Training for a shorter Tri



  • Juggling sessions about again this week. Supposed to be running tonight, but going to do that tomorrow. Getting the mountain bike out for a nice chilly night ride again

  • DB, I swapped sessions about, tonight I did tomorrows run. Well really I did a walk for 42 minutes instead of the 45 minute Z2 run and will spin on the turbo tomorrow.

    My HRM decided to have a fit and not record correctly, think it did not like the technical top I was wearing as it told me I had a super elite HR of 55bpm whilst doing my walk and going down to 46 at one point, however when I walked back indoors it shot up to 108. Either that or I should have been resting and not doing any activity at all.


  • evening

    well, I have done nothing since Monday because I have been feeling crappy image fed up with missing my swim tonight which is one of the best sessions of the week, but there was no point going when I feel so bad

  • MC get well soon, rest is a form of training.

  • Swapped my days about due to having two cortezone injections in my elbows this morning so had a rest day today, going to swim in the morning and get backon track tomorrow.

    MC, take it easy.

  • Run completed today. Cant do the bike as got a work function tonight but im riding a sportive sunday so will make up for lost time and more

    happy training everyone

  • I'm starting to get a training schedule worked out.

    Garage Gym Routine is - (20 chin ups/40 VKR/ 20 dips/ 20 push ups/50 sit ups)/Exercise bike 10k

    So far it's:

    Monday - Swim 750m (pm)

    Tuesday - Run 5m(am) Garage Gym(pm)

    Weds - Garage Gym (am)

    Thurs - Run 5m(am) Garage Gym (pm)

    Friday - Swim 750m (pm)

    Saterday - Rest

    Sunday - LSR 8m (am) and probably a go in the garage.

    Will stick with that until the end of the month and then probably increase the runs by a couple of miles each time. No Idea how I'll be with the swim and the 'gym' stuff but I think I'll just be aiming to swim 750m pretty much continuously by the end of feb.

    Sound like a reasonable plan?

  • evening everyone

    feeling a bit better today, but being sensible and not doing any activity. Nice healthy but hearty dinner planned and an early night. Hoping to do some kind of exercise tomorrow even if it is just a walk outside...

  • 1500 mt swim this morning and run done tonight, run felt shit and nearly walked at one point but plugged away and ran all the way.


  • Did my 30 minutes of spin according to Fink. Just about managed to average 90rpm and keep in Z1.

    Busy weekend, getting FiL's house ready for his return from hospital, so not sure how much if any training will get done.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Nice to hear about everyone's training. And quick recoveries from lurgies to all who have them.

    I have no plans for immediate tri's as I can't predict how long recovery takes. 

    Basically, since my hip strain at the end of Feb last year, I haven't run properly. Add to that couple of back problems in August/September and patella tendonitis (both knees) that I'm still recovering from, not much has been done since November. I hoped this year would start with more positive news; like return to volleyball training, but instead I had a mild chest infection to start the year with and physio said no to vb training.

    However, I've been to the gym to start recovery with x-trainer and yoga session have started at physio's. Work is also moving slightly further and best option will be cycling (only about 4 miles but better than nothing). So I'm hopeful that this year will be much better than last and should be plenty of time to recover for some summer tri's.

    Keep training peeps!

  • mikasa - good to hear from you, but sad to hear that things haven't been going your way. Hope this year turns out better for you

    well, I am still a bit lurgified but definitely improving so going to go to spin - I can always take it easy. Probably won't swim, the chlorine affect me enough when I am well, might set me back too much!

    hoping for some kind of run/walk tomorrow. 


  • Grr 1 weeks training completed and then last week out with a bad back and this week still mending. I'm a not supposed to be on the bench this early into the year.
    Ah well the weathers utter carp; perhaps I should take it as an opportunity and concentrate on sorting out my diet, sounds complicated but really is as simple as , stop eating all the chocolate and drinking all the alcohol.

  • Yeah, how can sitting on the sofa eating sweeties for two months make so unfit?

    I got in the pool today. It was heaving. Although at the end the 30 minute session there was just three of us in the lane which was quite nice. I actually did a similar distance to last year before injury which was nice although my fc breathing is as bad as last year.  

  • Good to hear folks are doing a bit of training.
    I managed to get out for a bike ride, did 24 miles but the last 4 were very tough as I ran out of energy as so unfit but it was a little hilly. Then got home to be told we needed to go down to the hospital to see father in law, so the bike was put in the garage, I showered and changed and off out. I put my helmet and shoes away tonight but the bike is still dirty.


