday, had my rest day tuesday with bike last night and I have got swim and bike today. Work is also crazy but training is keeping me going. I actually look forward to the training sessions now and cant wait to finish work and get on it

  • Thanks for the advice, my first tri is the Good Friday Sprint at Radley College Abingdon, has anyone done it before?  I will try going for warm up run and see if this helps.

    MC - enjoy the Insanity I did it 2 years ago and "enjoyed" it.  The cardio sessions were very tough and sweaty but I found the stretching sessions even harder.  I would consider an  hours club swim session the friday before a marathon to keep the taper madness at bay but not sure about a 5K swim.image

    10 mile run yesterday (4 slow, 5 at HMP, 1 slow) was n't expecting much as working long late shifts this week but all good.  School boy error this morning Garmin not charged, probably for the best as an hour in the pool mainly left breathing practice which was n't very pretty.

  • Hello all, just looking for a little advice. After running for a couple of years now, me and my sisters boyfriend have decided to do a triathalon in May (olympic). Now I'm thinking I'll be ok with the run. I'm on the exercise bike at the moment to get going with the cycling (until it gets a bit lighter and I can actualy venture out on my bike!). Is this any good for getting prepared for the bike leg?

    The real issue I have is the swimming. I'm fine swimming but until monday I'd never even done lengths in a pool before!. So, realistically, to get to be able to do the 1500m swim comfortably (note not fast!) how often do I need to get in the pool? I've a feeling once a week isn't really enough? To give you an idea of where I'm at with it....on monday I swam 750m front crawl stopping at each end for about 20secs each time. Was pretty knackered but could've probably gone on for a bit more. Thanks

  • Welcome CP31 , try to get out on a bike at the weekend when it is light, get used to riding. For the swim, good start, you need a minimum of 2 preferably 3 swim sessions a week. Try slightly less distance but do 2 lengths then short break, gradually build it up to a continuous swim.

  • Thanks steady. That's what I thought really....atleast twice a week in the pool. Would love to do three but do not have the time.

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