  • 5 miles ran last night all in Z2, fastest avg mile time to date 10:23 min/m, thats down from 11:12 min/m in 2 weeks for the same effort.  image

    Swim in the morning.

  • Well done guys, great work

    Had swim club last night and ran and biked on weekend. I have noticed a good improvement in my Z2 run times also. 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    First cycle commute to new work. Route was much better than I expected. It's only 5 miles but it was nice to be out. Legs are fine but still not getting a full breath after my chest infection. Coming back a bit of wet hail was coming down but I was still enjoying it! image And I was so dreading it in the morning...

  • Mikasa, good news on the commuting and getting better after the chest infection.

    I did swim session this morning, found it hard work and was much slower than normal. Tonight's Pilates class was good but laying down on the mat caused some coughing.

    Trying to get some early nights so the extra sleep can help recovery.


  • Back running again - body is telling me this is a good thing image feeling much better than last week.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Steady - hope you have full recovery soon.

    ButterCup - glad your body's liking it.

    My commute this morning felt harder than yesterday, not really sure why but really struggled on the upflats. Breathing was better though. Rained again coming home but it really doesn't matter. Enjoying the time spent on the bike. image

  • My mojo did a runner when I got home, so I got on with a few household chores instead, in between phone calls with various family members and friends.

    Hope tomorrow will be better and I do a turbo session, but thinking that an extra rest  day will not harm.

    Hope everyone stays safe in this wild weather.

  • Managed to hurt my neck this morning, what strenuous activity was I doing? Brushing my hair, yep I manage to hurt myself just brushing hair image Good job I'm already booked in for the Physio tomorrow for my back.

  • Good to see most are fully fit, except Ali - hope it's nothing serious, and getting the training in.

    Mixed week of training for me some good (mainly running)

    Sunday - "Aquathon"??, ran 4 miles to the pool, an hour in the pool, and then ran home, warm up run did n't help with the swimming though took me a while to get going in the pool.image

    Monday - Easy bike and s&c

    Tuesday - 30 mins swimming (910xt not logging distance though) then 30 mins 1 to 1 swim lesson, did 6 x 75m with 1 length slow and rest inbetween 1:33 best and 1:36 worst so progress.

    Wednesday - A cold/windy/slushy 5 mile run with middle 3 quick.

    Today - 1 hour in the pool, 910xt working OK(after reset), struggled to string lengths together for first half hour then suddenly felt OK and swam 400m in 10:10 best time ever, don't understand this swimming

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Oh I'm not fully fit either Barry but never mind that.

    Took a fall with my bike today going to work. I have to cross a walking bridge and it's blocked for cars with barriers at either end. You have a small gap at either side which is at 90 degree angle. It also goes slightly down hill and is really gravelly. So far I've been dismounting but after seeing another cyclist cycling through the gap yesterday, I decided to give it a go. At the last minute, I decided I didn't want to do it after all, got left stationary with feet in clipless pedals and timbeeer! Got my hands on the bridge rail so only knocked my knees and elbow on the floor. Must of been a sight! image I think I'll keep on dismounting until I feel bit more confident. On a mountain bike I wouldn't've thought twice...

    Lovely yoga session tonight as well. Really stretches me out and feel so good afterwards. 

    Have to say, I now look forward to the weekend and a break from cycling!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Thought I got away with my fall yesterday although I felt my left side stretching when I went down. Later in the evening it started axing though and now I can feel it hurting all on that side. Will give cycling a miss today and taking the free bus.
  • 1200 swim this morning, it was ok apart from the bloke in my lane who was swimming backstroke all the time who kept belting me everytime we passed each other,  image he could'nt swim straight and his arms were out to the side instead up past his ears.

    Mikasa, hope its not too sore and your back on the bike soon.

    Ali, How did the physio go, is your neck sorted.

    Barry, a good training week there mate.

  • Poked and prodded and feeling much improved. If I feel ok tomorrow I can try some gentle exercise image back again in two weeks as back is still not right and need to keep an eye on it.
  • Ali,....Take it easy.

  • I turboed as soon as I got home from work. Managed an incredible 12.7mph average, so I may need to turn up the resistance a bit more.

    The training this weekend will be according to the weather and father in law needs.

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